All About GRAHAN: Parvati Valley’s Little Secret

Hello Guys,

My name is Yati and I lead the community management team for The Hosteller. What is community management you ask? Well, it is quite self-explanatory. We manage the travel community here. What that means is that we are responsible for our travellers having the most fun and delightful travel experiences with us. We organize city walks, food walks, fort tours and accompany our travel groups on almost all of the treks that we send out. It is our job to make our guests feel at home and we end up being friends with them always. It might sound like all fun and games, but trust me we are entrusted with a lot of responsibility. Let me tell you all about Grahan and this fantastic mountain trip that we took 15 of our eager travellers on!

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An adventurous spirit is never satisfied with meagre travel experiences. When one has a desire to travel for experience and learn about the varied cultures and rich history the world has to offer, they will not be able to stop at one destination and forbid themselves to explore the surroundings. And India has uncountable cultural experiences to offer. We have some of the oldest civilizations of the entire world and archives full of vibrant, brutal and invigorating historical happenings. One such city that offers these precious peeks into the past is Jaipur. But this blog is not about Jaipur. This blog is for the travellers whose thirst for exploration cannot be stopped at a base city. After all, when in Jaipur – why not experience the glamorous royal heritage and picturesque beauty of all the places to visit near Jaipur? Here are 6 amazing plans for a road trip from Jaipur to elate the innate explorer in you.

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How THE HOSTELLER Changed My Life

Note from The Hosteller: Hello guys. We recently received a very heartwarming letter from one of our travellers. She was a first-time solo female traveller and hostel goer. Her letter made us realize how much of an impact budget travel can create in the lives of enthusiastic travellers who are often not able to fulfil their travel dreams because of constraints like a budget. We know that the letter is a bit long but trust us, it filled our eyes with tears and gave us a whole new perspective on what it feels like to be a solo female traveller. To us, she is an inspiration in many ways and we think everyone can benefit from her story. Read on.

Dated: 18th November 2018.

Dear Team Hosteller,

I stayed at your Manali hostel last week and I chose to write to you this mail because of the experience I have had there. Staying with you guys has really changed my perspective on travel and I would like to share my story with you.

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Winters are finally here! Warm fuzzy sweaters, snuggly blankets, slow roasted meat over a bonfire and cups of delicious coffee are always a comforting thought. But why not break away from the slow momentum and do something out of the box this season? Why not take choose from some trips from Manali? Before the biting cold of December and January creeps in – NOW is the best time to take a few days off and relish treks in the snow-laden peaks and chilly pre-winter breezes of Himachal Pradesh. Imagine packing your bags and heading out to one of the most exciting and thrilling treks of your life, travelling across big forests and amidst tall peaks full of grandeur. What could be a better start to winter? Nothing we bet! Here are 5 special and unforgettable trips from Manali you can take this NOVEMBER!

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20 Things To Cross Off Your Bucket List While In Jaipur

Have you seen the 2007 movie called The Bucket List? If you have then you will know how fulfilling and extraordinary it feels to be striking things off of it. Travelling and bucket lists are obviously inherently connected. The most fun kind of bucket lists are always the ones that list travel experiences! Because let’s face it – who would be excited about a bucket list full of chores anyway?

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Things every woman should carry when TRAVELLING ALONE

Travelling alone is not easy and being a solo female traveller is in no way an easy task. We always face a multitude of problems that male travellers or group travellers do not. While solo travel has become much safer and convenient in the last decade or so – it still is not the easiest thing to achieve. And while travelling alone, knowing what to pack and what not to is vital. A scantily packed bag can cause problems but an over-packed bag is terrible too. Here is a comprehensive list of our top essential items that need to be with you when you are travelling alone.

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4 things that would make you visit MANALI IN OCTOBER

The winter season is fast approaching and before the extreme cold sets in, now is the best time to take a vacation. If you are into serene woods, splendid natural views, yummy food and adventure – then Manali is the place for you. Known as Jawaharlal Nehru’s favourite vacation spot, Manali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. It not only sees a huge influx of local tourists but also travellers from across the globe. However, a frequent question in their minds is – what is the best time to visit Manali? Take it from an expert travel experience provider – its October. Read below to find out why to visit Manali this October.
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These Travellers Cycled All The Way From Germany to India

Meet Olga and Michel

Lovers do a lot of things together. When you are in a relationship with someone, you tend to want to do all sorts of activities together. Couples take vacations, cook together, go shopping together and sometimes even work at the same place. But for Michel and Olga, the story is very different. Their commitment towards each other and their passion for travel is unrivaled. This is the story of two enthusiastic and radical travelers who decided to change the way they wanted to see the world – and have one of the most brilliant journeys that we have ever come across. Read more “These Travellers Cycled All The Way From Germany to India”

5 Treks that you MUST go for on a Long Weekend

Are you tired of the sluggish summer? The drone of the air conditioner boring you?

The monotony of your everyday routine dragging you down?Looking at your lonely rucksack making you nostalgic for past group trips? Your favorite travel bloggers Instagram posts making you green with envy? Have a camping or trekking vacation planned for a long time but failing to see it through? Saving up thousands for that perfect trip?

If any of the above points check out for you –THEN YOU ARE THE PERFECT CANDIDATE TO BE READING THIS BLOG!

The Hosteller is the solution to all your problems. A fast expanding chain of backpacker hostels; we are offering you the best highland trips for the easiest budgets. Not only are our trips personally and authentically curated for the maximum thrill, they are also made in such a way that they are super light on the pocket. So whether you are a struggling student, a job applicant looking for a break, a group of friends searching for the perfect getaway or a travel blogger wanting to experience the most – we have you covered. Keep reading to find out the best 5 places to be planning a trek to in the upcoming months.

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5 Places To Travel To That Are Reminiscent Of Our Freedom Struggle

Today is the 72nd year of Independence for our country. Throughout the entire journey of attaining this independence, there are many places and monuments that the freedom struggle has touched. Places that will forever have a place in history because of their significance in relation to our freedom struggle. Here is a list of 5 such places that you can travel to while reminiscing about the path to the attainment of our Independence Day:
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