Winters are finally here! Warm fuzzy sweaters, snuggly blankets, slow roasted meat over a bonfire and cups of delicious coffee are always a comforting thought. But why not break away from the slow momentum and do something out of the box this season? Why not take choose from some trips from Manali? Before the biting cold of December and January creeps in – NOW is the best time to take a few days off and relish treks in the snow-laden peaks and chilly pre-winter breezes of Himachal Pradesh. Imagine packing your bags and heading out to one of the most exciting and thrilling treks of your life, travelling across big forests and amidst tall peaks full of grandeur. What could be a better start to winter? Nothing we bet! Here are 5 special and unforgettable trips from Manali you can take this NOVEMBER!

Manali Weekend Getaway

Fondly known as the ‘mini Switzerland of India’, Manali is a traveller hotspot for a number of reasons. It is situated along the Beas river, surrounded by tall and majestic mountains and has a very charming cafe culture in the entire region. It also forms a base for many treks and hiking expeditions to all the approachable mountains nearby in the Kullu and Spiti valleys. One of the most favorited and liked spots near Manali is the Solang valley.

Reachable within an hour, the Solang valley is a hub for numerous adventure sports which are enjoyed by travellers aplenty. From zorbing to skiing to paragliding – every thrill seeker can find something that contents their spirits here. The Rohtang pass is another scenic destination located closely that is perfect for a short and sweet road trip. A three to four-night stay in Manali can sufficiently help you cover all these interest points.

As for the treks, those will, of course, need a few days more. To enjoy the quaint Manali culture in full bloom, stay at a backpacker’s hostel and take trips from Manali with your fellow travellers. Click here to know more.

Region: Manali, Himachal Pradesh


  • Day: 12 °C – 25 °C
  • Night: 8 °C – 12 °C

Altitude: 6725 feet

Difficulty: Very Easy – Easy

Special Feature: Solang Valley, Mall Road

Best Time: Round the year

Trekking time: N/A

Duration: 3N/4D

Bhrigu Lake

Named after the famous saint Maharishi Bhrigu, the Bhrigu lake trek is one of the only trips from Manali that traverse through gorgeous high altitude meadows to reach a glacial lake. The lake in itself in opal shaped and is believed to change colour from time to time. Local legend dictates that the lake never fully freezes over because the sage has rendered it sacred by meditating near it.

The entire route is peppered with multiple lush green meadows, 360 views of gargantuan snow-capped mountains and (if you are lucky) hordes of wild horses running about. Trekkers exclaim that the feeling of seeing families of clouds float by under you as you stand on the summit is more than divine.

If you are looking for a great beginner trek into the majestic Himalayan range, then the Bhrigu lake trek is the best bet for you. To book an authentically created itinerary for Bhrigu lake, click here.

Region: Kullu Valley, Himachal Pradesh


  • Day: 13 °C – 15 °C
  • Night:  0 °C – 06 °C

Altitude:  14,009 feet

Difficulty: Moderate

Special Feature: High altitude meadows, glacial lake

Best Time: May – November

Trekking time:  20 -22 hours

Duration: 3N/4D

Hampta Pass

Lying in the Himalayan Pir Panjal range, the Hampta pass trek is regarded as one of the most thrilling and unforgettable treks by beginners and expert trekkers alike. This is because of the rapid and terrific scenery changes that occur during these treks. This trip from Manali begins with dense and sweet smelling maple and rhododendron forests, ascends into a glorious spread out meadows and dramatically transforms into the rugged and barren terrains as one crosses Hampta pass to move from the Kullu valley to the Spiti.

Gorgeous snow-capped mountains surrounding a narrow valley is an uncommon sight in high altitude treks in this region. A crystal clear river runs alongside the final pathway to the Hampta pass top. For willing and enthusiastic trekkers, the trek can be extended to the beautiful Chandratal lake that looks like an abode fit for the gods.

The entire journey starting from the base camp (Jobra) until the highest point of the trek is filled with innumerable picturesque landscapes and views. To book a thrilling escapade to the Hampta pass without denting your wallets – click here!

Region: Pir Panjal Range, Himachal Pradesh


  • Day: 12 °C – 20 °C
  • Night:  -2 °C – 6 °C

Altitude: 14,039 feet

Difficulty: Moderate – Challenging

Special Feature:  Drastic scenery changes, open grasslands

Best Time: Mid June – Mid December

Trekking time:  13 – 15 hours

Duration: 3N/4D

Chandrakhani Pass

There is a very well known legend that is connected to the Chandrakhani pass trek. It is said that one day, a local deity called Jamlu was passing the Kullu valley with a basket full of gods. Upon reaching Chandrakhani pass, he opened the basket to check for the safety of its contents. At that moment a strong gale blew in his direction and scattered the gods from his basket onto the surrounding mountains, thus creating their abodes.

These Chandrakhani treks starts from the village of Naggar and extends to a height of +12000 feet (at the pass) and climbs down to the Malana village and Jari. The route has rhythmic gushing streams, several narrow ridges, a few rocky tracks and large forests of deodar, pine and chestnut. Trips from Manali like this allows for awe-striking views of the Ghalpo peaks of Lahual (Dharamsura and Papsuna), Deo Tibba peak, the Pir Panjal range and Bara Bhangal.

Though this hike takes a bit more time and energy to be completed, the views and the terrific natural splendor is definitely worth it.

Region: Kullu Valley, Himachal Pradesh


  • Day: 9 °C – 15 °C
  • Night: -1 °C – 6 °C

Altitude: 12,007 feet

Difficulty: Easy-Moderate

Special Feature: Snow laden peaks, narrow and rocky ridges

Best Time: June – November

Trekking time:  25 – 30 hours

Duration: 5N/6D

Jogni Falls

Jogni falls is a brilliant, gushing waterfall that falls from a height of more than 150 metres. Located beyond the town of Vashsist, Himachal Pradesh; Jogni falls should definitely be on every traveller’s bucket list. The trek starts from Vashsist, which is a quiet and quaint town that proves to be a much-needed relief from the hustle-bustle of the Manali city.

The town has a famous Vashsist Muni temple and luxurious hot sulphur springs. A dip in this warm spring is not only extremely relaxing but also very beneficial for one’s health. Just adjacent to the spring is a German Bakery that makes the most delicious and fresh pastries, cinnamon buns and aromatic coffees. Upon a further trek of 45 mins to an hour through pine and deodar forests, the Jogni falls base is reached. A small pool is formed at the base where travellers often like to stop a dip their feet. A Jogni Mata temple also falls in the area.

Peaceful and filled with exotic views of the Himalayas, this is one of those trips from Manali that is perfect for a day out. Click here to check out a fully built itinerary for Manali, complete with an e-cycling tour to Jogni falls!

Region: Vashsist, Himachal Pradesh


  • Day:  18 °C – 35 °C
  • Night: 8 °C – 15 °C

Altitude: 7217 feet

Difficulty: Very Easy – Easy

Special Feature: Waterfalls, hot sulfur springs

Best Time: Round the year

Trekking time: 2 – 4 hours

Duration: Day trip

Now that you know all about these trips from Manali – there should be nothing stopping you from grabbing a backpack and heading out into these unknown and lush green places. Bid the smoky city a teary farewell and embrace the clean air, fresh produce, bustling cattle and chilly winds of Himachal Pradesh. Ask a few friends or maybe even plan a solo travel weekend!! How exciting! Click here to choose from an array of trips from Manali to satisfy that November wanderlust.

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