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It’s me – Yati! Back again with another informative blog about one of the places that is very close to my heart. As a community manager, I go to many places on treks but there are definitely some places that capture a piece of my heart like no other. The Kheer Ganga trek is something that I have a soft corner for.

Kheerganga trek route leads to this

View from atop Kheer Ganga

I have been to Kheer Ganga innumerable times now – alone many times, with friends and even with groups of more than 50 travellers! And every single time I go, I never fail to get mind boggled by the sheer beauty and majestic vibes of that place.

In this blog, I will attempt to guide you through the entire Kheerganga trek route. This trek is not exactly classified as easy. Even though the elevation is not more than 10,000 feet; the trek is quite a challenging one. During the spring-summer months, it is the easiest to approach.

KheerGanga Trek Route Mountain Dogs

Mountain dogs are always accompanying you on the Kheerganga trek route

But one must look-out for the scorching heat while climbing. Remember to keep yourself replenished during the trek. In the rainy season, the muddy and sleety ways make the trail quite perilous at certain twists and bends; especially near the waterfalls.

During the winter season, it is possible to complete the trek too. The Kheerganga trek route does not ever shut because of snow, but make sure to carry a lot of warm woollens and a pair of good trekking shoes during the winter season. This will help you a long way.

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Buni Buni Pass

Buni Buni Pass – a little further from Kheer Ganga

Here are a few important details about the Kheerganga trek route:

  1. The maximum elevation is 2960 meters which equal to 9711 feet.
  2. The trek does not start from Kasol. This is a mistake many people make. It starts at Barshaini.
  3. You can reach Barshaini on local transport. The rest of the way till the top can be reached only on foot.
  4. There are two paths that you can take to reach the top. One goes through the village of Rudranag and the other goes through Kalga.
  5. There is no cell phone service in Kheerganga. Very rarely, you might get a bar or two of Airtel, but apart from that there are none.
    Camping on Kheer Ganga

    Camping on Kheer Ganga top is really fun

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  6. All small dhabas and shops close at 6.30 pm in the evening. You shall not find anything to eat on the way after that.
  7. I highly highly recommend that you complete the Kheeranga trek route before sundown. The trek is quite steep and crumbly in many parts and trying to do this with torch lights at night might prove to be fatal.
  8. Accommodation in Kheerganga can be in shared tents or guesthouses. You can also carry your own camping equipment.

Tip: Carry some eatables on the trip, especially sweet things like biscuits and chocolates. That can give you instant energy.

Well, that is all about the basics of the Kheer Ganga trek. If you want to know in detail about what a typical trekking itinerary for Kheerganga would look like, then just click on the link below and read Part 2. Promise me you will read this. I am currently travelling in Kerela but I spent time awake in trains at night to write this specially for you. Excuse my emotional blackmailing and head on over to Part 2.



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