You may have a myriad of reasons to skip your long-made plans and stay home to beat the summer. But, I am absolutely sure that the’ Mango Festival in Delhi’ is gonna tempt you in such a way that you will end up having a delicious and juicy experience. Tempting, right? Summer has got no chill and it is apparently in no mood to take a break but we’ve got a piece of very mango-licious news for you all that no mango lover can resist.

summer is all about mangoes

I know how pumped up you all are for this Mango festival and wanna explore ‘when, where and how’ for this one hell of a food festival in Delhi.

A Juicy background!

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Before we get into the details for this Mango Festival let’s take a short walk into the history about when it all started. Do you know how many varieties of mangoes are grown in the world? No? It is more than 1000 and out of which 550 varieties are cultivated in India. Surprising isn’t it? I only knew about Alphonso, Malda, Dassheri, Chausa, Fazli, Rataul, Ramkela, and Kesar. How newb of me! How many varieties of mango did you know?

This fascinating international Mango festival was initiated by the Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation in 1987 and since then the festival has been taking place every summer during this period of the year to encourage and celebrate the mango growers in India. Every year this fest witness more than 20,000 of people.

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a hybrid variety of mango

Mango festival is one of the most anticipated food festivals in Delhi which annually take place at the end of June or in the initial weeks of July. This year the two days long Mango festival is going to be held at Dilli Haat Janakpuri from 5th July to 7th July.  Don’t forget to mark your calendar because I am sure you don’t wanna miss this out. The festival not only brings content to your fondness for mangoes but this festival will put a variety of  500 traditional and hybrid mangoes like Bangalora, Bombay Green, Fernandin, Vanraj, and Zardalu to show.Farmers from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh and different parts of  India along with various horticulturist has come together to make this festival more mango-ish. Imagine the soothing fragrance of mangoes and the heart-melting yellow-orange and green color of the fruit. Such a feast it will be for eyes!

Some more slices of excitement!

Apart from the raw and ripen variety of some exotic mangoes like Amrapali, Himsagar, Sikri, Mango Festival Delhi is going to have something more for mango lovers. You can also buy yourself one or maybe two crates of some exotic mangoes share some of it with your friends or neighbors.

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You can find stalls selling some mouth-watering cuisines processed out of mangoes like jam, pickles, jellies, mango pulp, mango juice, aam- panna, mango pastries, etc. You can also find some bands playing their jams and cultural programs to entertain you while you will be filling your lust for mangoes.

This fest does not only foster the mango growers but also promotes environmental balance by giving free mango sapling to all the visitors.

Be a part of this delicious walk!

summer is all about mangoes

If you are wondering how you can visit this exciting Mango festival which has sprouted your cravings for this sweet fruit, then you don’t have to worry anymore. You can reach Dilli Haat taking a metro, talking of which Janakpuri East will be the nearest metro station. Dilli Haat is easily accessible from the road. The Hosteller Delhi is also going to organize a food walk to this festival along with few other die-hard lovers of mango on the 5th of July. You can meet the other mango maniacs and celebrate the delicious taste of this glorious fruit together.

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