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A wise man once said, “If the world is the body then Delhi is its soul.” If you are wondering who that wise man was, then you have take a trip to Old Delhi. His address is Galibh ki Haveli in Chandni Chowk wink wink 😛

In our last edition of ‘Markets in Delhi’, we talked about the top 5 outrageous markets  and damn, we got multiple requests from our readers who were curious to know if there are more such markets to explore. How we could not have lived up to the demands of our reader?  So, here we are with the list of another top 5 outrageous markets in Delhi which will blow your mind and will make you wanna go to the ATM as soon as the read is over.

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Banjara Market

Banjara Market in Gurugram is an interior decorator’s paradise. (Source: So City)

Who wouldn’t want to revamp their homes with cheap AF decor pieces and furniture and that too being uncompromising with the quality? If you are someone who is into bohemian vibes and vintage decor, then you should definitely try visiting Banjara Market.

This market is situated in Gurugram and is known for it exquisite and unique items that are available there and that too at unbelievably very low prices. Located in Sec 56, in Gurugram, this market is open all the 7 days and can be easily reached via Metro.

From Vintage mirrors to quirky show pieces, from wooden cupboards to interiors decor pieces, you will find everything here. It is an interior decorators’ paradise. And not only this you can even bargain here.  One has to spend a minimum of 2 hours here in order to get an idea but its worth it. So  if you are someone who wants to re-do your home, and also do not want to be heavy on the pocket, look no where else. Head straight towards the Banjara Market!

Must taste: Take a walk in the complete market to get an idea and to have the best deal.

Meena Bazaar

Experience the tinge of Mughal era at Meena Bazaar

You must have heard of the Meena Bazaar in many Bollywood movies and songs like ‘Kajra Mohabbat Wala‘ as a reference to extravagance and appeal. But I am sure many of you do not even know of this market. Allow me to be your guide and mentor. Meena Bazaar is not just another outrageous market, it is one of the oldest markets present in Delhi.

Located just below the massive stairs of Jama Masjid, this market has its association to the era of Mughals as it was Humayun who established this market for the noble ladies of the house. It was quite popular for Pashmina shawls and the ultra fine work of zari and arcade.

Even after being located in the cramped lanes of Old Delhi, the place beholds the elegance and charm of the Mughal dynasty. From colorful Burqas to ethnic outfits and from junk jewelry to framed Holy scriptures – this market has a bunch of things to offer.

Must taste: Go to Kallan Sweets near Jama Masjid and try Keema samosa. They are to die for!

Chor Bazaar

Buy antiques and souvenirs from Chor Bazaar at an affordable price (image source)

What if I tell you that you can get items from brands like Zara, Steve Madden, Nike, Woodland, Van Heusen etc in just a couple of bucks? You must be thinking that I am kidding (but I am not) because the next market in our list is going to do just that for you.

Chor Bazaar which literally means ‘Thieves Market’ is one of the most outlandish markets in Delhi and is quite old too. The market hidden in the thronged lanes of Chandni Chowk (opposite to the Jama Masjid) is yet not a ‘been there done that’ thing in many people’s list. Which is realy sad because Chor Bazaar is an explorer’s delight. Clothes, shoes, hardware, cameras, phones, perfumes, shoes, watches, fans – whatever you fancy this market has it all. And for throwaway prices!

This flea market offers you a massive amount of items which are either second hand, stolen or surplus. If you believe that you got an eye to find the best among the rest, you should really be here someday.

Must taste: Walk down to the ‘Wajaruddin Ji tea stall’ opposite Gate No.1 of Jama Masjid and try his ‘Butter tea’.

Gaffar Market

Get the latest gadgets and electronics from Gaffar Market (image source)

If you have not been before, Gaffar Market is going to be an entirely different experience for you. If you just broke the screen of your phone or you are looking for some affordable equipment for your laptop and camera ,then this market is where you should head. Gaffar market is undoubtedly one of busiest electronic markets in Delhi.

After crossing all the fancy shops and stalls selling myriad of items and essentials in the main lane of Karol Bagh you will find yourself in the a zone filled with everything  that can quench the thirst of any techy nerd.

Play stations, cell phones, televisions, high bass speakers or any trendy gadgets or even imported food items like hot Cheetos and Mountain Dew Baja Blast – this market is certainly a treasure trove of it. But heed this warning, don’t make any Sunday plans for Gaffar because that day is a holiday for all those shopkeepers!

Must taste:  You can grab yourself the famous Kulfi Falooda of Roshan Di Kulfi.

Monastery Market

Cultural shopping can be best done at Monastery Market (image source)

Delhi has always been a hub of cultures and the markets here speak volumes about it. There are many markets in Delhi which holds the essence of of its history and Monastery Market is one such place.

While most of the markets in Delhi are flooded with the huge varieties of women clothes, this market emerges as a men’s haven. Have a boys vacay coming up? Monastery market can be your one stop shop for tees, trousers, denims, sneakers, hats and wallets. Maybe even luggage.

All my chicas out there, don’t be sad – you’ve got plenty of options here as well.

Located near the Kashmiri Gate, this market is popular for the Tibetan refugees who have made a small settlement around the place and the market is run by the Tibetan Refugee Market Association. Monastery market will definitely get you some great deals on clothes and shoes, but it will also give you some insight into te lives and bread winnings of Tibetan refugees.

Must taste: Try the authentic Tibetian thupkas and dumpling at Zomsa restaurant.

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