April is here! The spring month of JOY – when flowers bloom, the sun peaks out and everything becomes fresh and verdant. One of the most opportune months to travel. Isn’t it? That is why we are here with the best travel itinerary of April 2020 so that you don’t miss out on any travel ideas this month.

Don’t believe us? Keep on reading 😀

Arrival At The Washroom

8 am: Arrival at the washroom. After the long journey you might have had in your dreams, it is important to wash your hands first. Proceed to brush your teeth and wash your face and neck.

8.30 a m: Time for the first exciting activity of the day. Take a glorious fast tracked trip around the world while sitting on the pot. How? Click here.

Kitchen Excursion

9.00 am: Next is an exciting excursion into the kitchen where you will be taught how to cook for yourself. You’ve never experienced this on a trip before? No problem, travel is made to experience new things everyday. Now proceed to take a leaf out of Bear Grylls book and make the best of whatever you’ve got. Don’t forget to wash your hands both before and after it.

10.00 am: You can now enjoy your breakfast while admiring the beautiful concrete jungle right outside your window. Wash your hands again!

Cleaning Drive Participation

10.30 am: Next is our daily tour of the house. Catch the books chilling on the shelves untouched, the glittery steel cutlery in the kitchen and the overused TV remote in the living room. If you are the adventurous type, you can also explore the linen closet and china cabinet. 

11.30 am: Now that you’ve had that thrilling tour, it’s time to attend our first event of the day –  a good ol’ cleaning drive. Pick up that jhaado pocha and get to work.

Music Session Of The Day

12.30 pm: The most exciting event of the day if finally here! It’s shower time or should we say, concert time? The stadium is packed with an eager crowd, all here to see you perform. Choose your favourite setlist and belt out those tunes for your friends. Don’t get too carried away though – you have to conserve your water too.

1.00 pm: Since you are such a star, your followers definitely want to know your fashion and skincare regime. Make your daily vlog as you choose between that torn t-shirt with Mickey Mouse on it or the other torn t-shirt that is solid black. Don’t forget to make a good 30 min clip of applying your lotion, cream and hair serum like every successful influencer out there.

Take A Break

1.30 pm: A delicious lunch will be served in the kitchen. Don’t forget to disinfect your hands before AND after.

2.00 pm: After a whole day of singing, performing and vlogging – you must be so tired. Tuck yourself into bed for a well deserved beauty siesta.

Photo Tour

5 pm: Once you wake up, you will be accompanied by our community manager (i.e. you) to the common room where community tea and finger sandwiches are being served. Did we say finger sandwiches? We meant Parle G biscuits.

6-7 pm: Wow, lucky for you – we have an expert photographer residing with us tonight who is more than happy to do a personal photoshoot for you. Say hello to Mr. Front Camera. Time to wear that perfect spring outfit and get some super Insta shots.

(added attraction): Half an hour of aimlessly scrolling through Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok at NO additional charges! Now that’s a steal.

Leisurely Evening Walk

8 pm: The sun has set. The moon is out. Now is the perfect opportunity to take a leisurely stroll before dinnertime. Stroll on the balcony, the corridor and the kitchen before dinner is served.

9 pm: Missing maggi in the mountains? Ah, no worries. You can have maggi on the sofa instead. Open up a picture of your favourite destination on your laptop for that #virtualvacation feel.

Stargazing Session

10 pm: Dinner done? Great. We can now commence our stargazing session. Lie down flat on the floor and stare into the ceiling. Don’t see any stars? Just use your imagination. 

11 pm: After a full day of amazing travel activities, fall asleep peacefully. 

Just kidding, now it’s time for the traditional ritual of ‘one more episode’ till 2 in the morning till your eyes cannot stay open anymore.

2 am: Fall asleep.

8 am: Rise and shine! Wake up and repeat 😛

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