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Have you heard about the place Morjim before? If you have been to Goa, then definitely you must have. It is one of the quiet little town in Goa, with scenic beaches and dazzling attractions. Located in the northernmost part of Goa, it houses the beautiful Morjim beach and the alluring Russians settled there. 

To experience the Russian culture, you need not take that expensive flight to Russia, instead visit Goa to have a glimpse of the little Russia there. You can find more than thousands of Russians in Morjim, not only as tourists but also inhabitants owning their business in this town. 

Why it is Goa for the Russians? 

It is not because that somewhere Goa is connected to Russian history or has a Russian impression in its architecture. Morjim is called “Little Russia” just because Russians choose to visit Goa. 

You can find many Russians flooding in Morjim especially from November to February. It is because of the heavy snowfall in Russia, not just heavy, one that can cover half your legs. The people there just want to escape somewhere, get soaked under the sun and roll in the sand. What more place will it be than Goa? 

Also, it is the inexpensive travel an average Russian can plan. Yes, the plane tickets to Goa from Russia are dirt cheap and there are also direct flights making it an effortless journey. The Russians can also easily find and afford any type of rental according to their budget. 

No doubt, Goa is the perfect destination for vacation

Not only the sun-kissed beaches and tropical climate, but Goa is also known for its arousing parties and nightlife. Russians are generally attracted by the life here, as it is blended with both Indian and foreign cultures. They enjoy lying down under the warm sun in the mornings and dancing their lives out in the rave parties at the nights.

No one can deny the hospitality given by the local Goans to the tourists who visit Goa. As thousands of Russians hit Morjim every year, many restaurants offer Russian food and hotels with a little Russian touch. 

Make some Russian friends in Morjim beach

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Drop-in by the Morjim beach, to spend a lazy evening stretching your legs and allowing the waves gently touch your feet. Morjim beach is one of the tranquil beaches in Goa with breathtaking scenery and sea animals. Sit there relaxing, sipping your feni and watch the dolphins diving in and out. This beach is also famous for the rare olive ridley sea turtles where they are found in large numbers. If lucky you might also find seagulls, kingfishers, and other water birds. 

Also here is where you can see a lot of Russians strolling around. Most of the inhabitants being Russians in the surrounding area you can dine a tasty Russian cuisine in the restaurants there. Do not forget to shop the Russian souvenirs, as most of the shops here are for the use of Russians. No wonder Morjim is called “Little Russia”. 

Ride on the houseboat cruise

Goa is one of the popular places for its raving boat casinos and cruises in India. But Morjim offers you a pleasing houseboat ride like the ones you can find in Kerala. You can book a houseboat usually in the backwaters of the Chapora river. You can explore the farming done around the area and discover the lifestyle of the Goans.

You will also enjoy watching the dolphins jumping around your boat and if the houseboat stay offers you fishing options, then enjoy fishing for your delicious meal. Try to stay overnight not to miss the enthralling sunset as you pass a sixteenth-century old fort. Never miss this wonderful experience when you visit Goa. 

For the nature lovers

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Arjuna beach enveloped by mountain ranges in the Arabian sea is one of the popular beaches in Goa. The rare red laterite rock deposits and the white sand throws a baffling look for the photographers. You can find an amazing background for your portraits on the beach.

Not only that, when you visit Goa during December, then hit into the Christmas and New year party here. In the full moon day, partying in the moonlight, it is just paradise for the party lovers. 

How an adventure lover will miss this?

Are you a person craving for the adrenaline rush, then you must go on Kitesurfing when you visit Goa. It is one of the electrifying water sports you can find in Morjim. It is generally done on the surface of the water by surfing. Make sure you contact a skilled person or the service companies which offer this sport. 

What trip is it without food?

Food plays a vital role in exploring one’s culture. There are so many restaurants and cafes in Morjim offering you delicious Indian and Russian cuisine. To impress your taste buds with the Russian cuisines, pop into the Bora Bora Life, Fish Restaurant, Papa Jolly’s, Raddish bar and the Curve Inn to enjoy memorable dining. 

Never miss to delve into this little Russia when you visit Goa. This city is not only about partying and making fun, but also a fascinating place where you can find amazing people and make the best memories for life.

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