The clear blunt sky has finally turned grey and the fluffy clouds are at a show. The pitter-patter sound of drops falling all the way from heaven are filling corners and the smell of moist soil is making home in the soul of every being. It is finally rainy season in India. Some pluviophiles like me even consider it to be the best season of them all.

Monsoon is not just a season but also a reason to let your gaurd down and embrace the rain with your arms open. Just the way earth does.So here I am with a list of 3 god damn gorgeous places for you to take a leisure getaway this monsoon.

Rain + road trip = bliss!

What would be a better way to feel rejuvenated and renewed than hiting the road when monsoon has made everything extra glamorus and appealing. Travelling with your loved one during the gush of the rainy season is certainly an unbeatable feeling.

I have made a list of three best places to visit in monsoon which will make your pluviophilic trait even more intensified. So hurry up start filling your backpack and pick a place to visit in monsoon.


The gorgeous Jal Mahal

Rain in mountains are more poetic and beautiful than my words can do justice for. But it is a bit unsafe to make your way to mountains when the monsoon has casted its spell over the dramatic landscape.

But why to take a risk, while you can see the rain drenched royal buildings and colorful streets of one of India’s most culturally and historically rich places? Jaipur has been framed as one of most BEAUTIFUL places in India and becomes extravagantly appealing in monsoon.

You can visit the gorgeous Jal Mahal whose lower levels are immeresed in the middle of the striking Man Sagar Lake with a backdrop of Aravali ranges. Take a stroll along the shore of lake while watching some rare species of birds like grey heron, little grebe and Eurasian sponbill. These birds can be spoted in Jaipur only during the rainy season. Isn’t nature fascinating?

 Rain makes this city an excellent choice of destination during the rainy season in India.


The grand ghats of the Lake Pushkar

Pushkar needs no introduction because of it’s holy position and popularity. But when monsoon hits the town, Pushkar gets a very different makeover, a fascinating one at that. The water level of the Pushkar lake rises to touch the stairs of Ghats and grass begins to bloom in unexpected places.

Every year a number of travellers and hippies rush to this town to experience the cultural vibes particularly during Holi Festival and Pushkar Fair. But the rainy season in India turns Pushkar into a muse with all the temples, settlements, and lakes soaked in rain, making the town one of the best places to visit in monsoon.

You can take a walk around the holy Pushkar lake and witness the evening maha aarti which promises to take you in a spritiual state. When you are in Pushkar you should really be aware of the monkeys because even monsoon cannot keep them from their mischievous behavior.


Rainclouds gathering near the Bir landing site

Like I have said before, rains in mountains become little dangerous because it can initiate severe road blocks and landslides. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

But there is way to experience monsoons in the mountains too. Bir is a small hamlet in the backyard of the giganatic Himalayan mansion and is located comparatively at a smaller altitude. It offers a safe and beautiful rainy experience for any willing traveller.

Bir is known for its exhilarating natural views and will make your monsoon even more awesome than you would imagine. You can take a walk down to the sprawling tea gardens holding the hands of your partner. In the evenings, you could enjoy the ambiance of the Bir colony road and taste a little something in it’s many cute cafes. Even if you are travelling solo – the clouds, winds and the scenic beauty won’t make you feel lonely.

Imagine the grey clouds scattered in the sky like the feathers of a peacock and the colorful Buddhist flags swinging from the tall trees while you are siping on your hot chocolate and listening to Pink floyd. It is going to be one helluva experience.

Post rain scene in Himachal

Monsoon not only brings relief to our tanned summer skin, it also brings a hope and a sense of love along with it. When it touches the ground the fragrance of moist earth diffuses in air like an inseperable entity. Rain stimulates a warm feeling inside us to grow, dance and enjoy and so does travelling. So when you see those stormclouds coming, gather up your friends and head of to one of the best places to visit in monsoon.

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