Culture is an unstoppable tide and when it has something to do with involving the common mass and youth. Similar is the Culture of Street Art in Delhi. What makes street art such an important facet of contemporary culture? In a world where dreams are lesser, the most that street art does is bring people together and create something. The beauty of India never fails to mesmerize you.

Delhi is a city of diverse culture. Delhi brings together people from all over the world entering the door to the maddening beauty of India. It all started as an underground graffiti movement a few years ago unless the idea buoyant to public exposure. Such democratization of this art has reached various corners of this city and that is exactly why you must not miss any while you’re in Delhi.


Lodhi Colony is the place wherefrom it all originated. You name “street art” in Delhi and Lodhi Colony might just be the first place you hear about. Lodhi Colony, undoubtedly, has some of the most hypnotizing and spellbinding street-artworks in the world, all credits to the ST+ART India Foundation for making this place this happening and influential.


Shankar Market gives you a different feel altogether. Located in the busy market in the outer circle of Connaught Place, just as you enter this market and look up to the walls the market buildings, the artworks portray “the colors of India.” These artworks do not follow a particular theme but tell a viewer a lot about daily life in this country and its traditions.


Khirki Village can never be ignored when you’re looking for a mixture of historical architecture and street art in Delhi. A visit to this place will take you through a part of the history of this city and also the spectacular ideas of national and international street artists, all materialized beautifully on walls.


This is a beautiful product of the minds of the people of the Delhi Street Art and volunteers from citizens’ group of New Delhi Rising in collaboration with school students. The Moolchand flyover was designed with the aim of introducing community culture. Following their footprints, street art spread across a lot of random walls in Delhi.

If you’ve come to India for a culture trip and have stopped at Delhi to travel further into India, let these places and this city be the Stage 1 to your mesmerization.

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