Everyone knows Sony is a gamechanger in the market of photography, videography and some of the biggest names in the business love using their equipment. Which leads us to believe that they definitely have a good eye when it comes to figuring out what looks good and what doesn’t.

Here are the wonderful Sony World Photography Award (Travel) winners of the year 2020. Feast your eyes.


Adrian Guerin, Australia


Trung Pham Huy, Viet Nam

Tran Tuan, Viet Nam

Manfred Voss, Germany

Jonathan Rogers, United Kingdom

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Hu Qing, China Mainland

Chen Jun, China Mainland

Milosz Wilczynski, Poland

James Rushforth, United Kingdom

Kaitlyn Kamperschroer, United States

Kendall Greene, United States

José María Pérez, Argentina

Michael Paramonti, Germany

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