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Parashar Lake is located around 60 kms from Mandi, in Himachal Pradesh. This popular Himachali trek receives a really good amount of snow every winter, which makes every traveller go and explore the place even in winters. 

What makes it best is that this trek is great for novices as it is beginner-friendly. Hence if you are someone who is looking for a trek but have not hiked anywhere before, then look nowhere else. Parashar Lake serves as the perfect getaway solution for all those who want to try their luck in trekking. 

But did you know about these unbelievable facts about Parashar, which we are sure will leave you wonder struck. 

1. It is a Holomictic Lake.

Strange word, we know. Holomictic lakes are not very common in India and Himachal Pradesh is lucky to have one. A holimictic lake is a type of lake where once a year, the waters of the lake mix completely. This makes the lake have a uniform density and temperature from top all the way to the bottom. Interesting, isnt’t it?

2 It is a Sacred Lake. 

Parashar Lake is one of the holiest lakes in India. The access to the lake is very strictly prohibited for anyone else apart from the priests of the adjoining temple. They are the only ones who can approach the lake and use its waters for rituals or ‘pujas’. This faith comes from a long time belief about the importance of the lake to Rishi Parashar. It is said that he meditated beside the lake.

3. It has a Floating Island. 

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Another very interesting tidbit that seems quite obvious but isn’t so is that the little landmass on the lake is actually a tiny buoyant island. The landmass is made up plant vegetation in different states of decay. This island takes up only 7% of the lake but changes its look completely. Interestingly enough, the remainder of oxygen in the plant’s roots is what keeps the island floating. It changes positions quite frequently.

4. Legend of the Temple

The Parashar Temple is iconic on its own and has several myths associated with it. This 13th century Pagoda style temple is said to have been built by a baby (YES, you read that right) from a single tree. But this is only one of the stories. Other locals say that the temple was built by King Ban Sen and took 12 years to complete construction. It is quite difficult to decipher what the actual truth is but our gut says its the latter.

5.The Depth of Parashar Lake is unknown.

Weird as it may sound, this is infact true. The true depth of Parashar Lake has not been discovered yet. Locals claim to have seen huge entire trees drown inside the lake without even a ripple on the surface. One traveller even asked the priest what the deal was. He is said to have told the traveller that two German divers did try to map the depth of the lake but were quite unsuccessful. No one has tried since, as far as we could find out.

6. The “Mahabharatha” connection 

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Among all the local tales associated with Parashar Lake, one popular story is this that it was created by Bheem who was one of the Pandavas from the Mahabharatha. Upon returning from a long ordeal, they found this place and Lord Kamrunag (who was with them) instantly fell in love with its green surroundings and serene atmosphere. He decided to live the rest of his life here and to help him sustain, Bheem elbowed one of the nearby mountains and dented the lake into existence. Fascinating!

7. The beautiful rhododendrons blooms

The valleys leading upto Parashar Lake is one of the many reasons to take this beautiful trek. During the months of January to March, the entire valley blooms with thousands of rhododendron bushes; washing it in a hue of lush fushcia pink. A delight to walk through and a delight to ‘gram!

 8. Amazing views from the trail

Located at a height of 2730 m from sea level, the trail to Parashar Lake provides some really good views of Shimla, Kinnaur, Rohtang Pass and the Dhauladhar range if seen through binoculars on a clear day. You get to see all your favourite Himachal locations from a bird’s eye view. 

9. The annual “Saranahuli Mela” of Parashar 

This annual fair is celebrated every year around June. It involves traditional Himachali rituals and a a big feast for all the attendees. Every year thousands of devotees come here to take part in the rituals and witness the live commemoration of this occasion.  

10. Sukhasar Lake

If you have been to Parashar before and want to explore more this time. Just 2 kms ahead is Sukhasar Lake. It will take you just an hour to reach the lake by road. This lake is also one of the oldest lakes in the area, like Parashar.  Another offbeat destination to cross off your bucket list.


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