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Everyone knows that India is home to the craziest fairs that haven’t found their match yet. It’s all about Indian culture that makes us unanimously excited to celebrate every simple thing. This includes enormous enthusiasm connected to faith and belief.

If you look towards Indian history, you will find that Indians have been celebrating every simple way of living. Whether be it familiar creatures, surrounding nature or any life event them makes them life more alive. Such is a fair famous around the world, called “Pushkar camel fair” or “Pushkar mela”. Pushkar camel fair is one of the oldest and most popular Indian fairs that hasn’t lost its vintage charm even now.

It is an annually celebrated fair that take place in the holy town Pushkar, bordering the desert in Rajasthan. What makes Pushkar mela completely different than other fairs is how vividly it is celebrated. Pushkar camel fair is one of its kind festival. It places camels and other cattle at the core of celebration.

It also pulls out a peculiar way of celebrating simplicity related to their existence. What follows it is a grand meeting of culture with art that creates a different world within the world . Everyone cheers for the rare festivity here. It is the biggest camel festival in the entire world. Isn’t that crazy?


Once upon a time, Pushkar was a town close to desert outposts falling on the old silk-route and found it’s fame for trade and business through vast Thar desert. The original celebration is believed to be a way to attract businessmen and traders to do business of livestock of camels and other cattle like horses, goats, sheep.

The celebration of Pushkar mela takes place during full moon night of Hindu lunar month Kartika as Kartika Purnima is said to be magically fortunate for any work to accomplish according to Hindu mythology. This Hindu lunar month Kartika generally falls between October and November.

But with the passage of time, the intention behind a Pushkar mela bloomed differently as it got the attention of the entire world. Many new colors added to this fair every year as more and more local people started to get involved. As Pushkar town is an abode to world’s only temple of Lord Brahma, the spiritual importance of this place found its drift to this fair, and Hindu pilgrims across the country found a reason to visit it.

So eventually Pushkar camel fair is not just a trading fair of cattle now. It’s a multi-event grand celebration of its own the way outsiders showed their interest and stitched every aspect of fair with vibrant colors of marvelous culture.

The trademark of this fair is presence of variety of camel in myriad numbers. During this fair, most businessmen from countryside flock down to this small desert town for trading purpose. This is quintessential feature of Pushkar camel fair. But what happens next is something that makes the main reason to visit it. The camels are cleansed to find their bodily beauty after cleaning and shaving. 

The exotic decoration of the camels in Rajasthani traditional way is one of the most peculiar sights that drives every witness crazy. These extravagantly embellished camels are then paraded and entered into various competitions of their own. 

The most famous competition is “Camel race”, which is a very common scene in the fair. But that is not all. These camels are made to compete with each other in other rivalries like beauty, dance and other first-to-do activities. 

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Pushkar camel fair magnetizes the highest number of tourists all around the world. Every year around 200,000 tourists find their happy footprints in this desert town during Pushkar Mela. Thousands of Hindu pilgrims also set out on the journey towards this spiritual hamlet from their villages and small towns. Taking a dip into holy Pushkar town as a part of their personal catharsis makes them energized to hop into the madness of the fair afterwards.

For rural families, there is no other better joy than coming out of their usual daily life and enjoying the fair. They find themselves jamming around shops full of traditional handicrafts, puppets, bracelets, artistic fabric, Rajasthani clothes and Marwari footwear. Buying some souvenirs from fair and placing them onto any corner of their small house is their way of taking pride. 

Foreigners silently place their eyes to this simply happening moments of celebration of culture, art, food and surreal gathering of souls. Locals too find a reason to express their naïve smiles the way they see countless foreigners enjoying the fair. This is nothing but a sort of collective happiness!


Pushkar fair is a magnificent blend of culture, tradition, art, music, dance, food and talent. Apart from attracting tons of travelers, it’s also a fair of individual artists like musicians, dancers, riders, singers, athletes, acrobats, snake-charmers. 

Everyone settled at any corner of fair. They will take you to mystique aura of ancient times with their talents disguised in a cultural touch. Therefore, for a while, you will understand how being wondered and amazed feel like. That’s why to be in this fair is called “one-of-a-kind experience” to have.

The commencement of fair is generally enlivened by the calm evenings filled with local music. This is the most favorite part of foreign travelers since they could enjoy the most prominent fusion bands performing live on the stage. 

While musicians are busy spreading magic with folk music, many international travelers-cum-artists can’t resist and end up joining them on stage. Could any moment be better than this? The cool breeze of the desert mixed with musical waves enthrall all the happy hearts in the crowd.

What embodies Pushkar Mela is crazy competitions that take place at various corners of Pushkar.  Somewhere local men and women are set against each other, while somewhere Indians and foreigners take their exciting battle to ground with endless excitement. At one corner you see a snake-charmer letting snakes dance with the tune of their mouth-organ, while next to it you can find a game to try your luck. From roadside puppet acts, to recreating Lagaan at a big stage, Pushkar fair has everything to keep the huge crowd entertained.

This is the very same reasons, why there are tons of photographers wandering here and there to take some unusual shots. Moustache competition is the most popular among plenty of such competitions like bridal act, folk singing competitions, matka phod, slow cycle, magical chair, kabaddi, mythological drama etc.


While in Pushkar fair, one has to remember that he is in Rajasthan and very close to Thar desert. How can someone keep their adventurous drive silent during this time? It’s almost impossible to hold such desires. That’s why you have a lot of options to treat your thrilling compulsions in Pushkar mela. What about a Hot-Air Balloon ride over the colourfully crowded Pushkar town during fair?

This must be igniting your adrenaline rush, but wait. What about a Quad Bike Ride through the absence of Thar desert? Is there anything better you could ask for? Absolutely NOT! These are the adventures you can have in India during this fair only.

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To-do-adventure list during Pushkar camel fair is very long. Camel safari and horse safaris are one of the must-to-have experiences during the fair. But you can also go for a Jeep safari and then stay in the middle of the desert in camps. There are so many luxurious tent sites offering you a royal experience in the core of desert too.

The desert is something that will make you suprised with it’s beauty and also little afraid with it’s vastness. Here is where you can witness the most unadulterated sparkling charm of stars.

As markets are full of local food that could fill you up with the utter satisfaction of unworldly munchies. Every silent corner is turned into an art gallery, every human is transformed into the excited soul, every small experience seems to be a roller-coaster ride and every heart wants to be in the mid of this experience again and again.

This is just a glimpse of Pushkar Mela. What actually happens in Pushkar camel fair couldn’t be described in mere words. Pushkar is already famous for its spiritual charm and serene environment due to its quaint location around Aravalli mountains. But during the fair, it wears the dazzling attire of its real vibrant identity.

Pushkar mela is round the corner, and people have already planned to be a part of this grand celebration. You have to plan a trip there during the Pushkar Camel fair. Just leave every thought aside, and give your eager heart a chance to live.

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