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Imagine, you are giving a summary of your information about Delhi trip and completes it without mentioning Connaught Place (CP)! Wouldn’t it be a little awkward at the end? Yes, definitely! Connaught Place is the most happening financial cum commercial hub of Delhi. With Georgian style architecture, this horseshoe-shaped market was built by Britishers to make it the most attractive market of India.

Morning Views of Connaught Place

Over the years, it gained popularity in the most dramatic way and became one of the most expensive office locations in the world. Today, being one of the top heritage destinations, CP is a place of pride in New Delhi. One couldn’t give you information about Delhi without taking the name of CP Delhi and things to do in Connaught Place.

An Ideal Sunset in CP, Delhi!

It’s all about the way this market is shaped that magnetizes million people every day after making it the most remarkable place. During the time of its opening, it was filled with the most vibrant colours brought by merchants, artists and businessmen to widen their extraordinary appearance. That’s the reason CP Delhi is full of oldest and swankiest shops, restaurants and other destinations and information about Delhi.

CP is that destination where you can give a perfect ending to any kind of your desires.  From witnessing the old men smiling endlessly over coffee with their friends to young guys finding a perfect place to sit, talk and express their love, CP has been emerged out as the most loved destination to be in. People come here when they are stressed, people flock down here when they want to party in happy time, people walk towards CP if they want to be in front of God, people run excitedly towards CP if they want to do shopping.

People spending their ideal day at Central Park, CP, Delhi!

From a roadside chai to expensive drinks of authentic brands, CP nurtures all kinds of hearts in its own way.

We, The Hosteller, always ready to fuel your wanderlust wings, are excited to give you in-depth glimpse for newcomers for what to do in CP. Let’s explore the colours of CP with our list of things to do in Connaught Place.

Having a Chai of Chachaji

As soon as you enter CP, just ask anyone where to find Chachaji! The answerer will take a moment to smile and then he will guide you for sure as everyone knows this Chachaji. Always donning clean and neat white kurta-pyjama with vertical white skull-cap, Chachaji finds himself on a small plinth around Hanuman temple throughout the entire day.

A lot of youngsters keep visiting this destination. It’s surprising that the whole area around where he sits is always full of people having a magical sip of tea with an unmatchable smile of their own. Just go there with excitement, take a cup of tea and find yourself somewhere around silently. Sometimes this pause is all what you need to start your day!

Shopping with open arms. 

CP and Palika Bazaar couldn’t be mentioned differently as both come with the presence of each other. If you want to buy branded things, CP has all of it what you can think of it. From Bata, Pantaloons, Liberty, Raymond to Adidas, Reebok, Puma, there is no dearth of any brand you want to hop in. Don’t forget to visit the oldest toy shop of CP, called Ramchandra and sons.

CP is the first choice for every Delhiites if they want to go for shopping. CP is home to the oldest shops of the country offering a wide range of variety in all things present out there. One should start from Palika Bazaar, one of the largest underground markets of Delhi, where you can buy clothes and electronics in a very cheap price.

A walk to religious destinations!

Sometimes we want to bring peace within from spiritual sojourns while journeying. CP has some prominent destinations where one can offer his precious prayers sitting out in silence. Gurudwara Bangla Sahib is the most preferred destination for an alone time for those who seek calmness and peace. Hugging the serenity of the place is as exciting as having a stroll around the marvellous golden-dope shaped building.

Source: Flickr

There is one another destination to experience religious zeal at Hanuman temple in CP. It’s one of the oldest temples finds its invention story in great Indian mythological stories. Go there and find an unknown rhythm with people chanting and revering.

Experience “Vintage Cinema”

We all are habituated to watch movies in modern theatres with luxurious facilities. But have you ever thought to watch movies like the way royal kings used to watch during old time? CP was the destination where Indian cinema boomed before the advent of Bollywood and Hollywood even. During that time, Urdu plays and silent films were played in the shows. CP isn’t that much cinematic now as it was before but still, there are some destinations called Rivoli Cinema and Odeon. Walk into the opulent vintage cinema and experience something extraordinary like never before!

Odean and Rivoli Cinemas are among the vintage cinemas in CP!!


A visit to historical monuments

How can one forget this must-to-have experience when they are researching for information about Delhi- especially in Connaught Place! If you want to delve yourself into the architectural marvels, CP has some of the best ones. Jantar-Mantar is one of them, which is called one of the most exemplary Indian historical and scientific landmarks. How surprising to know that this Jantar-Mantar was built with such astronomical tools to keep track of calendar by accurate time and date.

Source: Flickr

Agrasen Ki Baoli is another remarkable historical landmark located around CP. This stepwell is now preserved and protected by the Archeological Survey of India. It was built with the purpose to provide water to citizens and as a cool storage place of water for restless travellers.

Having a food walk. 

This should be the most exciting thing to do when you are in CP and all the information about Delhi is incomplete without this. There is one destination in CP everyone drools over due to their unmatchable savour served in simple style. Jain Chawal vale has to be your first food-encounter in CP, which is so popular for its Desi flavoursome food. One shouldn’t miss Aloo parantha, Kadhi chawal, Rajma chawal and Chhole bhature from Jain Chawal wale. Indulge yourself in the richest treat to your taste buds in the most desi style.

Source: LBB

Chili’s is next-to-visit place for your food-list. It’s American food joint outlet offering a variety of continental food. Enjoy the appetisers here too!

Source: LBB

There is also Madras cafe for traditional Indian food, especially South Indian. How can I forget to mention the heart of CP when talking about all the information about Delhi! For having a flavour of desserts, don’t forget to visit the paradise- “Wenger’s” for its delicious cakes and pastries.


Source: LBB

What about a party in CP? Don’t worry, CP has some of the coolest bars and pubs too if you want to spend some chilling time with your friends. Ardor 2.1 is a place to party which has a lively rooftop bar with a restaurant serving Indian and International bites. Nothing could match the ambience of this place, and that is what makes it the most happening place for party. This place also offers the biggest United India special Thali consisting native food of every state. For the similar zest of party, you can visit MyBar in CP. You will surely feel proud to have such a happy time!

Witnessing the contemporary art

There is always a part of the artist within each of us that strives to find its way. CP has some of the similar sojourns to let you fire your sort of artist. Dhoomimal Art Centre” is paradise for art admirers and art lovers. It’s India’s oldest gallery showcasing contemporary art in the most wonderfully aesthetic way. Along with the insightful presentation of Indian culture, the musical nights here are also like jewellery on beautiful body. 

There is also one handicraft museum underground in front of Indian Coffee House that is worth visiting. With exemplary interior and ambience, it takes us back to old time with the artistic ways.

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