We have our fair share of offbeat places in India and the great mountains of the Himalayas are home to some unimaginable and secret places in its vastness. These secrets are so beautiful that they can even put the word beauty to shame.

Bir Billing is one such beautiful offbeat place in India. Located in the Kangra valley of Himachal Pradesh, this twin town rests adorably in the lap of Himalayas. The place has recently earned the reputation of being the Paragliding capital of India. This place has many things to offer to its visitors – be it thrilling adventures, tempting Tibetian cuisines or monasteries giving shape to peace.

Wanna know about the exciting and out of the box kinda things to do in Bir Billing? Well… keep on reading.


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Trekking to Rajgundha

Bir Billing may be a town of small diameter but the wonders within it are hard to cease. There are many isolated and remote villages in the town which are oblivious to the humdrum to the cities and Rajgundha is one such village.

Rajgundha is an unspoiled village surrounded by the Dhauldhar ranges and a thick forest of oak and pines. Trekking to this village starts from Barot which is 50 km away from Bir and situated on the bank of Uhl river.

There you can get to see a Hydroelectric Power Dam in the middle of the wilderness. From Barot, the trek will trace to Baragaon which is another untouched village in the yards of Himalaya and from there you can trek to Rajgundha.

Once you are in the village, your eyes will be graced with fabulous views.

Duration: 2 Days (Rajgundha Trek)
Cost: INR 2500 – 3000 (approx.)


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Hiking to Gunehar Falls


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Bir Billing is one of the most offbeat places in India and hiking in this region makes for a tremendous experience.

The way to Gunehar falls is rocky and it takes 1.5 to 2 hours to reach the waterfall. The waterfall is in Gunehar village which is nestled at a small height from Bir. Upon reaching there you can behold the stream of water flowing between the rocks and the lush greenery flourishing around it.

If you are hiking to Gunehar in the daytime, you will be able to see the rays of sunlight dancing through the streams of water while in the evening the scene is entirely different. The reflection of setting sun makes the water look like a magical affair.

You can take a walk amidst the heart-melting greenery and appreciate the beauty or you can watch the sunset from Gunehar fall while taking sips of Tibetan tea. I must admit that seeing the sunset with the spectacular view of the falls and the Dhauladhars was something else altogether.

Duration: 1.5 to 2 hr
Cost: N/A

Taking a Paragliding course

Travellers across the globe flock to Bir Billing to do paragliding and challenge their adrenaline rush. The place not only let you fly in the open sky like a bird but it also offers courses to learn paragliding.

The courses range from beginner, intermediate and advanced according to your skills. You can learn piloting skills and control your glide in the open sky all alone.

You will get to learn about things like aerodynamics, safety regulations while flying, weight shift controls and wind speed control. People usually take the basic course first which teaches about the smooth handling of wings and weight turns.

Duration:  7 days (Basic Course)
Cost: INR 25,000


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Discover the Nomadic Tribes


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People in the world have started living in the mansions and cottages but there are some communities left in the world who are still practising their nomadic culture. Gaddi tribe and the Bhangalia are one of them.

When you are in such offbeat places in India, you will get to see and celebrate the nomadic culture of shepherds who are dwelling in the Himalayas since time immemorial. The villages like Rajgundha, Badagran and Thathi have preserved the tribal culture of their ancestors. You can explore these villages and the tribes dwelling here while trekking from Bir.

These tribes are still dependent on their flocks for their livelihood and travel to pastures along with them. The nature of humans has changed drastically in the past few decades but the khanabadosh nature of these tribes are still the same.

Adventure sports are not the only thing to do in Bir Billing you know. You could learn a lot about the people an the culture of these mountainous tribes too.

Duration: 2 days
Cost: N/A

Taking a course at the Dharmalaya Institute

Who said you can’t learn a course while you are travelling? Well, you definitely can and you should.

Dharmalaya Institute of compassionate living in the Keori village of Himachal Pradesh is a learning institute which works on the theory of sustainable development and eco-tourism.

Stretched on six acres of land, the institute was established by an international team and in collaboration with the local community. The institute works with the intention of improving the world with traditional wisdom and creativity to make ways for the possibilities of sustainable development and compassionate living.

The institute allows volunteers, students and people across the world to come and learn the different programs it offers. It also provides internships to students who want to learn the eco-architecture method. The various courses it offers include meditation, yoga retreats, organic farming, arts, and architecture.

Duration: N/A
Cost: N/A


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I am sure you are more than excited to explore these places after reading about these offbeat things to do in Bir Billing. It is without any shadow of doubt one of the most beautiful secrets of the Himalayas which will allure you with its charm. The place not just satisfies your hunger for adventure but it will soothe your soul to the core with its colourful culture and well preserved nomadic tribes.

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