Food in India comes from a diverse culture and this diversity does not stop at these innovative and experimentation cafes. Along with authentic cuisines, customers are also looking for quirky and innovative ambiences that gives them a special experience by chilling at the best cafes in Delhi and the best restaurants in Delhi. These are some of the best offbeat places you can be at.

1. Cafe Dori (Chattarpur)

Cafes in Delhi

This newly opened cafe is an experiential space. The aesthetics and design of this place is perfect and aims at enriching the experience of the customer. Sip on the amazing coffee and binge on treats that are curated. Eat, shop, relax, all in one space and bring your pets along because it’s absolutely pet-friendly.

2. Soda Bottle Opener Wala (Khan Market)

It has a quirky, fun and contemporary Irani Style archetype. The menu is full of Parsi specialties with a hint of Bombay street food. The ambiance is sure to take you back to the 90’s Parsi culture, leaving you with an authentic experience of cafes in Delhi. 

3. The Hogger Cafe (One of the best offbeat places in Delhi)

Sit back and relax at The Hosteller’s very own, The Hogger cafe! Start a conversation or just read a book as you go through the artistic interiors of this place. Quirky wall art, lights, and the perfect sitting arrangement will keep bringing you back to this place. The food is locally inspired, served with love and indulgence. The Hogger, a well-designed traveler’s cafe, has an extensive world menu suited for locals & foreign travelers alike serving as a hot-spot for meeting people from all over the globe. If you are looking for cafes in Delhi,  then you are at the right hostel. 

Join the Friday night terrace parties and bid summers a goodbye. Mixed with slam poetry sessions, live music, stand-ups & a lot of fun store, join them! It’s one of the best places to have food in India.

4. Boheme Cafes in Delhi

Cafes in Delhi

The dim lights and soothing ambiance will make you relaxed after a tiring day. Boheme radiates freshness with it’s relaxing interiors. Overall, Boheme does a great job of giving you a complete Mediterranean experience.

5. Rustom’s Cafe & Bakery (the best amongst offbeat cafes in Delhi) (Malviya Nagar)

Cafes in Delhi

Rustam’s Café & Bakery serves amazing baked goods rich in true Parsi legacy. The warm and homely ambiance recreates the authentic Parsi home environment. Also, it’s highly preferred by customers with a sweet tooth! Who knew Food in India would be this good!

6. Social (Haus Khas Village)

Cafes in Delhi

With great views of the Hauz Khas monument and lake, this all-day cafe and bar feel like it’s been designed for quiet thoughts and reflection. The decor, however, is far from what you have been seeing, furniture is 100% recycled or upcycled and juxtaposed with grungy industrial elements. The bare walls are unfinished and naked bulbs dangle from the ceiling. The food is delicious and served with a perfect fusion and comes as a contender for the perfect offbeat restaurants in Delhi.

7. The Rose (Haus Khas Village)

Cafes in Delhi

This joint also doubles as a hotel and an art gallery, so your aesthetics get served as much as your food! Ponder over your next big thought as you feast with good music.

8. Unplugged Courtyard (Connaught Place)

Cafes in Delhi

The first of its kind in Delhi, the Unplugged Courtyard flaunts a beautiful courtyard with a tree. The open courtyard often hosts live performances. The Mexican Countryside theme does the work of ensuring a vintage experience. This place has indoor seating as well. Definitely one of those offbeat restaurants in Delhi. This is one of the best! 

9. Imly (Rajendra Place)

Cafes in Delhi

Just when you thought food trucks are the big thing, you come across this. “A Parked train with street food served.”
This vegan and vegetarian restaurant puts a big smile on every street food lover’s face. This is one of the best offbeat restaurants in Delhi.

10. Smaash Cafe (Gurgaon)

Cafes in Delhi

What happens when entertainment meets food? The Smaash Cafe is a family complex with a bowling alley and multiple sports options such as Air Hockey, F1 race, cricket and multiple dining choices. The cafe provides a virtual gaming experience too! The ambiance of this place will definitely energize you in different ways its one of those offbeat restaurants in Delhi you cant just easily discover.

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