Like any other group of friends we too had the quintessential problem with vacations! I bet you can guess what it is already. Hundreds of plans made but never brought to fruition. It’s either a relative’s wedding, an urgent matter at work or simply the indecision of the plans that left us with all discussion and no vacation every time. The fact that there are way too many places to visit in India is never of help.

That is why when we met up in December and the topic of a group vacation rolled around, I was the first one to jump up and say that I had had enough of this tomfoolery. The next weekend was one the very few times I had a long weekend break and I intended to make full use of it.

I told all my friends that I wanted a road trip – by hook or crook this time. And so began our exciting voyage into the heart of the desert land.

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Here is what we did to prepare for this epic road trip:


Choose the Destination

Like the title suggests, we decided to make the optimum use of our weekend and cover 3 unique destinations in Rajasthan. Sambhar Lake, the Sariska National Park and the spooky Bhangarh Fort. The quickest and best idea is to quickly do some research on unique places to visit in India that fall near your city!

Progress :



Plan the Itinerary

It is always helpful to have a rough idea of which places you want to cover and in what order. No itinerary needs to be followed strictly, but an outline of the trip surely helps. This can make it easier to plan your travels and manage the budget.

Progress :



Book a ZoomCar

Providing some of the market’s most competitive prices, a ZoomCar seemed like the perfect transport means for a 2 day road-trip. We booked a Mahindra XUV for the 6 of us. There are innumerable places to visit in India that can easily be reached in a car. Look them up!

Progress :



Pre-book a backpacker’s hostel

Our road trip would require us to crash in Jaipur for a night. I booked an entire dorm for me and my 6 friends at The Hosteller Jaipur. A bed for one night costs only INR 399/- which is a steal because the hostel is backpacker heaven!

Progress :



Pack your bags

I specifically instructed everyone to keep it light because there is no way I was going to compromise space and time for a 2 foot heavy suitcase. A pair of jeans, track pants, few t shirts, a comfy pair of shoes, and a jacket or two ought to cut it.

Progress :



Charge the gizmos

I charged every single elctronic device to full capacity. Phones, powerbanks, camera batteries (plus extras), speakers and what else not. No way was I going to miss out on photographing a tiger because of this mistake!

Progress :



Grab some munchies

I never leave on a trip without preparing for hunger induced road rage. Much like the Snicker’s ad my friends can turn into different people when kept hungry for too long. And I was not risking that! We picked up couple of packs of chips, popped corn, cookies, some tissues, a bunch of chocolates and few cans of ice teas for the road.

Progress :



Curate the playlist

A master mix is of ultimate value on a road trip. You could travel to all the places to visit in India but without a groovy mixtape, it will still feel lacklustre. Fill it with your favourite travel songs so that entertainment in the car is seamless. Don’t hog the aux though. No one likes that!

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