Located right before the bustling Tibetan market, The Hosteller Bir is our newest addition to the enterprise. As you enter the property smothered with warm hugs and wet kisses (you’ll know why), you’ll be in awe of its one-of-a-kind architecture.  Boasting of a bright yellow splash to the otherwise mundane street, the hostel in Bir certainly draws you to it immediately.

To celebrate this wonderful time, we hosted a launch event there on the 1st of June. It was coordinated in collaboration with DiscovrIt, an organisation that brings together people from different walks of life and creates trips that mean much more than just a vacation. Following the party, they curated an exclusive paragliding getaway for the travellers. DiscovrIt most definitely provides you with the best of the best, and we’re sure you’ll leave for home with unforgettable memories!

The Hosteller Bir

night view of The Hosteller, Bir

Mother Nature in Bir is quite unpredictable and her heavy downpour did delay us for an hour or two. But she finally gave in. At 9 pm, the party started with a bang! Around the huge bonfire pit gathered a group of people to celebrate new beginnings, instilling a sense of belonging and togetherness. In sync with The Hosteller’s motto, the travel fam bonded over good food and the warmth of a blazing fire. 

With mountains framing the backdrop and a roaring bonfire alongside, the evening was graced by three performances by some extremely talented artists. 

View of Property

a sunny afternoon in Bir

UTverse, played his euphonious debut album that was recently released on the 21st of June. Adding an indie touch to the evening, he dazzled the stage with his flawless fingerpicking and soulful voice. Cradled in the lap of the Himalayas and listening to his groovy song certainly felt like an otherworldly experience.


UTVerse, playing his soulful music.

Satwik and Suraj, made us fall in love with them at first beat. With a jazzy undertone, they captivated us with the kind of music that makes you think deeper and look into intricacies of life. Their debut EP, Dispose is out now on YouTube and Spotify! Go check them out.

Launch Party

our guests enjoying the night

WeFirantee, an Indian music band left us swaying to the tune of their original song, Maula. A fusion of the Indian and Indie rock genre, it was a delight to watch them perform. They proved to us that it only takes a passionate voice, a few guitars and djembe to make music that will forever remain etched in people’s hearts.

Avinash and Mayank, our partners in Bir, inspired us with a story about their journey as young entrepreneurs which created quite the uproar amongst the crowd. Facts about overcoming struggles in business as young leaders and a few tidbits of embarrassing moments made it a worthy listen!

As stars glistened in the beautiful night sky, we all went back to our rooms content and happy. This hot pot of amazing music, great weather, the giant mountains in the backdrop and a happy bunch of (slightly tipsy) people made this experience totally worthwhile.

Book your stay at The Hosteller Bir and experience this all for yourself. Happy travels!

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