Backpacking is something that teaches you many things that school probably did not. It is an out of the world experience. The ups, the downs, the hard times, the euphoric times – all combine to make sure that you emerge out of the experience just like a butterfly from the pupae. Fresh, wise and ready to conquer the world. The rollercoaster ride of backpacking comes lessons anew. There’s no excuse not to pick up your backpack and travel places you have on your checklist that you’ve always been dreaming of. For gallivants that are enthusiastic about travel, backpacking is the gateway to having some memorable and fantastic experiences in life.

Here are 10 things that make backpacking the best detox for when life gets a bit too much:

Boosts and builds your Self Confidence

Backpacking - Group of female travellers sitting and chatting in a cafe

Travellers chilling at The Hogger Cafe (The Hosteller Kasol)

Backpacking makes you experience the culture and your surroundings in a better way. You get to know new people, get to make decisions on your own and be responsible for your own things. It is a hands-on experience that forces you to learn new things, problem solve in a better way and get brushed against all different kinds of traditions. You feel motivated and your strength gets multifold, thus helping you learn basic habits that will help you in the long run. This “real-time” experience will give you strength and confidence that will last an entire lifetime.

You get to make lifelong friends

Backpacking - Group of backpackers riding scooter in Pushkar

Exploring Pushkar on scooters (The Hosteller Pushkar)

Backpackers prefer staying in hostels. Not only because it is cheap, fun, and convenient but more so because they love to meet other backpackers. Whenever you travel on your own the easiest way to meet similarly minded fellas is in backpacker hostels. These places host people travellers from around the world who can tell you so much about different cities, cultures and travel. You stay with them, share moments, share experiences, and also get to learn a lot of things. More often than not, these are the very people that become your close friends who you stay in touch with for years. And if you are ever in London, Israel or Barcelona – you now have a couch to crash on & save that money.

An Adventure of a Lifetime

Backpacking - Two people with their backs at the camera looking at the sunset on the water

Chilling on Anjuna Hill during sunset (The Hosteller Goa)

You will be able to resonate with those famous Coldplay lines, “I feel my heart beating, I feel my heart beneath my skin. Like I’m alive again”.

Backpackers have their aura wherever they go, the tons of small learnings they carry with themselves, help them in their future endeavours. Choosing a random destination, conquering the language barrier, navigating in a new city, being thrifty. You learn to manage everything on your own. And on top of that, this newfound freedom makes you want to go to new places, taste food you’ve never had, go places you’ve never seen. Every backpacker has at least a couple of stories about how they found this new place or this offbeat village or a quirky little bakery on their solo travels. Backpacking = a life of adventure.

Teaches you to be Tolerant

Backpacking - Two backpackers taking a photograph as another female traveller watches

Bonding on the way to Jogini Falls (The Hosteller Manali)

When you live in the same hostel along with many more people, there are situations wherein your patience and tolerance is put to test. Maybe it is a dorm mate taking too long in the washroom or some traveller who is talking on the phone as you are trying to sleep. Backpacking forces us to open up to explorers from all parts of the globe. This makes us learn to appreciate new customs, cultures, behaviours and languages.

Real-Time implementation of your etiquettes

Backpacking - A traveller sitting on one of the stone structures in Lodhi Garden and reading a book

Enjoying a quiet moment of solitude in Lodhi Garden (The Hosteller Delhi)

Backpacking teaches you the importance of helping one another. We all have experienced something getting stolen that was close to us or of prime importance to us. At times there will be situations wherein you will face problems like shortage of money, confusion about what to eat or maybe a simple bruise. That is when your fellow backpackers will be your family and help you out. You will learn a new quality from them i.e. how to show empathy towards someone, being considerate and helping someone.

You become more Open-Minded & calm

Backpacking - Four travellers laughing around a big bonfire

Cracking jokes around a bonfire on a chilly night (The Hosteller McleodGanj)

Having encountered a myriad of cultures and events, backpackers tend to have a different view about life. During pressure situations as well they are calm and cool-headed since they have encountered such difficult situations numerous times in their life. Flight delayed? The driver took a wrong turn? Hungry in a foreign city at 3 am? It is now a cakewalk for them.

They tend to become flexible because they have learned this trait over time. Majority of the times, the day ahead is not planned out and you just take the day as it comes. At times you might get the urge to travel and explore many more places, despite being tired. Sometimes the opposite might happen, wherein you just want to chill and play pool on the hostel terrace. Backpacking teaches us that no every day has to be meticulously planned to precision, that is not what travel is about.

Travelling on a tight budget

Backpacking - A group of happy backpackers outside the Amer Fort

Local heritage tour shenanigans (The Hosteller Jaipur)

If you want to travel and explore new places as a student or maybe someone who wants to save as much money as possible, there is no other better way than to backpack. Backpacker hostels are super budget consciously priced and include all modern amenities that a traveller could need. This way you spend less on your stay and more on exploring the city and trying all its exciting cuisine. Maybe even shopping for the folks back home. Travel hostels usually also have local tours, walks and cab services that would cost you a bomb outside.

Attaining happiness in small things

Backpacking - Four trekkers enjoying a helping of Maggi beside the Parashar Lake

Enjoying Maggi beside the glittering Parashar Lake (The Hosteller Treks)

Backpacking teaches you, how simple life is and also how you can enjoy small events and just stay happy all the time. Simple sunsets on Goan beaches or a cycle ride down the hills will become so much more exciting and meaningful. You will begin to realise that the ability to have a warm conversation with a friend from the other side of the globe is something much more meaningful than staying all alone in a hotel. You will keep on learning lessons on the way that will change your perspective of looking at things.

Experiencing new cultures more closely

Backpacking - Young monks having lunch in Nyingma Monastery, Bir

Monks on their lunchtime in Nyingma Monastery (The Hosteller Bir)

Backpacking offers travellers the chance to actually get to know the locals and travel like them. They are the heart and soul of any place. Travelling on local transport, walking to nearby destinations browsing the local bazaars and meeting tour guides allow you to have a deeper insight into life. You experience new cultures, new languages, myriad people. Maybe you can even pick up a few words in the local dialect.

Gives you a chance to nurture your creative skills

Backpacking - Silhoutte image of a traveller taking a picture of a camel carriage as the sun sets behind them

Photograph of a traveller photographing a camel at the Pushkar Mela (The Hosteller Pushkar)

As you travel to new places, meet new folks, make new memories, you will definitely want to photograph it, film it, write about it, paint it or pen a song about it. Backpacking allows travellers to get in touch with their artistic side and nurture it. And if by chance you are in Arambol, Bhagsu, Pushkar or any of the famous hippie destinations – you are bound to find people who will happily teach you a new skill; be it juggling or jewellery making.

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