Splendid and full of natural beauty, Jibhi Valley is a one of a kind experience that will stay with you beyond the vicinity of your vacation. We hope you’ve read our other two articles about The Best Jibhi Travel Guide and 10+ Places To Visit In Jibhi. Well, this one brings to you the best things to do in Jibhi and around. Some peaceful and chill, some adrenaline-filled and adventurous.

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Things To Do In Jibhi - a girl wearing a yellow jacket standing on a small wooden bridge

A morning walk to the Jibhi waterfalls is unbeatable (source – @minalpanta)

One of the best things to do in Jibhi is short walks. There are ample forest trails that lead from the main road to many smaller picturesque locations in and around the town. There are some that lead to waterfalls as the Jibhi falls, some that lead to crystal clear pools like in Mini Thailand, some that lead to big green grasslands perfect for picnicking and relaxing amidst nature. And even if there is no specific destination, these trails are perfect for a nurturing and healing walk amidst the bountifulness of Mother Nature. Just pack some water, a few snacks and start uncovering these never-seen-before jungle pathways.


Things To Do In Jibhi - a view of the Chhoie waterfall from afar

Waterfalls are one of nature’s best gifts (source -@_mahender_thakur)

The areas around Jibhi have plenty of trekking opportunities. There are some shorter treks to the Chhoie waterfalls, Chehni Kothi fort, Balu Nag temple etc. and some are longer multi-day treks that lead to some very magnificent high altitude meadows and lakes. The Serolsar Lake trek from Jalori Pass is quite famous. On the other side falls the Raghupur Fort trek, which you can visit and come back in a day. If you are looking for things to do in Jibhi, then there are more than enough treks in the area for you to choose from.

If you are someone who is looking for a bit more adventure and some actual trekking experience, then you can opt for the Lambhri Top trek that takes you to some gorgeous crystal caves located high in the Himalayas. The Great Himalayan National Park vicinity also has some thrilling expeditions like treks that last from 3-10 days and will most definitely awaken the explorer in you. Some of the famous ones are the Sainj Valley – Tirthan trek, Homkhani forest trek, Gushaini to Rakhundi trek, the gorgeous Raktisar trek and Shilt Hut trek. You would need a permit to enter the GNHP and can enquire more about them in the Forest Dept. office. 


Things To Do In Jibhi - a girl trekking up a mountain with a backpack

Jibhi has some great spots to hike, trek and camp (source -@claradonghi)

Camping and trekking mostly go hand in hand. If you undertake any of the treks mentioned above, you will definitely be camping in one or more locations while on your journey. The Serolsar Lake trek can also include camping but it depends solely upon the season and local vendors. It is not possible to camp directly near the lake but there are several grassy meadows in the vicinity to choose from.

Apart from this, self camping is also very popular in Jibhi. If you have your own camping equipment, there are numerous envy-inducing locations in the villages of Gushaini, Bahu, Sarchi etc. where you can pitch your own tent and enjoy the lit-up sky in the night. There are some extremely picturesque spots like Rola and Rangthal inside the GNHP which are superb for camping, but again you would require a permit to do so.

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Things To Do In Jibhi - a man fishing for trout in a river

Angling is one of Tirthan’s most popular activities

Jibhi and Tirthan Valley are probably most famous for the elusive rainbow trout. It is endemic to this region and is pretty rare to be found anywhere else. However, the waters of the Tirthan river are also full of common and brown trout. There are several nice locations to sit and fish from in Jibhi and the villages nearby.

Angling is one of the very first things that come to mind when you think of things to do in Jibhi. It requires a permit for fly-fishing which is quite cheap and can be easily acquired from the local authorities. The tourism board favours Tirthan for fishing and has curated the area to be popular for so. Fishing equipment is also available with them. If you are staying with The Hosteller in Jibhi, we can help you out with this as well. 

Fishing might sound easy but for first-timers, catching a rainbow trout might not be a cakewalk. Try it out for yourself.


Things To Do In Jibhi - a bird peaking its head through flower blossoms

Many rare birds can be spotted in Jibhi valley

Jibhi is a paradise for budding ornithologists. If you are someone with an interest in documenting and learning about the birds of India (or Himachal) then Jibhi will prove to be the best testing grounds. Due to the glorious mix of dense forests, alpine meadows and water bodies – Jibhi and the areas around it see 20-35 species of rare and beautiful birds. In fact, the GNHP is home to more than 180 different species of uncommon and endangered birds. Many of these are migratory birds and can only be seen seasonally so make sure to do some research before you set out. And keep that zoom lens handy.


Things To Do In Jibhi - a girl wearing a red helmet rapelling down a waterfall

Jibhi is equally exciting for adventure loves (source: Vrangers)

Adventure lovers don’t despair. Jibhi has a lot to offer for you guys too. If you have a lust for adrenaline and you are looking for things to do in Jibhi, then waterfall rappelling in Jibhi is perfect for you. There are many local vendors that operate these services and they are not too costly on the pocket as well. Experience the thrill of rappelling down a 50-60 foot waterfall as the water splashes all over you and your BFFs cheer you on. Definitely a recipe for a good time. The vendors pride themselves on their safety measures and the harness & equipment is all provided by them so you do not have to worry.

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Things To Do In Jibhi - photo of a girl rock climbing taken from above

Rock climbing is equal parts fulfilling and tiring

Rock climbing in Jibhi is a seasonal activity and is also operated by local vendors, many of whom are the same for rappelling. There are quite a  few scenic rock formations around the hamlet of Jibhi which make for excellent locations for a tiring yet fulfilling rock climbing session. We know this one is a bit of an acquired taste but these local vendors encourage first-timers to join as well because they have a small briefing & training session before starting the actual activity. A good way to test out those physical strengths.


Things To Do In Jibhi - a man ziplining across a forest

Everyone loves a little bit of Zip! (source – Flying Fox)

This one is great for the folks who want a bit of adventure, a bit of thrill, a bit of a sweat but do not want to go all out of their comfort zone. The Tirthan river has an excellent ziplining facility. The ziplining cable is laid across the river and you get to zip all the way from one end to the other. The feeling of zooming past the sparkling waters and feeling the rush of the cool mountain air in your face and hair makes this activity worth it. This is also good for first-time adventure sports travellers who want to get a taste of the good life. Also operated by local vendors in the area.


Things To Do In Jibhi - a view of some small village in Jibhi valley

The charming Sai Ropa village

If you have more than a 2-3 day trip planned and are running out of things to do in Jibhi, then exploring the quaint and charming little villages around it is a must. These villages are full of heritage buildings, big fruit (apple, pear, orange, plum, berry) orchards, vegetable plantations, ancient Himachali temples and ruins, grazing grounds and some unforgettable vantage points for the perfect views and afternoon picnics. 

You can explore the villages of Gushaini, Bahu, Sarchi, Ghiyani, Gai Dhar, Sai Ropa, Banjar, Shoja, Nagini, Gada Gushaini and many more. Just pick a few and let the ‘Dora The Explorer’ in you take over!

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