How THE HOSTELLER Changed My Life

Note from The Hosteller: Hello guys. We recently received a very heartwarming letter from one of our travellers. She was a first-time solo female traveller and hostel goer. Her letter made us realize how much of an impact budget travel can create in the lives of enthusiastic travellers who are often not able to fulfil their travel dreams because of constraints like a budget. We know that the letter is a bit long but trust us, it filled our eyes with tears and gave us a whole new perspective on what it feels like to be a solo female traveller. To us, she is an inspiration in many ways and we think everyone can benefit from her story. Read on.

Dated: 18th November 2018.

Dear Team Hosteller,

I stayed at your Manali hostel last week and I chose to write to you this mail because of the experience I have had there. Staying with you guys has really changed my perspective on travel and I would like to share my story with you.

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4 things that would make you visit MANALI IN OCTOBER

The winter season is fast approaching and before the extreme cold sets in, now is the best time to take a vacation. If you are into serene woods, splendid natural views, yummy food and adventure – then Manali is the place for you. Known as Jawaharlal Nehru’s favourite vacation spot, Manali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. It not only sees a huge influx of local tourists but also travellers from across the globe. However, a frequent question in their minds is – what is the best time to visit Manali? Take it from an expert travel experience provider – its October. Read below to find out why to visit Manali this October.
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These Travellers Cycled All The Way From Germany to India

Meet Olga and Michel

Lovers do a lot of things together. When you are in a relationship with someone, you tend to want to do all sorts of activities together. Couples take vacations, cook together, go shopping together and sometimes even work at the same place. But for Michel and Olga, the story is very different. Their commitment towards each other and their passion for travel is unrivaled. This is the story of two enthusiastic and radical travelers who decided to change the way they wanted to see the world – and have one of the most brilliant journeys that we have ever come across. Read more “These Travellers Cycled All The Way From Germany to India”

Gokarna travel diary – “How it changed her life”

Travelling has always been my way of making sense of life”. The fact that I will be someplace far away from the rat race. Sitting in the corner, listening to the sound of the water crashing on the nearby rocks or the waves hitting the beach. The wind brushing through my hair and the smell of the soil. Anyway, right after moving to Bangalore we formed this enthusiastic group of people who decided to travel every two months. Our first trip together was in April 2016, Gokarna. It can be said that Gokarna is a tropical heaven. We stayed at this beautiful wooden shack facing the beach, lived on seafood and beer, swam in the water till the sun went down. So, this is my travel diary of gokarna and how it changed my life. A truly life changing experience.

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Music & Travel: Discover all at the “Rock capital of India”


The seven-sisters offer immense support to talented artists in the form of massive local enthusiasm and gorgeous landscapes; it’s no wonder these states are oozing with creative talent. If you love the travel and music combo then you should not miss out on North eastern India.

So, here I begin my bumpy story as I witnessed it.

I had successfully managed to not go to NH7 Weekender so I could save up for this musician I had freshly discovered- Eric Martin, who was going to perform in India in November. Eric Martin happens to be the vocalist of a well-known band called Mr. Big and has this unique raspy voice that had me hooked for good. After a huge confusion between Guwahati and Shillong, given that the musician was performing in both the cities on consecutive days, I decided that I’d go watch him in the former and then go around exploring Shillong.

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Why College Students Should Backpack

I choose not to start with the traditional way of explaining how beautiful a thing backpacking is.
So I will just shift to the purpose instead. But first, you need to know what college is apart from being an educational business land. It definitely is a long chapter among the contents of the catalog that society lays down for you calling it “your” life: primary to secondary to plus two to college and then to work. That is all. And once you step out of this miserable status quo, society freaks out to you.
But till you aren’t freaked out, this is the best thing you can do for yourself. So why?

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