All About GRAHAN: Parvati Valley’s Little Secret

Hello Guys,

My name is Yati and I lead the community management team for The Hosteller. What is community management you ask? Well, it is quite self-explanatory. We manage the travel community here. What that means is that we are responsible for our travellers having the most fun and delightful travel experiences with us. We organize city walks, food walks, fort tours and accompany our travel groups on almost all of the treks that we send out. It is our job to make our guests feel at home and we end up being friends with them always. It might sound like all fun and games, but trust me we are entrusted with a lot of responsibility. Let me tell you all about Grahan and this fantastic mountain trip that we took 15 of our eager travellers on!

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Winters are finally here! Warm fuzzy sweaters, snuggly blankets, slow roasted meat over a bonfire and cups of delicious coffee are always a comforting thought. But why not break away from the slow momentum and do something out of the box this season? Why not take choose from some trips from Manali? Before the biting cold of December and January creeps in – NOW is the best time to take a few days off and relish treks in the snow-laden peaks and chilly pre-winter breezes of Himachal Pradesh. Imagine packing your bags and heading out to one of the most exciting and thrilling treks of your life, travelling across big forests and amidst tall peaks full of grandeur. What could be a better start to winter? Nothing we bet! Here are 5 special and unforgettable trips from Manali you can take this NOVEMBER!

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5 Treks that you MUST go for on a Long Weekend

Are you tired of the sluggish summer? The drone of the air conditioner boring you?

The monotony of your everyday routine dragging you down?Looking at your lonely rucksack making you nostalgic for past group trips? Your favorite travel bloggers Instagram posts making you green with envy? Have a camping or trekking vacation planned for a long time but failing to see it through? Saving up thousands for that perfect trip?

If any of the above points check out for you –THEN YOU ARE THE PERFECT CANDIDATE TO BE READING THIS BLOG!

The Hosteller is the solution to all your problems. A fast expanding chain of backpacker hostels; we are offering you the best highland trips for the easiest budgets. Not only are our trips personally and authentically curated for the maximum thrill, they are also made in such a way that they are super light on the pocket. So whether you are a struggling student, a job applicant looking for a break, a group of friends searching for the perfect getaway or a travel blogger wanting to experience the most – we have you covered. Keep reading to find out the best 5 places to be planning a trek to in the upcoming months.

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Visit this place to escape the summer heat

Summer has arrived and it could consume you if you don’t ACT now.  Yeah, literally! Before it really sets in and dries the blood running in you, plan to escape from it. Remember those cold winter nights when one used to feel like Manali or Shimla, right here in Delhi. Let’s rewind life a little bit and feel like it’s winter again. And, how? Plan a weekend to the hills and what better place to visit than the ever-bustling Parvati valley. Read more “Visit this place to escape the summer heat”

Why College Students Should Backpack

I choose not to start with the traditional way of explaining how beautiful a thing backpacking is.
So I will just shift to the purpose instead. But first, you need to know what college is apart from being an educational business land. It definitely is a long chapter among the contents of the catalog that society lays down for you calling it “your” life: primary to secondary to plus two to college and then to work. That is all. And once you step out of this miserable status quo, society freaks out to you.
But till you aren’t freaked out, this is the best thing you can do for yourself. So why?

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Forget pricey hotels, say hello to backpacker hostels

Almost everyone has seen the Kangana Ranaut starrer movie, “Queen” (if you haven’t, let us know the address of the rock you’re living under!) In the movie, a heart-broken Kangana traverses Europe and finds love in adventure, stories, wanderlust and most importantly – herself! While she is in Amsterdam, Kangana finds happiness in the unlikeliest of places – the hostel she’s living in. Yes, you read right – hostel! Backpacker hostels are a new trend in travel accommodation all around the world and hostels in india are catching up to this trend.

When you hear the word hostel, the first thing which comes to our mind is discipline, smelly loose, terrible mess food and maybe the Amitabh Bachchan ruled Gurukul from Mohabattein (SRK fans, amirite?). But the hostels in india and across the world are totally fun and interesting. Across the world, hostels are synonymous with unique hip n hop budget accommodation for backpackers and wanderlust-full souls much like yourself. Read more “Forget pricey hotels, say hello to backpacker hostels”