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Travel blogs have become increasingly important in the travel and hospitality community. Bloggers and photographers who have gathered followers in the multiple thousands are people who the community really rely on for travel guidance. The more picturesque and achievable a destination is, the more millennials seem to prefer it. With this trend comes the need to travel to a destination not simply because of the need for a getaway or the budget but also how great the photo memories will be. According to a recent study, the NUMBER 1 reason for millennials choosing a destination is its ‘Instagrammable quality’. More than 40% of people taking part in the survey choose this reason above others like budget, feasibility and culture.

You have got to be living under a rock to not know that Jaipur city is one of the most photographable locations in the entire country. Now that it is 2019, we prefer calling it ‘instagrammable’ instead. The #jaipur has managed to rack up more than 3.5 million photos and #jaipurcity has more than 120K photos tagged. Thanks to travel bloggers like Hayley Anderson, Jo and Vivi, Dave McClan and the iconic Murad Osmaan – Instagram has been flooded with thousands of images showcasing the brilliance and beauty of this city. And with good reason.

Here are the 5 most INSTAGRAMMABLE destinations in Jaipur. Perfect to hike up that follower count.



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This magnificent fort complex sees a plethora of tourists because of it being a UNESCO World Heritage Site but it is also massively popular amongst photographers who come to Jaipur city. Made of red, pink and yellow sandstone and adorned with intricate marble inlays – this fort is definitely the best place to take pictures at. Whether it be the long columned corridors of the Diwaan-i-khaas or the arched doorways of the Baradari pavillion – all your pictures are bound to look like a million bucks. When golden hour starts to approach, the entire fort seems awash in shades of pink and orange because of the sandstone. Keep your cameras ready for that!

Timings – All days 9.30 pm – 5 pm
Distance from The Hosteller – 11 km
Entry fee – Indians- INR 100
Foreigners – INR 500
Camera fee – applicable*

*different types of camera (phone/dslr) have different fee

Insta-tip: Try doing a ‘follow me’ shot in the Sheesh Mahal or Place of Mirrors. The glittering mirror inlayed room is bound to make your photo instagrammable af!

Patrika Gate


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This gate is one of the 9 entry gates of Jaipur and without a single doubt, the most breathtaking of them all. The giant gate is decorated entirely with rainbow-coloured motifs and paintings of the history and culture of Jaipur. At first glance – the entire structure seems pink but when you get closer you can see that the base pink is covered floor to wall is multi-coloured depictions of the life in Jaipur city. Hawa Mahal, Amer Fort, Jal Mahal, past rulers of Jaipur, the famous blue pottery of Jaipur and even traditional wedding ceremonies have found their way into these paintings. Given any time of the month or year, you will definitely see some Instagrammers or travel bloggers taking perspective shots in this beautiful structure.

Timings – All days 6 am – 9 pm
Distance from The Hosteller – 10 km
Entry fee – Free for All
Camera fee – Free for All

*Free musical light show Sundays at 7 pm

Insta-tip: Don’t go the mainstream way and pose inside the corridor. Choose to pose in front of the vivid pink gate, which will make for an equally delightful picture.

Galtaji Mandir


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Including a temple may seem like a lost cause on a list of instagrammable locations but trust us – Galtaji Temple is a treasure trove of photo ops. Build within a mountain pass in the Aravalli range – this entire temple is overrun by monkeys! Yes, you heard it right. These monkeys all live and breed in the complex itself. They have developed a good camaraderie with the humans that inhabit the places and reportedly even pose for photos sometimes. They are very fond of all the nuts and fruits that travellers usually offer. The backdrop of an intricately built temple, the several turquoise water kunds and hordes of these monkeys make Galtaji very Instagram friendly.

Timings – All days 9 am to 6 pm
Distance from The Hosteller – 10 km
Entry fee – Free for All
Camera fee – applicable*

*different types of camera (phone/dslr) have different fee

Insta-tip: Snap a quick picture of the adorable baby monkeys swimming with their mothers in the central kund.

Street Art Jaipur


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All forts and no modern aesthetic makes your Instagram feed a boring one. So when in Jaipur city, don’t forget to pose for the perfect staged candid in front of some of the most colourful and vibrant street murals. So sew on a few hippie patched to your ripped denim and find one of the metro station murals in Jaipur to use as a backdrop. Arun Kumar, Cartist, Poornima Sukumar and Akhlaq Ahmed are some of the artists who have left their mark on the walls of Jaipur. The bold, detailed and colourful backdrop of a mural will make your Instashot that much more instagrammable.

Timings – All days 
Places you can find – Ram Nagar Metro Station, Shyam Nagar Metro Station, Vivek Vihar Metro Station, New Ashok Market
Entry fee – N/A
Camera fee – Free for All

Insta-tip: The New Atish Market has the graffiti of a traditional Rajasthani woman painted in sharp black and blue tones. Wear something bright yellow to contrast against it and you have your perfect #jaipurdiaries entry.

The Hosteller Jaipur


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What is the point of roaming around all day to take Instagram worthy pictures only to come back to a drab looking hotel? Nah fam. That is not what we do in 2019. Choose to stay at The Hosteller Jaipur and take full advantage of the colourful and dainty Morrocan styled terrace cafe for all those #wokeuplikethis photographs. The locally sourced printed fabrics and quirky decor will surely be responsible for your gallery filling up with beautiful selfies. You can pose with a cup of tea or choose to point at the Nahargarh fort (which is totally visible from the terrace btw).

Timings – Check-in : 01:00 pm Check-out : 11:00 am
Distance from Jaipur City Centre– 1.5 km
Booking Price: Starts @INR 399/-
Camera fee – Free for All

Insta-tip: Ask our community manager Shiv to capture a candid photo of you enjoying the pink cushioned swing on the terrace.

Though Jaipur city is filled with Instagrammable locations galore – these ones listed will surely make for some unique photographs that other Instagrammers may not have in store. If you are an avid photographer or an up and coming travel blogger near Jaipur, then this city surely has some great photographic locations just waiting to be exploited. Click here to check out the best hostel to stay in Jaipur and save some bucks for that Amer fort elephant ride.

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