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Caught you! You clicked on the link just because you want to travel. You wish to catch that train, dive into the beaches, getting tanned under the tropical sun, dancing your lives out in parties, meeting new best friends for life, getting lost in new places, going wild in adventures and smile back at the amazing experience you just had. And you have no idea how you can do it with the little money you have. 

No worries. I am here to help you on how to save money for a budget travel. It is not some UPSC or CAT exams to be scared off. It is just all about making some little changes to your life. The changes or new habits that are going to add some exciting days to your life. Here are a few tips on how to save for your travel and to have a budget travel in India.

A goal without a plan is just a wish 

Plan things first. In traveling, it works like this, “Planning makes a trip perfect”. By now you would have decided where do you want to go. Maybe to swim in the beaches, getting frozen under the snowfall or exploring the unknown.

You cannot start anywhere here. Not without having an idea of what you are going to do after getting down from the train.  Make a schedule or just a simple map on your daily itinerary. Include all the places on this map you want to visit. Also, do a rough calculation of how much you are going to spend on food and stay. This is a necessity for an all alone budget travel. Add some bucks for your shopping desires too. Now calculate how many days are left for your trip.

Time to dust your piggy bank

Knowing how much do you want for travel, it is time to work your plan. The most simple way is to drop money into your pretty piggy bank. If you are planning for a bigger travel, then I would recommend opening a bank account. Anyways, the formulas are the same for both.

Keep track of your expenses for a week. Now that you know what you have spent your bucks on, distinguish the “Needs and Wants”. Let’s assume the need is your lunch, the want may be your ice cream for dessert. I know it sounds cruel. But believe me, it is worth sacrificing for the extra drinks you will have on your trip. Make a budget to spend for a day, say 400 INR. The remaining money goes to your piggy. Try to also include the extra money you saved in a day from the budget. 

Be ready to burn some calories

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How wonderful would it be losing some pounds before you travel? Just imagine you looking slim on your portraits from the trip. Here is the secret on how to save for your healthy travel. Take a break from your gym. Instead, go for a walk or jog every morning engulfing some positive energy from the rising sun. Avoid taking that luxury drive in your car if your office is quite nearby. Start a bit early, and take that bus which will save you more than you think. 

Here comes the hardest part. Cut all your cravings for some time or at least to an extent. Say no to that costly cappuccino! Rather enjoy making some chai yourself. Again trust me skipping these yummy burgers is nowhere near to that luscious cuisine you will have in your trip. 

Make it a happy saving 

The real challenge is the weekend. The happy weekending is not all about the Saturday parties. The new releases in theatres and the events that pop up on your Facebook is not the only fun. The real fun can even be in your home. Throw a home party and invite your friends. Get things from a nearby supermarket. This will just cost one by third of what you eat and drink at parties. The best part is you get to play your favorite songs, watch your favorite movies and have some late-night conversations. Thus saving for your budget travel. 

Knock off step to quit your addiction

Are you that chain smoker hurting your lungs? Or the Netflix binge-watcher drooling away your time. This is your chance. The opportunity you will not deny to leave your addiction. Giving up smoking is not only about saving that 30 to 50 INR per day. It is also about saving your life. Enjoy watching that movie running on the television with your family. Burn those popcorns and tuck on the sofa. You finally get to have some family time too. This might seem a little money, but in the end, it will cost you booking your tickets. At the end of the month, you will be a new YOU. Let the journey you take be a fresh start. 

Try to make some extra money

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Do be waiting for the clock to strike five so you can rush out your office. Do some extra shifts if possible. So that you can add some extra bucks to your piggy. Try to work for others if they are on leave. By the month-end, you might get some bonus as well. 

If you don’t have a job do not worry. Time to turn your hobbies to business. You love painting, cooking, crafting, writing or vlogging. Anything at all, think of a way to make money out of it. Start selling your paintings to some gallery, try delivering homemade foods to office going people, start a page on Instagram for handmade gifts, or enroll yourself for an online job. This is not only about how to save for travel but something that gives you an identity. 

My style of saving 

This is a simple thing I do whenever I plan for a travel. I would treasure all the pennies I get during the month. It may be the change I get after a purchase or the coins I found miraculously in my cupboard. This might sound silly, but I have saved up to thousands by doing this. This is one way to save for the miscellaneous things you would spend on your travel. It may be even the cup of tea you drink on the train. 

Before I finish, I would like to add little things to keep in your mind for the budget travel,

  • Do not borrow money. Your memories would make you feel guilty if you have debts back home. 
  • It is always better to book hostels as it will save you money than you think. Also, get to know the services that will provide you inexpensive charges for adventures.
  • Stay motivated. Keep your wallpaper the place you want to go to. This might keep you right on track reminding you not to spend money on that milkshake. 
  • Monitor your expenditure. There are so many apps on the play store to help you keep track of your daily expenses. 
  • You can also sell that unwanted electronic on OLX or the old books piled up in your home. 
  • Save some comfort routine costs. Wash your car yourself, make Youtube your yoga tutor or cut the parlor appointment.

This is how to save for travel. Finally, it is all about the will for you to travel. Just keep in mind these are nothing compared to the incredible adventure you are about to take. I hope you started searching for the piggy bank your kid version had!

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