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Topping the charts for being the most desirable destination, Goa has a presence in every travellers dreaming heart. Being one the hottest winter break getaways metaphorically and literally, it manages to find its name on every tongue, from young kids dying to destroy each other’s sandcastle to newlyweds fantasizing their own romantic titanic moment on the infamous boat party. It has it all to offer, making it an ideal location to celebrate every occasion, be it a PG-13 family trip or R- rated bachelor parties, Goa is the first reflex response in every Indian.

Owing to its geographical location, balmy weather, and remnants of the grand vintage world, this ancient Portuguese colony, has managed to leave a mark on the world travel map as well. Thus, you’re bound to find a foreigner, in their recently bought Om harem pants heading to the beach in an attempt to absorb a lifetime’s worth of sunshine.

Goa is also about serene and peaceful beaches.

If this small southern Indian state had an Instagram handle, flaunting its beautiful beaches  and endless palm-coconut trees would be the norm. Goa’s had a bad boy reputation due to its happening nightlife. Still, to most people’s surprise, it is also home to architectural marvels and historical landmarks, making it a fullfilling cultural experience. If you’re a nature lover, the city’s abundant wildlife, colorful Seaworld and unadulterated beauty is going to take your breath away. Everyone goes on about the famous spots in Goa, but the city treasures more than your imagination. Let’s explore some offbeat spots which are hidden gems for every traveler.

Butterfly Beach

Butterfly Beach is one of the most secluded beaches in Goa.

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This is my personal favourite among all the Goa attractions. Beaches and booze go hand in hand, the former helping you relax and the latter giving you a high. Sometimes they can work in harmony especially away from overpopulated Goan beaches, there is a hidden wonderland “Butterfly beach”. One of the most scenic beach of South Goa whose mystical calmness and stunning views are enough to let you float with your wondered version. In addition to that the aura of peace and tranquility unique to this place is hard to match anywhere else!

To get to this spot in Goa, you can either take a boat from a nearby destination or trek through the dense forest. So get your adventure caps on because the view on arrival activates all your senses, especially the one responsible for goosebumps. To give you a picture, imagine a semi-circle landscape, a small hilltop decorated with a backdrop of myriad colorful butterflies. The exotic butterflies in every shape and size make it an obvious story behind the island’s name. It is also home to some rare goldfish and crabs that are exclusive to this location. This a beautiful location to end your day spotting the dolphins while the sun sets away.

Saint Jacinto Island

St. Jacinto Island

One of the most beautiful yet exotic, Sao Jacinto is one of the few inhabited islands Goa has to offer. Not as famous as the other attractions, this silent island is located in the Mormumao bay. A perfect getaway to find the most picturesque views of the Arabian sea, heritage buildings and abandoned places. The residents of this island had decided to protect it from any form of construction or leasing. It was the firm vow of locals that gifted us such a raw destination- one out of many spots of Goa.

Most of the island is dotted by lush green forests. Only a part of the southern portion shows some colourful houses. The ancient houses are scattered here and there in vast numbers, although the living population remains low. The most mysterious place of the island is one abandoned lighthouse. Built by Portuguese in the year 1900, this landmark has been the most loved one for locals. It’s protected by dense bushes and lush forest, so not easy to access. Looking towards the height of the lighthouse, climbing up to the top, and witnessing the mesmerizing scenes of the Indian ocean and Goan cost is a one-of-its-kind experience.

Fort Tiracol

Fort Tiracol in Goa

The Portuguese came bearing gifts, and those still reap the benefits today. One of the most remarkable ones being the marvelous forts. There are numerous forts in Goa, but fort Tiracol manages to sweep you off your feet. The cliff overlooking the Indian ocean and the intricate architecture is the wow factors of this spot. It is the only property located on the overhanging cliff, and that makes it a location to be in or around.

A part of the fort has been transformed into a heritage hotel. The seven rooms of the hotel are named after the days of the week. Finally, a place when you can pretend its Friday every day! Apart from the enchanting views be sure to enjoy the food and drinks as this is the one spot in Goa you can enjoy the authentic Goan curries. Your eyes will surely remember the location and the vivid colours of the fort for years to come.

Netravali- a bubbling lake

Have a natural fish pedicure at Netravali.

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Goa is one of the most densely packed states with endless forest stretches and vivid wildlife. You won’t have any idea when a walk into wild could take you to any hidden natural gem. There are so many waterfalls, dams and lakes around various hamlets of Goa. But Netravali is special one. Located in Sanguem, it’s just a little muddy stepped lake. The serenity of this place makes it an ideal place for meditation, romantic escapade or an odyssey to your own discovery.

The most exciting thing about this Goa attraction is the sci-fi nature of the water. Due to the Methane gas accumulation, you can see bubbles appearing from underneath the surface of the water in a clapping rhythm.  What if I tell you can have a natural fish pedicure too? Yes, if you have patience and don’t get creeped out by the idea of fish feeding on your dead skin, then you’ve secured yourself a free pedicure. One of many gifts of nature.

Pomburpa springs

Pomburpa Springs, Goa

Fighting the beach waves can be chaotic and if that’s not your scene then head Pomburpa in  the countryside. This offbeat spot in goa offers you the opportunity to soak in the natural spring water which is believed to have medicinal properties. This is the perfect chance to hydrate yourself with clean water. It is one of those Goa attractions which are perfect for that hangover cure!

Take an afternoon off to fully enjoy the laid-back vibes of the countryside and get to immerse yourself in the true Goan culture. There couldn’t be a better place than this to count as hidden Goa attractions.

Goa has a lot up its sleeve, and the best way is to discover it yourself! Don’t limit yourself to these Goa attractions and take the initiative to get to know this gem of a place with a #getupgo attitude. Not a single walk in the Goan territory is unproductive, not even the ones where you get lost because getting lost is the best way of finding new places. Don’t make Goa wait and book your tickets now!

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