‘The dusk is pink, the dawn is pink, the town is pink and my soul is pink’

Can you guess which destination I am talking about? I am sure you must have guessed the name of the destination by now. Jaipur, it is. The Pink City.

Jaipur which has earned the title of being ‘ The Pink City’ and is one of the most charming places in Rajasthan. The timeless forts, colourful streets, rich culture and mouthwatering delicacies are but a mere glimpse of this extravagant city.

Last week I was in Jaipur and I really thank my lucky stars to get me this chance to explore the city. I must say, Jaipur is more like a romantic dream of a poet who painted his thoughts with vivid shades. The weather was a little harsh to me but it failed to beat my nomadic spirit.

And there I was on the streets of this glorious city with a map in my hand.

From taking a stroll inside the vastness of Hawa Mahal to savouring the local daal-baati I did as many things as possible to explore the city. But there were a few things which were totally exceptional. I really want you all to try these three things out whenever you will visit Jaipur. Let me get my notes and get started!

Take an Elephant ride

I always used to wonder how the kings and emperors felt when they entered their palaces riding on an elephant. But all this imagining stopped when I got to experience an elephant ride myself.  Jaipur has seen many kings and dynasties in history and it has always remained a royal city.  Riding on a giant elephant was a royal affair itself.

Amer Fort is the place where you can get an elephant ride. I was so thrilled to see the animals painted with traditional patterns and designs. The ride started from the base of the fort and lasted for 20 minutes showcasing the grandeur of the palace and traces of the magnificent history. I got dropped at the entrance gate of the fort and believe me the fort was more artistic and striking than what I saw in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Bajirao Mastani.

Must Do: Ask your elephant handler if you can take a chance to feed the elephant. They love treats!

Cycle tour of the city

If you are also an adventure junkie like me then you gotta try this out. I planned to visit Nahargarh Fort with a group of traveller I was staying with, in The Hosteller Jaipur. But it was not a regular visit. We all decided to go to the fort on a cycle which was around 6 km away from Jaipur.

We all hired cycles and started it from our base and reached to Nahargarh fort early in the morning to see the sun coming up glamorously from the east. The fort was looking like a giant in the morning light but nothing beat the thrill and the breeze of just cycling all the way up the hill.

Nahargarh Fort is not the only place a nifty cycle can take you. You can go to Jaigarh Fort, Amer Fort, roam around the old-timey Jaipur markets and (if you are high on the stamina scale) you can also visit the nearby village called Bagru. They are famous for their traditional Rajasthani block prints.

Must Do: Don’t forget to stop at ‘Lassiwala’ on your way which is one of the oldest lassi shops in Jaipur.

Watch the sunset at Jal Mahal

I visited Jal Mahal during the day time also, but I found it more captivating and subtle in the evening because of the sunset. Jal Mahal inarguably is an epitome of the architectural and cultural blend that we often see in royal cities like Jaipur.

It turned into my muse as I saw the rays of the fading sun falling on it. Blooming in the center of Sagar lake, this place is a sight to sore eyes. The faded yellow coloured walls of the palace amidst the blue lake looks stunning during the day. But with the sky turning pink and shades of orange falling on the walls of the palace, it looks like a magical affair. You can watch this beautiful scene accompanied by the last chirrups of the birds flying home and the gentle sounds of the city going about its day to day affairs.

Must Do: You should try taking a boat ride across the lake while watching the birds flying in the sky.

Well, obviously I did visit museums, palaces and restaurants, and the traditional market. But these are the three things which I really wanted to share with you all since we all are connected to each other with our extraordinary and bizarre travel stories. Whenever you plan to visit Jaipur don’t forget to try these things to do in Jaipur.

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