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Pushkar, no doubt is one of the most beautiful pilgrimage destinations in India. Pushkar lake, being the heart of the city, surrounded by the beautiful town and then swallowed by the Aravalli hills, should top in your bucket list. Not only Indians bump in here to find moksha but also foreigners, to experience the real taste of Indian Culture. 

This spiritual place leaves you with numerous options like the Brahma temple, the oldest monuments, street food, camel fair, and so much more for you to visit. You definitely must rest a week to discover the culture of this city. I am here to share with you an extraordinary idea for an ideal journey to Pushkar. How about taking a bumpy safari on the Pushkar camels to explore this place???

Hit the desert sitting on the hump

Bring the Rajasthani Indian movies to life. Get ready to ride on the camels like the kings and queens. Imagine wearing that lovely Rajasthani costume, seated at a height to have a better view and clicking the best portraits for your Instagram. It is not just it, a lot more you wouldn’t even have imagined. Pushkar camel safari is one of the best camel safaris in India with diversity in it. You can go on a happy petite safari for an hour to ride all your way around Rajasthan holding on to the hump of your camel. Do not worry if you visit there with your entire family and nanny is not able to hop on the camel. They make special arrangements for the elderly.

All the way for the sunrise and sunset

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This is a perfect two hour or over the night package if you want to tour on the camel. You will be taken around the city where you will find all the little things you missed to see on your foot. Enjoy waving your hands and passing smiles to the locals on your way. Eventually, you will be lead out of the city entering the mighty Thar desert. This is where you will watch the stunning sunset. It does not end there. You will be entertained by the locals where they perform the traditional Rajasthani dance with a moonlight dinner. Here comes the best part of it and my favorite too. Lying your back on the sand, gaze at the shining stars free from the tall buildings. It is only the clear sky here painted full of stars. 

Later in the morning, wake up early not to miss the sunrise and then head your way back to your hotel. It is worth the money that you get provided with food for all the times with refreshing chai too. 

Half-day until the sunset 

This Pushkar camel safari package generally starts around in the late afternoon where you start your ride right off to the desert. You can have pleasant views of the rose farms with parrots, kingfishers, and deers accompanying you on your journey. In the end, you get to view the golden sunset. Have the energizing chai, click some photos and start your trip back to your stay.

Bumping all day long

This one of the best Pushkar camel safari offers that you cannot resist. Have a slight complete breakfast and jump onto your camel to spend a whole day with it. This delightful friendly animal takes you along the farms and villages of Rajasthan where you can spot the culture of the state. By noon, you rest under some shady area or a tree, where you are served with delicious Rajasthani lunch. 

After compromising your tummy, start back your jaunt back to the hotel in Pushkar. This is really a wonderful experience where you can spot rabbits, deers, peacocks and the huge sand dunes on your trip. Not only this, the mesmerizing sunset is also included that you should not miss. 

For a whole night under the stars

The sunset and the sunrise being mandatory, this Pushkar camel safari starts somewhere in the evening. First, you are taken to a village, where you get a chance to blend with the locals. Talk to the farmers, watch the shepherds minding the goats and tell little tales to the children who rarely have guests visiting their desert village. You come to know about the lives of the people living in a village and their habitual.

Then it is time for the sunset over the Aravalli hills, and one mouth-watering Rajasthani dinner watching the folk dances. You can either hide under the tent for a sound sleep or lie on the sand watching the stars disappear till the morning. Then admire the glowing sun in the morning, have breakfast and leave for the hotel on your camel.

The dream camel safari 

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This is the most engulfing Pushkar camel safari you wouldn’t want to miss. It is all about bumping all the way from Pushkar to the nearby places. This is a two-day safari where you get to ride all the times on your camel, head to the prominent temples in Pushkar, watch the sunrise and sunset, mingle with the natives and fill your memory cards with memorable pictures. 

Do not worry if you are a foodie, you will be provided with luscious meals, buffets, and snacks from time to time. Photographers will never want to complete this journey as you will be taken to the most beautiful attractions in and around Pushkar. At the end of the camel safari, you will get back to your hotel with the best memories for life and one great adventure to narrate. 

Checklist for a safe camel safari 

  • Do not forget your sunscreen if you don’t want to get tan.
  • Stock power banks in your bag as you are going to ride in a desert.
  • Put on some warm clothes, if you are there in the winter times. 
  • Bring your medicines if you need them, as you won’t find any shops anywhere nearby.
  • One last thing, don’t leave your cameras back in the hotel, later you would worry missing those scenes to capture.

Pushkar is not only for the temples but also for the interesting opportunities it gives you. Explore this place not as a tourist but by living the lives of the people there. 

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