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Now last time I wrote about what you can do when you visit Himachal during the rains. But as I was lying awake in bed, scrolling through the #travelgoals posts on Instagram – I came to a massive realization. What if someone wants to visit Rajasthan in rains?

And since The Hosteller is located in some choice destinations in Rajasthan, I thought it is only fitting to do a ‘Part II’ for this historic state. Now if you are thinking of whipping out that car & dragging some of your BFFs for a rainy getaway in Rajasthan – this list is going to tell you the best things you can do. Keep reading 🙂

Make a road trip mood

Road Trip

A road trip is said to be therapeutic

Now, I am not the first to tell you and I won’t be the last – but honestly, the actual road trip during Rajasthan rains is one of the best parts of the whole trip. The drizzly weather, the dark clouds in the distance, the pitter patter of rain on the windshield and the occassional tea breaks; all this combined makes it one of the best experiences to be had. Honestly, even if you don’t have friends to bring along, this road trip will still feel amazing. Just you on the open road being at one with nature. Wow, just writing this makes it sounds like a movie scence.

Visit the wildlife

Jeep Safari

An early morning jeep safari

On the way to Jaipur is the amazing Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary. Now if you start early enough, you can manage to reach Sariska just as the first safari is staring. Every safari is about an hour or so long so once you are done, you can head to the city. Just as rains in Jaipur refresh the city, the sanctuary also blossoms because of the rain. It looks green, lush and the earthy smell of soil is just to die for. The Sariska Sanctuary is home to tigers, chital, spotted deer, crocodiles, nilgai, sambhar and many species of rare birds. Take loads of photos we say!

Hike up the hill

Savitri Temple

View from the Savitri Temple (Image by Jackson Groves )

If you happen to find yourself in Pushkar city, then this rainy day hike is something you must take advantage of. Up on the peak of the Ratnagiri hill lies the temple of Savitri Devi. She is Lord Brahma’s wife and local lore suggests that the 200-step hike to the temple gives you cookie points with the gods. Now that is cool. But even if you are not in it for the temple, you can be in it for the views. From there you can get a 360 view of the entire Pushkar city like the photo suggests. The breezy monsoon season would make this hike hella pleasant as well.

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Feel a tastebud explosion


Chai x pakode = greatest collab ever

Everyone and their parents know that chai aur pakode are an irrestible combination during the rains. Everyone loves to stare at the downpour with a a mug of tea (or coffee – to each his own) in hand while munching on some spicy fritters. There is no reason you cannot recreate this during rains in Jaipur. In fact the street food of Jaipur has a lot more options you can sample for that perfect monsoon snack. Armed with a creamy cup of Sahu tea, go on a hunt to find the crunchies kachoris, the spiciest mirchi ke pakode, the cosiest plate of aloo-poori and the juiciest fruit chaat in the market.

Scope out the street artists

Street Art

Street artist performing near the Pushkar Lake

The pious city of Pushkar is not only famous for it’s temples. One of the most rich and flavorful things about it is the amazing melting pot of culture it displays. One of the most fascinating and enjoyable things to do during the monsoon in Pushkar is to take some time out in the early evening and chill near the Pushkar lake.

You can see street artists and performance artists from around the world showing their skills on the ghats. There are people juggling, hula hooping, performing with firesticks or even having dance battles. You can vibe and meet with all these artists all while enjoying the calm view of the splendid lake.

Tick off a lakeside picnic

Chandlai Lake

Flamingoes bathing at Chandlai Lake

Located only 30 km away from Jaipur, this lake is a must go if you visit Rajasthan. Famous for its blue waters and tons of migratory bird sightings – this is the perfect spot for a lakeside picnic during the rains in Jaipur. You may even be able to play with a couple of adorable looking flamingoes who throng the lake in the hundreds during this time. Make a DIY picnic basket and head out to the lake. Trust me, it will be worthwhile and you will have also explored one of the most underrated places in Jaipur.

Stake out the fair grounds

Pushkar Camel Fair

A camel decorated for the Pushkar fair

Did you know? The Pushkar camel fair starts on the 4th of November this year. I know a lot of you have plans to watch this amazing festival and have reserved your Pushkar city visits till then. But hear me out, what about an early stake out? The festival time during Pushkar is really hectic and god forbird you get lost in the crowd, or worse yet – drop your phone! That is why a good idea is to have a weekend monsoon getaway in Pushkar and see what you shall be getting yourself into. You can ask the locals about where and how the camel fair will unfold. Early bird catches the worm you know.

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Relax with a romantic walk

Statue Circle Jaipur

View of the Statue Circle at night

You know what would feel amazing during an evening when there are rains in Jaipur? A long lazy walk in the Statue Circle. Located in the city center, the Statue Circle has a huge statue of the Maharaja Jai Singh II in white marble. The place is decorated with brilliant lights and surreal water fountains that light up. If you have time to spare on a chilly monsoon evening, then a walk here would not only uplift your mood and energize you – it would also be incredibly romantic if you are with a loved one.

Do some sunset photography

Jal Mahal

The sun setting behind Jal Mahal

A gorgeous sunset photo on your Instagram feed has done anyone no harm. All selfies and no sunset make your Insta a boring one. Visit Rajasthan for the rich culture but also for some of the most splendid sunsets. You can enjoy it from the top of Nahargarh Fort, from the darbars of Amer Fort, from the banks of Jal Mahal, from the top of Rantagiri or simply from beside the glittering lake in Pushkar city. Make sure to keep your phones ready for the ultimate red-orange-pink sunset. Or better yet – make a sunset timelapse during the rains in Jaipur.

Snack on the sweet treats


Mithi lassi at Halwai ki Gali

If you are anything like me and have a sweet tooth, then you love exploring the sweetmeats of every destination you go to. Well, the good thing about Pushkar city is that there is and entire market dedicated to it. It is fondly called Halwai Ki Gali – it literally translates to confectioner’s lane. This lane is basically like sweet paradise. While the rain pitter patters outside, you can spend your time visiting Rajasthan gorging on warm gulab jamuns, crunchy and syrupy jalebis and mushy gajar ka halwa.

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Happy travels!

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