“The brown buds thicken on the trees,
the free streams sing,
As March leads forth across the leas
The wild and windy spring.”

Elizabeth Allen1832 - 1911

Ah, just the sound of those lines make us want to sway in the gentle spring breeze and have a picnic under the warm sun. And nothing can feel better than to do it while idling on a vacation.

We know – winter has left the building! It’s time for clearer skies, sunny days and shedding those warm woolens. The spring season welcomes all with open arms and blossoming flowers. Before we get too poetically carried away, let us ask you a question.

Should you be considering holidays in March?

We say – YES! YES! YES! you should be. And we are more than prepared for the question ‘Why?’

Here are the 5 things that travellers should look out for in places to visit in March in India (and take a few leaves for *wink wink* )

Plan A Solo Vacation Day


I know I know, you might want to clock us because of this one but hear us out. Plan a solo vacation day might have expired on March 1st but that in no way means that we cannot carry through that emotion all month around. There are plenty of sensational places to visit in March in India. Plan A Solo Vacation DaySo if you haven’t taken that ‘self-love’ day off of work this year – get rolling and plan a solo vacation on one of the long weekends. As the summer sweeps around, holidays in March are the perfect way to unwind and relax before the heat hits.

Choose a lazy island getaway or a trekking expedition through dense forests – the choice is yours!

Do try: A one person overnight camping trip.

International Yoga Festival

dates: 1st – 7th march

It is 2019! We all know that the trends are fast shifting from ‘do nothing’ holidays to ‘productive and stimulating’ travel. And the International Yoga Festival in Rishikesh is one of the most happening places to visit in March in India.

From the 1st to the 7th of the month, the entire town glimmers in the aura of hundreds of yogis being at their spiritually best. Be it beginner’s classes or Vinayasa for the advanced yogis – there is literally a Yoga practice for every mood.

International Yoga Fest Rishikesh

So pester your friends into enjoying this relaxing week-long event in the Yoga capital of the country and let those good vibrations flow. Click here to check out the itinerary and registration procedure for the festival. Don’t forget your yoga mat!

Do try: Detoxifying in the Temezcal sweat lodge.

Holi in Pushkar

dates: 21st – 22nd March

You might be scrubbing industrial grade colour out of your armpits for weeks later – but holidays in March are the absolute perfect time to enjoy a grand Holi in India. Skip playing with your neighbour’s kids this time around and head to Pushkar to enjoy Holi with hundreds of locals and travellers from around the world.

Literally known as ‘kapda-phar holi’ (kapda-cloth, phar-tear) the town goes quite visibly wild at this time. The entire town square is nothing but an expanse of vibrant colour, thumping electronic music, glitter dust, unrecognizable faces and torn garments making it one of the most coveted places to visit in March in India.Holi In PushkarThough we do not condone the ‘bura na mano Holi hain’ (do not feel bad, it is Holi) emotion in all scenarios – the locals might not be quite bothered about that. So play, roam around, drink some bhang but be careful about yourself and your belongings.

Click here to be unbothered about a place to stay and save some coint!

Do try: Photographing the colourful festival. Maybe invest in a storm-cover though!

Ganguar Festival

If you and your boo didn’t have the most gram-tastic Valentines Day then this festival is what you should be attending during your holidays in March. Joyously celebrated by the women of the city, this festival is an ode to all things love.

It is also a nod to the everlasting affection between Lord Shiva and Parvati! This festival happens in Mount Abu right after Holi and lasts well into the first week of April.Ganguar Festival Mount AbuThe city is decked with flowers and decorations, women parade out in the streets wearing gorgeous traditional garments carrying flower baskets, wicker baskets full of sweets and burning earthen lamps. They are followed by local musicians, village elders and dancers of all ages.

The wonderful thing about this festival is not only the celebrations but also the setting. Mount Abu is a quaint hill station that is best enjoyed during these breezy days of March.

Do try: Joining the Goddess Gauri procession on the 18th day of the festival.

Treks in Himachal

dates: all month round

As the winter recedes and the blossomy spring peeks out, the valleys of Himachal Pradesh are re-energized with cool breezes, beautiful clear views of the huge mountains and adorable fields of flowers.

If you are thinking about holidays in March, then a trek in the abode of the gods is just up to your speed. Coarse through the secluded forests in peace, catch the hill mynas in action and gaze from cliffs into the vastness of the valley. Sounds magical right?Trek in Himachal Pradesh

All this and more awaits you on some of the most offbeat, scenic and instagrammable journeys into the wilderness of Himachal. Check out this link to book an unforgettable trek in one of the most adventures places to visit in March in India.

Do try: Getting your hair braided by a localite.

If all these options haven’t tickled the travel bug in you then you must not be from planet earth, because even writing it made us crave filing for some much needed holidays in March.

All work and no play does make Jack a dumb boy after all and who wants that kind of energy in their lives? Not us for sure. So rifle through our list, call a few friends and head to some truly exciting places to visit in March in India.

What should you do next?

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