The summers are here. Its that time of the year when students get done with their exams, professionals take multiple weekend breaks and your Instagram feed is bombed with regular travel updates from every person you never noticed. You are enticed, excited and let’s be honest; a little bit jealous. And since it’s the summers, you are just waiting for a stimulus. A stimulus and a destination from where your journey will begin.

A great place to start your journey should compliment the adventures yet to come. Just as a silent battleground compliments the beginning of a great war your destination should make your phone storage beep red. One such place is the Kangra Valley as it offers some great treks from McleodGanj.


The best sunset ever

Triund Trek view

A weekend trail, surrounded by scenic oak and rhododendron forests. It is the Triund Top Trek. If you believe that a thing of beauty is a joy forever then you should definitely make your way to Triund to experience one of the most magnificent evenings of your life. After all, it’s a one-of-a-kind experience to sleep right at the foot of the Dhauladhar Range.

If this trek piques your interests, check out our itineraries for Triund in May and June.

Elevation – 9350 feet.

District – Kangra.

State – Himachal Pradesh.


A high altitude lake

Kareri Lake

Imagine an exhilarating journey to the most crystalline lake in Himachal Pradesh. Imagine the best of subtropical forests and mesmerizing views. Imagine trekking through rocky grasslands, pines, shrubs to reach the glacial Kareri lake. With several campsites and scenic views, Kareri Lake has established itself as one of the niche experiences that start from Mcleodganj. Trip Seekers should definitely give it a try on the weekend and take some time out to experience this majestic lake. Truly one of the best treks from McleodGanj.

Interested in conquering Kareri? Check out our May and June Kareri Lake itineraries.

Elevation – 9626 feet.

District – Kangra.

State – Himachal Pradesh.

Indrahar Pass

Go soul searching

Indrahar Pass

Begin your journey from Gallu Devi Temple and move towards this charming mountain pass. What seems initially a cakewalk, turns out to be a real test on your stamina. Half of the Indrahar Pass trail is on the same route to Triund. In fact, you would be covering Triund on the way. That’s like killing two birds with one stone! See the horizons changing colours and cover a high altitude on foot. One of the highest in fact. Expect multiple acclimatization opportunities. Expect a magnificent snowline. Expect the mesmerizing Indrahar Pass.

Elevation – 14245 feet.

District – Kangra.

State – Himachal Pradesh.

Minkiani Pass

Take the tough roadMinkiani Pass

Not a trek for beginners, the Minkiani Pass is one of the treks from Mcleodganj that offers you some of the most breathtaking views that the higher Himalayas can offer. It can be approached from Triund making way through the Lahesh Caves, Kuwarsi Village and Drakund or can be approached through the Kareri Lake side. Adventurists usually prefer the lakeside route as it is slightly easier and takes lesser time but the other route is fabulous too. The summit offers unforgettable views of the Sickle Moon and Brammah peaks which fall in the region of Kashmir. Boundless in its beauty, Minkiani Pass might exert your muscles but is guaranteed to carve a place in your heart forever.

Elevation – 14251 feet.

District – Kangra.

State – Himachal Pradesh.

Bir Billing

Soar in the skiesBir Billing

Though it usually does not show up in a ‘treks from McleodGanj’ list; Bir Billing is one place you must visit if you are anywhere near the McleodGanj region. Home to Asia’s highest paragliding site and a bustling cultural melange of Tibetan culture – Bir is destined to make you fulfil all your getaway goals. Soar across the skies between the Dhauladhar ranges and watch as everything becomes tiny underneath your feet. Easily approachable by buses and cars, this destination is the best choice for you and your gang if you need an adventurous trip but are somewhat unwilling to heavily flex those calf muscles by trekking for days on end.

The Hosteller has trips leaving to Bir in both May and June so there is no need to worry about all the planning.

Elevation – 5003 feet (paragliding starts at 8000 feet).

District – Kangra.

State – Himachal Pradesh.

Has reading this blog left you craving for some adventure and thrills? I can say that writing it definitely has. The May weather is perfect to enjoy a much-needed mountain vacation. Traversing through the Dhauladhars, drinking from glacial waterfalls and camping under the bright stars will most definitely take all your city blues away. So what are you waiting for? Just get up go!

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