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Hello friends..

Chai pee lo.. Khana kha lo.. 

Aur haan, free baithe ho to Hampta Pass trekking pe bhi chale jao

That might have sounded hella funny but we are super serious about this trekking plan. The beautiful pre-fall month of August is here and now is the time to grab opportunity by the b***s and totally conquer this trek.

Loved by thrillophiliacs and mountain dwellers alike, the Hampta Pass trek is one of the most exciting and eventful forays into the higher Himalayas. From the fjord like structure of the Balu Ka Ghera campsite, to the narrow passages of Shea Goru – everything that you come across during this trek is going to feel otherworldly.

How to get there?

Hampta Pass trekking starts from the resort town of Manali. This is how you can reach Manali from wherever the city of Delhi.

By Bus

Travelling from Delhi to Manali by bus is one of the best and the cheapest ways to get to Manali. It’s also a great way of meeting fellow travellers.

The buses cover the distance in 10-12 hours. You can easily find many private operators as well as the Himachal Road Transport Corporation (HRTC) running semi-delux to Volvo buses on this route throughout the day. You can find all the bus operators, including HRTC, listed on Red Bus at bus fares around Rs.800-1400. 

By Road

If bus travel is not your thing then you can hire a cab from Delhi to take you to Manali. 

Keep in mind that though the car journeys are much more personalised and comfortable, expect the fare to be much higher than the buses. You can expect to pay around Rs. 7000-8000 for the cabs.

By Air

The nearest airport to Manali is at Bhuntar (near Kullu). Bhuntar airport is 50 KM away from Manali. However, I won’t advise to take this mode of transport. The air fares can be extremely expensive and delays due to poor flying conditions are always a possibility. 

By Train

There is no direct train from Delhi to Manali. The nearest train station to Manali is the Jogindar Nagar train station at a distance of almost 200 km. However, train connectivity to Jogindar Nagar is poor with very few trains running so this mode is best avoided.

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Why to take this trek in August?

August is one of the best times to choose the Hampta Pass trek package. All the conditions for a perfect trek apply during this season. The climate is warmer in the mornings which makes it easier to trek long distances and gain altitude fast. The night gets cold but not as cold as after October. That time it is bitter cold and makes it nearly impossible to sleep at night. 

You even wouldn’t have to carry tons of warm clothes which would reduce your hampta pass trek cost even further. It would also make your backpack lighter. Trust me, these are important things to keep in mind during a trek like Hampta Pass.

What is the Hampta Pass trek cost?

A Hampta Pass trek package normally costs a good 15k because of the height, the terrain and the need of expert guidance and camps while taking this trek.

But The Hosteller brings to you this same trek is a much more affordable amount of money. Get the same best facilities, local activities, camping and trekking equipment, transfers, meals and a great guide at a much more reduced cost. Check out the link below.

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