I am pretty sure the monk who sold his Ferrari must have visited Mcleodganj before he went back to his country to spread the wisdom that he received in the Himalayas.

Hey, pretty travelers!

It’s been a really long time since we shared a crazy story over a cup of coffee! I am really missing telling you guys about my travels. Anyway, I have good news to share with you all and I am super excited. Keep reading 🙂

Last week I was in Mcleodganj and I explored an awesome backpacker hostel which had recently opened in the town. (I have been to Mcleodganj before for my Vipassana course and I can say, it truly shifted the horizon of my life. Someday we will definitely talk about it, for sure).

Let’s get back to the trail. Being an ardent backpacker you get to explore many new hostels and couch surfing zones where you meet your brothers from another mother or people with exciting stories to share. This time when I was in Mcleodganj (which is a suburban town of Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh), I found one such hostel “The Hosteller”. I must say it was one of the best hostels in Mcleodganj.

I really don’t want myself to sound like a promotional buddy and instead, I wanna share my experience in the hostel. Or maybe I can list out the things that arrested my attention and made me a die-hard fan of this hostel. Get your coffee cups and settle in, for this is about to be some serious info sharing.

The backpacking aura.

Lucian Freud once said that the aura given out by someone or something is as much a part of them as their flesh.

That is something I hold to be very true and to my immense pleasure, every corner of the hostel was filled with an extraordinary aura of peace and serenity. It stimulated a sense of calmness within me. The contemporary theme of the hostel was tuning well with the shades of nature and the rustic yet classy interiors really pulled me in. The shadow of the mountains falling on the balconies and rays of sun falling on my skin made my entire stay there blissful.

The Dormitory

I have to admit, much like a lot of you guys- it is not easy for me to fall asleep in beds that are not my very own (even writing about it makes me miss my bed). But I must admit that this time it was different. Not only were the dorm beds extremely fluffy and the duvet was soft to touch, the people inhabiting the dorm made me so at ease that falling asleep was hardly a task. It was just like a sleepover with my best friends. Julian, Dan, and Harry you people were so much fun to have around. I will miss all out late night chats about traveling in India.

Unlike other hostels I’ve been, the most fascinating part of that The Hosteller Mcleodganj was the large and wide windows exhibiting the spectacular view of nature and the balconies which surrounded the entire hostel. I spent most of my nights sitting on the corner swing of the balcony gazing at the great expanse in the sky.


For a nerd like me who reads a lot, a place with books is nothing less than a pilgrimage. The Hosteller had this amazing library with a big swing in the middle of it. Trust me when I say, it can easily fit 3 people on it – may be even more. I am sure the photo already does justice to it.

Imagine reading your favorite novel as you sip on a tumbler of pahadi tea, the swing gently moving in the breeze and the bright sun fading into pinks and reds as the day comes to a close. I nearly fell asleep on that thing more than once, it is that soothing.

I finished most of ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ by Khaled Hosseini on that swing itself. What are you reading lately?


It has always been difficult for me to believe that a hostel and a good cafe can co-exist, but it is not the same anymore. The Hosteller had this preppy cafe with amazing decor and delicious food. The white sauce pasta is truly something you must try there.

Talking of the interior, the cafe was also flourished with large glass windows and I could witness the dramatic mountains and the clouds giving a peck on their forehead. The cafe even had a light sign saying #GETUPGO that looked majestic lit up during the night. Everyone loved taking selfies there.


It is my habit to save the most striking part of my experience for the end.

The backyard of the hostel was exceptionally beautiful. During the day, it looked like the perfect place to suntan while sipping on some herbal tea, surrounded by the verdant trees and mountains. At night, the views might disappear but it became the most happening place in the hostel.

The big bonfire pit in the backyard was THE spot at night. Everyone came back from their day excursions and gathered around it for some drinks, snacks, and stories. Have to say – playing Never-Have-I-Ever around the bonfire on my last day was truly the most hilarious experience.

Mcleodganj is definitely one of the most peaceful and quintessential towns of Himachal Pradesh as it offers you the best escape from the fuss and noise of the cities.

If you are visiting this place (which you definitely should at least once)  I personally recommend you stay at The Hosteller.  I really had an amazing stay in there and I desperately wanted to extend my stay there but alas I had tickets for Kasol. 

If you do happen to go there, don’t forget to leave me a comment telling me how you liked the place. Adios – till the next adventure.

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