The sun held high and clouds appeared vulnerable in the vast sky. The wind turned out to be still but the pleasing gush of words and verses embraced the hearts of everyone.

Pardon me if I got carried away with my emotion. It may be because I am still dealing with the hangover Delhi Poetry Slam had on me. I know what poetry means to a poet – maybe it means life drawn with words or life drawn from words. Poetry has always been a way to express the simplest passions and desires in a most complicated fashion. Well, what even is the point of telling emotions flatly?

Delhi Poetry Slam (which is one of the biggest online poetry groups in India) organized a workshop on the 6th of April on the open terrace of The Hosteller Delhi. I couldn’t resist myself from being a part of that event. The beautiful terrace set in a contemporary fashion added a comfortable feel and everyone seemed to be intermingling with each other like they always have been friends.

With time the terrace began filling with the smiles and the words of greeting. The event which was graced by many young poets and writers also had some people who never considered themselves as a poet. Yet, as the event began to unfold  – their words influenced everyone (including me )to hear them with all our heart.

Delhi Poetry Slam is not just a group for the experienced poets and writers; rather it is an impeccable platform for the budding and up-and-coming writers to nourish their talent.

Some of the poets held the mic for the first time in their life while some of them appeared that they have been narrating their words since forever. Every poet had their love, anger, passion, misery, and sorrows minutely detailed in their poems and when they delivered – it stirred something inside of everyone.

Maybe it was the untold feelings and the stories that we all had in us, but we never found expression to describe it. Poets like Subi Kumari, Virangi Doshi, Palak Sharma, and Umang Aggarwal did not just recite their poems, they reflected their intense hopes and despair as well.

Subi Kumari, a very young poet who appeared a little shaky in the beginning, really made a deep impact on everyone. I could see everyone expressions changing as she recited. She started with how her poetic journey began with her grandfather and narrated,

“Sharm ko teri bistar par lita diya,
socha besharmi humari hi tere liye, ishq humara tha.
be-libaas to hue the tehzib humare,
socha ye tera ashlil ishq hi ab mazhub humara tha.”

Subi Kumari

(I set my honour loose in your bed
Maybe my bare-dignity was my love to you
Certainly, my conduct was undressed
Maybe your unlawful love was my religion to you!)

Subi Kumari

Each word of her poem sang a song of melancholy and I couldn’t help myself from uncurling my twisted body posture and focus all my attention on her thoughtful words. The hopeless romantic in me was being stirred alive.  Maybe this is why we say ‘Poems find the pain’

The saga of untold emotions didn’t just remain confined to Subi. Umang, who was waiting to occupy the stage made everyone nostalgic with his poem ‘College Ke Akhiri Din’ (Last Days Of College)

“Aaj Chehre pe hasee pehle se kuch zyada hai,
or ankhon me faili gehri nami ko dekh andaza ho utha
us dard k sabab ka, jo aasma k dil me chubhta to hoga
jab wo dhoop or barsaat ek sath dekhta hoga!”


(My smile is little wider today
And the clouded eyes were making a conclusion
Of that pain in the heart of sky,
When it sees the sun and rain at the same second.)


Every corner of The Hosteller Delhi was filled with the gentle sounds of poems and appreciations. The feelings and emotions which were kept inside made its way out and reached everyone who was there. Being in that event makes me believe that poetry is like nature. Calm, composed and rhythmic but at the same time mysterious, deep and complex.

The event ended with the launching of an anthological book called ‘Love As We Know It’ which deals with the different aspects of love. The book contains poems written by a hundred and four young Indian poets from different genres. The book will be also available on different online portals from the 15th of April.

I must say that attending that event was the highlight of my week. It was such a delightful experience to drown myself in the poesy and words of those brilliant and budding poets. It is not a lie when I say that I shall definitely be attending the next Delhi Poetry Slam event at The Hosteller Delhi. Maybe that time even I will muster up enough courage to recite an original love poem or two.

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