To understand what I am about to tell you, you need to do one thing. You need to believe in the ‘impossible’. Hi, my name is Rishabh and I am a shopaholic. I’ve got this super stamina in me that makes me go from market to market foraging the newest and trendiest items available. And you know what? It doesn’t necessarily have to be a buy for me. I just always like being updated with the latest shopping developments.

I went too far with this whole introductory thing, I guess. Well, today I am gonna share the good word about some outrageous markets in Delhi. These places will blow your mind.

So without wasting another second, let’s get into this. These are some of the coolest markets in Delhi and to visit here you just have to be good at three things-  Bargaining, Bargaining, and Bargaining. 

Meherchand  Market

A glimpse of Masaba Gupta’s designs

Wearing a label makes you feel more comfortable in your skin, isn’t it true? Well, if you are a brand conscious and got an eye for fine fabric, then Meherchand market should be your next stop.

Emerging as one of the most classy and exclusive markets in Delhi, Meherchand boasts some of the trendiest clothing houses with authentic fabric and colours. The market also has amazing cafes to lounge in. You can buy the traditional and iconic prints of Bollywood’s trending fashion darling Masaba Gupta from store Masaba’. You can even get yourself something from Anuradha Raman, whose each piece has excellent craftsmanship and a fusion of traditional and contemporary design.

Must Taste: Crispy phyllo pastry at the Mediterranean bakery, Kunafa.

Paharganj Market

Bunch of dream catchers in Paharganj Market

Are you bored with your skinny jeans and floral prints and want to dress like a vagabond? Then you gotta be in Paharganj Market. Known as one of the coolest markets in Delhi, Paharganj is always lively with the laughter of hippies, bohemian fashion, backpackers, and the locals who got a taste for antiques and multi-ethnic clothing.

From oxidized accessories, chunky pieces of jewellery, baggy and colourful tunics, comfy pants, silver antiques to fabrics – you can get anything you wish to feel the hipster vibes. The streets of this market are filled with colourful shops selling varieties of items and it never fails to cease your attention with its extraordinary charm.

Must Taste:  Falafel at backpacker’s favourite spot Sam’s cafe.

Sunder Nagar Market

Glittering lamps on sale at Sunder Nagar

If the timeless monuments of Delhi are considered to be the soul of this city and the rich culture to be it’s impulses, then I would say that it’s market circulates blood to the city’s vein. Sunder Nagar is one such market in the city.

Oblivious to the pattern of trends and flamboyancy, this market has managed to maintain the authentic street shopping feel. You will find many artifacts and antiques in the shops. If you are an antique aficionado this is the place where you can find artefacts that belong to kings and queens hundreds of years ago. The market also sells wooden carved furniture, quirky jewellery, ancient marbles, crystal lamps, stained glass decor and fine quality of handlooms.

Sunder Nagar also has some bespoke art galleries that house the work of famous Indian artists like Satish Gujral and Krishna Khanna.

Must Taste: Caramel tea from the 24 years old establishment, Asia Tea House.

Khari Baoli Market

Jewel-toned spice colours at Khari Baoli

Khari Baoli is Asia’s biggest spice market. It has a rather spicy history which dates back to the time of the Mughal Empire. This is not the only reason I am listing this market as one of the most outrageous market places in Delhi though. The streets of this market smell aromatic and fragrant, reminding one of a glorious past long gone.

When you will visit this market your olfactory system will become active but the bizarre scenario of the market will soothe your eyes. Do you remember that Sex In The City movie? Where the gorgeous protagonists visit the Spice Souk in Dubai?  Yeah, you got it, my pal. Do you recall the vibrancy, colour and hustle bustle of it? Visiting Khari Baoli is going to make you feel the same thrill in your veins.

Must Taste: The famous palak chole chawal from Gole Di Hatti.

Furniture Market, Amar Colony

Re-polished antique furniture at Amar Colony

If you are looking to revamp your home but your budget is considerably strict, then you should take the exact route that I did. In the hustle-bustle of bars, cafes and branded stores, the furniture market in Amar colony is like a hidden gem.

If you are expecting that this market possesses some big giant shops with modern types of furniture then you could not be thinking further from the truth. This market in Delhi is basically just a number of lanes filled with small shops and storerooms full of wonderful old and new furniture. You can find a piece of furniture that belongs to the colonial era or something from an old palace in Rajasthan. If you fancy vintage items then this place is going to be a site of wonder for you.

Must Taste: Spicy chicken tandoori momos at Hunger Strike in Amar colony market.

These markets are not just an exhibition of the goods and commodities that anyone can buy but these are the places which make this Dil Walon ki Dilli more alive and happening. They leave no stone unturned to charm you and keep you engaged for hours and hours. Markets have always been a door to learn the culture of a place and these markets of Delhi have always spoken in favour of the city. If you want to learn more about what makes Delhi Delhi, then I suggest you go forth and venture into these markets.

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