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Pushkar, a sacred town located in Rajasthan, is a home for the creator of the Universe. Millions of people visit Pushkar to worship Brahma from all over the world. It is not only a pilgrimage destination for the worshippers of Brahma, but also the worshippers of food to come on a food tour and explore Pushkar food and Pushkar restaurants.

Pushkar: The Spiritual City of Rajasthan

Though it is a small township, one can find endless restaurants and street shops serving food all day long. The restaurants in Pushkar offers you with mouthwatering food everywhere one turns and also at the inexpensive rates one cannot even imagine. Yes, it has got cuisines from Rs 5 to Rs 500. In this blog, I will take you through all the must-try Pushkar foods when you are there in Pushkar. I will suggest you the menus from breakfast to dinner and the restaurants where one can find these savouries.


Poha: A common street breakfast in Pushkar

Soaking the cooked rice, potatoes and peas in the curry made of tomatoes and coriander is an excellent option to start the day. This dish is served from early morning in front of the temple all over the street by many street vendors. It just costs Rs 5 and is served hot in a newspaper or plate. This is the breakfast for many of the locals in Pushkar.


Samosas are available almost in every part of the country!

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This masala pyramid is available almost in all parts of India. It tastes different in all places expressing the spices of the region. Pushkar food list also has the tastiest samosas of India. This is the prime choice for snacks at any time of the day with potatoes deep-fried in masala. Tired of shopping or feeling hungry after your tiring journey to the temple, then get this snack to refresh your energy. The best restaurant to get crispy samosas is  Shri Pushkar Raj Shahi Kachori Samosa Bhandar.


The Rajasthani Pyaaz Kachori

Rajasthan famous for the onion kachoris includes Pushkar as well. For the spicy cravings, one must try these dough flat balls mixed with chilly sauces and dal. This is one of the most popular Pushkar foods that you must try before leaving. This is served in many places in the town, though the best place one can hit for the kachori is the small street stalls that can be found on the roadside.


Paneer Parathas: The name is enough to water our mouth!!

How without the parathas in North India? The restaurants in Pushkar offers you the yummiest parathas to surprise your tummy. This town has both the versions of Parathas, plain and the stuffed ones. I always prefer the stuffed one with onions. My suggestion is, tangy pickle goes luscious with it. For the delicious parathas, drop-in by the Lala Ji restaurant for delicious parathas.

Rajasthani Thali

One can find many versions of Rajasthani Thalis in Pushkar.

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When it is time for lunch, it is Thali that is always mind-blowing. It is generally a huge plate served with rice, dal, parathas, pappads, sabji, curd, sweets and a lot more depending on the cost of it. The restaurants in Pushkar serve with plentiful dishes leaving you to wonder how are you going to finish this. Shri Karni Maa restaurant provides an unlimited thali worth Rs 200. One must not leave Rajasthan without having this as this will make your stomach feel complete.

Quenching Lassi and Chai

Thandai or Lassi or Chhaach, a common beverage found in Pushkar.

Done with the hot and peppery, it is time to chill. Forget the milkshakes, and let us dive into Lassi. The main ingredient being curd this drink is available is many flavours like pineapple, strawberry or mango. This can soothe your stomach and brains under the hot desert sun. Sunset Cafe serves the yummiest Lassi topped with ice cream. Not forgetting the chai as this is the evening routine of many Indian families, ginger added chai tops in the Pushkar foods. You can easily find this drink all over the street sold by cycle vendors.

Cuisines from the world

Not only the flavors of India, but Pushkar also houses many Italian, Tibetian and European restaurants like the Laughing Buddha Cafe, Out of the blue, IL Padrino, the Lake Cafe, Tibetian Kitchen and Sixth Sense where one can find best coffees, pizzas, pastas, salads, momos, spring rolls, mocktails, and a lot more. 

What are you waiting for, a reason? Then November is the perfect time to visit Pushkar as its the month for the annual Camel Fair that is held every year.

P.S. Vegetarian foodies, this would be heaven for you!

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