Delhi Ranks #1 on the Tourism-Friendly Cities List

Despite the smog circling over Delhi, the World Travel and Tourism Council India Initiative (WTTCII) listed Delhi as the most tourist-friendly city in India. A recent survey done by WTTCII and Hotelivate placed Delhi on the first rank in the list of tourism-friendly cities in India. And yes, it was a bit unexpected. This means the tourism in delhi and the public transport in delhi are tourist friendly and easy to utilize making Delhi the most tourist-friendly city in India. This is creating a boon for tourism in delhi.

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10 Cafes in Delhi that are the perfect spot to chill and relax

Food in India comes from a diverse culture and this diversity does not stop at these innovative and experimentation cafes. Along with authentic cuisines, customers are also looking for quirky and innovative ambiances that gives them a special experience by chilling at the best cafes in Delhi and the best restaurants in delhi. These are some of the best offbeat places you can be at. Read more “10 Cafes in Delhi that are the perfect spot to chill and relax”

7 Calming yet Thrilling Activities in Rishikesh

Be it a family trip or a trip with friends, the city entertains everyone irrespective of their age with variant range of activities in Rishikesh. Situated in the foothills of Himalaya in the Garhwal region, it’s the gateway to the upper Garhwal region, from where the Holy Ganga River comes gushing down. The consumption of non vegetarian commodities and alcohol is banned in this town, since it’s a Holy place and has great historical and spiritual significance, Rishikesh is the perfect place for one to unwind and slow down, here’s how you can do it too! Read more “7 Calming yet Thrilling Activities in Rishikesh”

12 packing hacks that will help you travel smoothly: Save space, save time

Save time. Save space by using these 12  packing hacks!
Have you been caught by the travel bug, yet? Or, your work is always keeping you busy? Finding time is no easy task, however, do people utilize it well once they actually find the time?

This generation is all about venturing out, exploring, discovering and seeking things beyond the mundanity of our everyday lives. They are always looking to feed the wanderlust, whether it’s by rushing along city lights, climbing mountains or just laying by the great blue seas.

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Gokarna travel diary – “How it changed her life”

Travelling has always been my way of making sense of life”. The fact that I will be someplace far away from the rat race. Sitting in the corner, listening to the sound of the water crashing on the nearby rocks or the waves hitting the beach. The wind brushing through my hair and the smell of the soil. Anyway, right after moving to Bangalore we formed this enthusiastic group of people who decided to travel every two months. Our first trip together was in April 2016, Gokarna. It can be said that Gokarna is a tropical heaven. We stayed at this beautiful wooden shack facing the beach, lived on seafood and beer, swam in the water till the sun went down. So, this is my travel diary of gokarna and how it changed my life. A truly life changing experience.

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Music & Travel: Discover all at the “Rock capital of India”


The seven-sisters offer immense support to talented artists in the form of massive local enthusiasm and gorgeous landscapes; it’s no wonder these states are oozing with creative talent. If you love the travel and music combo then you should not miss out on North eastern India.

So, here I begin my bumpy story as I witnessed it.

I had successfully managed to not go to NH7 Weekender so I could save up for this musician I had freshly discovered- Eric Martin, who was going to perform in India in November. Eric Martin happens to be the vocalist of a well-known band called Mr. Big and has this unique raspy voice that had me hooked for good. After a huge confusion between Guwahati and Shillong, given that the musician was performing in both the cities on consecutive days, I decided that I’d go watch him in the former and then go around exploring Shillong.

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Why College Students Should Backpack

I choose not to start with the traditional way of explaining how beautiful a thing backpacking is.
So I will just shift to the purpose instead. But first, you need to know what college is apart from being an educational business land. It definitely is a long chapter among the contents of the catalog that society lays down for you calling it “your” life: primary to secondary to plus two to college and then to work. That is all. And once you step out of this miserable status quo, society freaks out to you.
But till you aren’t freaked out, this is the best thing you can do for yourself. So why?

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Forget pricey hotels, say hello to backpacker hostels

Almost everyone has seen the Kangana Ranaut starrer movie, “Queen” (if you haven’t, let us know the address of the rock you’re living under!) In the movie, a heart-broken Kangana traverses Europe and finds love in adventure, stories, wanderlust and most importantly – herself! While she is in Amsterdam, Kangana finds happiness in the unlikeliest of places – the hostel she’s living in. Yes, you read right – hostel! Backpacker hostels are a new trend in travel accommodation all around the world and hostels in india are catching up to this trend.

When you hear the word hostel, the first thing which comes to our mind is discipline, smelly loose, terrible mess food and maybe the Amitabh Bachchan ruled Gurukul from Mohabattein (SRK fans, amirite?). But the hostels in india and across the world are totally fun and interesting. Across the world, hostels are synonymous with unique hip n hop budget accommodation for backpackers and wanderlust-full souls much like yourself. Read more “Forget pricey hotels, say hello to backpacker hostels”