Despite the smog circling over Delhi, the World Travel and Tourism Council India Initiative (WTTCII) listed Delhi as the most tourist-friendly city in India. A recent survey done by WTTCII and Hotelivate placed Delhi on the first rank in the list of tourism-friendly cities in India. And yes, it was a bit unexpected. This means the tourism in Delhi and the public transport in Delhi are tourist friendly and easy to utilize making Delhi the most tourist-friendly city in India. This is creating a boon for tourism in Delhi.



Obviously, Goa is one of the chilliest and coolest spot as an interesting vacation opportunity. The top 10 lists also feature names of cities such as Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, West Bengal, Kerala, Punjab, and Andhra Pradesh. But Delhi’s inclusion in this list does come out as a shocker with positive vibes for the travel industries established here. Delhi is the hub to various hostels, as of now, there are more than 31 hostels in Delhi.
The cities were essentially judged on the basis of their public transport connectivity where a lot of northern states failed to make an impact.


This survey was based on the following points:
• Expenditure on tourism
• Tourist arrivals
• Per capita gross state domestic product
• The presence of branded hotel rooms
• The effectiveness of marketing campaigns
• The extent of urbanization
• Ease of doing business


Delhi topped in 5 of these. Delhi Metro has a major contribution in this ranking as it has increased connectivity all over Delhi. Thus, public transport in Delhi is now easy and accessible. This is creating an increase in tourism in Delhi.

Delhi, as a destination, has a lot of scope for improvement. The overall character of the city often brings the world back to it again and again. It is quite a challenge to discover Delhi by each of its corners. But its still easier to try and cover all of them using the public transport. It can be said that transport in Delhi is improving day by day. These improvements in transport in Delhi is a statement for Delhi being the capital city. Leave aside the recent smog, its a great destination according to the numbers. This survey indicates a future growth in the tourism in Delhi. As of now, there are more than 30 hostels in Delhi. This survey comes out as a good news for each one of us.


Well, we can’t do much.

Hostels around the world have come up with organic farms, dependency on solar roofs, etc. Apart from that hostels also have an opportunity to curate trips that promote community travel thus bringing people together and limiting the use of multiple vehicles. These are some European ideas that have been implemented in some countries and might be possible now that our city has been ranked #1.
Ultimately, it’s our duty to care about the city we present to the world like ours. Yes, this is a sense of achievement for us all but there’s still a lot to do.

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