Are you a traveller? While you plan your next stay at a hostel, which type of suite or dorm one should choose?

Make an informed choice and travel trouble-free!

What is a hostel dorm?

Beds are sold individually in case of a dorm. It means if you’re travelling with two friends and choose a four-bed dorm. You will likely have two more people in your room that you have not met before. Which is actually kind of fun!

Hostel dorms vary in sizes, some offer four beds, others offers 10 beds. You will come across hostels which offer them both.

Why choose a dorm room?

When travelling solo, dorm rooms are the best form of accommodation for travellers around the world. Solo or not, the experience of staying in a dorm is unique and must be experienced.

The price of a bed in a dorm room is less than the price of a private room, which is a great thing for travellers and their budgets! Even if you don’t have a budget to maintain, save that money for your next travel!

Travelling solo or not staying in a dorm room gives you more opportunity to meet other travellers than you would have in a private room.

Things to keep in mind when choosing a dorm room:

Since you are sharing a room with others, privacy is limited.

Different people, different plans! Some people might wake up late, some people might stay up late. Open yourself up to these little changes!

All dorms have lockers where you can keep all your luggage and valuables so, there isn’t any trouble regarding the security of your belongings.

What is a private room/suite?

The traditional idea of a hostel has had a recent change, many hostels offer luxurious private rooms for travellers who don’t want to share a room with others. Since the space increases as you move to a private room, you enjoy the uniqueness and luxury of it. Some hostels have incredible spaces for their private rooms! So, are you a traveller who prefers the luxury of a private room/suite or a traveller who prefers shared accommodation to meet new people and new experiences.

Why chose a private room/suite?

Every traveller has a different needs and if you’re someone who loves the environment of a hostel but can’t share a room with others, a private room is just a right thing for you.

When you’re paying on the basis of a room and not a bed, prices vary. The private room cost more than a bed in a dorm room. A lot of hostels provide great deals and packages, make sure to ask them!

When you choose a private room you get the best of the both worlds, privacy and a great atmosphere around you.

Things to keep in mind when choosing a  private room:

Sometimes, bathrooms aren’t a part of your package, to avoid trouble, check with the hostel beforehand.

If you’re looking for a break and need some rest before your next big adventure, private room/suite is the best option for you to crash in.

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