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Jaipur might be known for its royal havelis and daal baati churma, but it is in fact also a shopper’s heaven. Jaipur markets are filled with quirky, luxurious, decadent and really special things that you can buy for all your BFFs (even yourself ;)). What to buy in Jaipur is not going to be a concern anytime soon.

It is well known that Jaipur has some of the oldest markets in India, but that does not mean the products are old fashioned. The vendors and craftsmen of Jaipur markets have always been able to elevate their game with the years passing by. If you are just like me and have a hundred nagging friends demanding souvenirs as soon as you announce vacation plans, then I am here to save the day. Here are five amazing things you can buy for your friends as you head back home!

1. Blue Pottery from Kripal Kumbh

Although Turko-Persian in origin, blue pottery is recognised as a traditional craft in Jaipur. The paste is glazed and fired at a low temperature, making it opaque but still fragile. It is predominantly decorated with animal and bird motifs.

After being dormant for years, the revival of traditional blue stoneware took place in this dainty shop run by the family of late Sri Kripal Singh Shekhawat, also known as the “Father of Blue Pottery”. Fostering a multitude of products, there are prices to suit every budget.

If you have a friend who loves home decor, then this is your best bet.

2. Earthen Pottery from Mirza Ismail Road

Apart from the western influx of blue pottery, Jaipur markets also have a chiefly indigenous facet of pottery work. This form of pottery dates back to the Rajputana period where palaces were extensively decorated with these pots.

This type of pottery comes with many colourful additions to the base, which is predominantly brown in colour.  MI road is also lined with several shops that sell brass statues and an assortment of wooden handicrafts at a nominal price, that you’ll be definitely tempted to buy.

3. Puppets from Sireh Deori Bazaar

Situated right outside the Hawa Mahal, the array of shops here are famous for their leather goods and puppets. If you have a friend who is into theatre, then giving them a handmade puppet would be absolutely amazing. The fun thing is sellers here even let you try playing with one before taking them home.

Puppets are a beautiful addition to any boho room and a total head-turner. Although we advise against buying leather goods, it is interesting to know that one can find the best camel leather products in Jaipur here. No more scratching your head pondering about what to buy in Jaipur. Although on the pricier side, the quality of the leather found here is incomparable to any other. 

4. Jootis and Perfumes from Nehru Bazaar

Rajasthani mojris are a kind of handcrafted footwear made by artisans using tanned leather or textiles embellished with shells, mirrors, and beads. These jootis add a killer ethnic flair to any outfit and can be seen rocked by all major fashion bloggers in India.

Jaipur markets (especially Nehru Bazaar) has a plethora of shops to choose from but, make sure you use your bargaining skills to the fullest.

There are also many perfume sellers along these roads. Perfumes here are made of natural oils derived from botanical sources through steam distillation. There are scents ranging from jasmine and rose to marigold and musk. No matter what gender your BFF identifies as  – a sweet perfume is sure to make them happy.

5. Lac Bangles from Baapu Bazaar

Now, this option is for the bit dramatic friends. Maybe a dancer or someone who likes that extra jingle-jangle and zing with their outfits. Lac bangles from Jaipur are not only famous, but they are also always in fashion.

Insects like Laccifer lacca and Tachardia lacca are bred together secreting a resinous substance over the branches of trees, further creating a hard coating over them. These branches are further processed to make the bangles.

Three maroon bangles paired with green bangles on either end of the set is locally known as Gulali Chooda, and has greater religious significance than any other coloured lac bangles. Head to Bapu Bazaar to get yourself a pair! 

I am sure by now ‘what to buy in Jaipur’ is not a question on your minds anymore. You can go forth bravely and venture into this royal city without the requests of your BFFs holding you back. There are certainly some souvenirs to be found in Jaipur markets that will put a huge smile on all their faces.

Happy travels 🙂

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