The weather in Delhi has become quite grey and rainy these past few days. Rain is showing us it’s beautiful face and what better way to enjoy these rains than to head out to the streets for some crunchy, munchy, sweet and savoury Delhi food delights?

Street food of Delhi not just fills your stomach but also touches your heart with its exotic spices, heartmelting sweetness and rich taste. Made from generations old recipes perfected over time and hand made with love and care – these foods are the perfect way to fulfill a boring Sunday.

When it comes to street foods Delhi stands out not only because of the large amount of variety in the choices but also because there are foodgasmic gems here that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. So, why to waste your weekend getting wasted when you can enjoy some toothsome delicacies and instill some flavor in it.

Sunday cafe-hopping anyone?

If you are wondering how and where you can treat yourself with those tempting cuisines? You need not to anymore! You can join the food walk by The Hosteller which will take you through those narrow lanes of Delhi and sampling some food you might not even have heard of.

This food walk will take you to fascinating streets of Old Delhi and will introduce your taste buds to some of the most scrumptious dishes which has history steeped almost 100 years ago. Tempting right? Well, now I am going to take you this virtual food walk telling you the places and dishes you will get to try on this food walk. So, free up this Sunday and come join us.

Natraj Dahi Bhalla and Tikki

Delicious dahi Bhalla. Image courtesy: Archana

Old Delhi lanes have stood the test of time to remain as traditional and cultural as it was a decade ago. The streets of old Delhi  houses some of the best steet foods in Delhi which are irresistible to say the least. Natraj Dahi Bhalla and Tikki is one such example.

The shop which started in 1940’s sells the best Tikki’s and Chaat in the town and it is the best for a reason. The aloo tikki is served with different kind of chutneys (red sweet and green spicy) and dipped in a thick layer of curd. The spicy masala sprinkled over it makes the tikki even more flavorful. The shop has recognized to be one of the most visited food shops in Delhi and the awards it has received speaks quite in a favor of this statement.

Paranthe Wali Gali

Travellers diggin’ into some yummy paranthas

Paranthe wali gali is not just any other street in Old Delhi. It is one of the most celebrated places in Delhi itself. You probably have heard of this place in movies like Chandni Chowk to China, Delhi 6, and No One Can Kill Jessica. This huge lane feature just a handful of shops or to be accurate just three shops serving more than 30 varities of parathas. Fascinating isn’t it?

These shops can freely boast their tempting taste and culinary heritage. From politicians to bollywood biggies – this place has left everyone ooh-ing and aah-ing over its delectable tastes. Paranthas are usually served with a lot of complimentary dishes like banana chutney, mango pickled, brine pickled onions, potato-pea curry etc.

Strange as it may sound, the banana parantha is a smash hit and a must try!

History of Haldiram

The very famous Raj Kachori of Haldirams

After savoring some crunchy paranthas, now it is time to move on to more crunchy things. But with a twist. Keeping the theme of this walk in mind, the next stop is Haldirams in Chandni Chowk, which is first of its franchise.

Haldiram, which has now expanded its venture in many parts of India has its humble roots in Delhi. The story of Haldiram is so fascinating that I cannot take the liberty to spoil it here. For that, you must be on the walk and bet your tour guide explain it in detail.

Some of the things they are known for are their array of chaats. Raaj Kachori being the crowdpleaser.

Al- Jawahar

A very famous chicken dish from Al Jawahar

One thing about our food walk is true. You might get tired of eating but the list of street food in Delhi is almost neverneding. Next up is some non-veg delights. Located in the vicinity of Jama Masjid, Al-Jawahar is one of the best places to eat meat in Delhi. Some of the delicacies served here are paya soup (their in-house speciality) made of chicken broth and heavenly spices, mutton biryani, creamy chicken korma, spicy mutton nihari and a variety of Indian breads.

This place was frequented by our first prime minister Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru and once you taste the food here, you will easily understand why. Be sure to make the most of your stop here.

A walk down the history lane

Jama Masjid- A timeless monument

After treating yourself with such heavy food you’d probably like to allow those stomach acids to break down the food a little bit and create some space for what’s next. I believe taking a walk will certainly help you. That is why we include a visit to the splendid structure of Jama Masjid. This beautiful monument has witnessed innumerable decades and seasons and yet stands as a glorious sign of past.

The corridors of Jama Masjid offers a spectacular view of the another masterpiece ‘Red Fort’ and the lively view of Chandni Chowk itself. Spend some time watching the people offering their prayers to the Lord, pigeons picking grains from the marbled floor of the structure and click some memorable selfies.

Old Jalebi Wala & Chaina Ram Halwa

Rich and thick jalebis

It is a part of our culture and tradition to offer something sweet to eat to our guests after the main course. How can we forget that? After taking a walk through Jama Masjids, the food walk will trace towards the climax taking you 2 more famous shops ‘Old Jalebi Wala’ and ‘Chaina Ram Halwa’.

The shop has been there for more than a century and like the saying goes old is gold, this place is indeed a very significant place in Chandni chowk. The hot, juicy and sweet, king-size Jalebi’s dipped in the desi khandsari sugar syrup will seduce your taste bud and you will find yourself licking your fingers.

Delicious halwa from Chaina Ram sweets

And if you aren’t one for things too sweet, you can head to Chaina Ram Halwa. Started in 1901, this sweet shop is famous for it’s Karachi halwa and Gajar halwa. Prepared with pure desi-ghee and not too sweet, this is perfect for that late afternoon delight.

The Last Beverage Boost

a cup of tea will soothe your tiredness

By now your stomachs will probably feel like they are bursting and you might say to yourself, “Not a morsel more man”. But in true Indian street food fashion, the show must go on. Not for too long though. Just a farewell taste of the streets.

Wrapping up the food walk will be some delicious and aromatic cups of tea. These street tea shops are plenty around but our tour guide will take you to one in particular. Is that his favorite or just the best one there? Honestly even I don’t know. Blended with cardamom and some with ginger, this tea is nothing short of refreshing on a cloudy day.

And for those who live on the edge and don’t enjoy tea (I mean whaaaat?) we also have an option. Cold, creamy, frothy, buttery, Old Delhi special Lassi. Take your pick.

Don’t forget to try Chandni Chowk’s special lassi

Our food walk is one of the most amazing and fun things to do in Delhi during weekends. It will not only satisfy your foodmones but it will also make you familiar with the culture and tradition of the city. So this weekend let’s explore the city through its food and treat ourselves with some mouthwatering street foods in Delhi.

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