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From cravings for pizza and late-night desserts, now it is the turn for Instagram likes and followers. India from ancient times has pulled millions of travelers from all over the world for its ancient history and culture. In that, the holiest places top the bucket list even for most of the Indians. Doubtless, Pushkar is one of the famous pilgrimage destinations in India. This little city compromises around 400 temples dating back to the roots of Indian history. 

It is mostly the “nanas” and “nanis” in the family who always pester you asking, “Take me to Brahma’s holy shrine once in my lifetime”. This is one chance you shouldn’t deny. Pushkar is not only the sole home of the creator Brahma but also one of the hot spots for the best Instagram style pictures. 

Pushkar lake is one major attraction in the city to take those scenic photographs.

Are you a travel enthusiast? Then, this place offers you the best attractions you cannot resist. Are you a food blogger? Again, Pushkar in India has the mouth-watering street foods you must try that will increase your likes on Instagram. Are you the photography freak? No explanations, be there in Pushkar, experience the style yourself! 

In this blog, I will share with you the perfect locations in Pushkar for your dream Instagram style posts. Also, the ideal time to visit the place and which clothes would make your photos look bomb. 

Besides the holy pool of water 

Photograph by: Nishita Kadwadkar

Pushkar Lake is the prime choice for your Instagram pictures which you will never disagree with. The devotees usually come here to have a dip in the holy lake to wash away their sins. As this is one of the sacred places, you are not supposed to enter the premises with your footwear. This lake, engulfed by 50 bathing ghats is ideal for photography in the evening. With the setting of the sun, the clouds painted orange, no doubt, this will the picture with maximum Instagram likes in your blog. Also, make sure you wear something covering your knees to avoid awkward glances from the locals as this a religious place. 

Trek to the top of the hill 

Photograph by: Abbas Baig

Not only for the photo fanatics but also for the adventure seekers, Savitri temple is a picture-perfect scene. This temple is located on the top of a hill giving you a 360-degree view of Pushkar. It can be reached in fifteen minutes from the lake, but I would suggest you start the trek in absolute darkness. Yes, begin to trek somewhere around 5 in the morning, so you be on the peak right for the breath-taking sunrise. The trek is a little hard, take it if you are ready to drop some sweat otherwise there is a rope carriage you can pay for. 

With the sun at its golden hours, delve into the photography session which will surely fetch the amazing Instagram style picture you wish for. I would advise you to wear some track pants and t-shirts along with your shoes. As well as, beware of the monkeys as they might try to steal food from your bags. 

Bump into the deserts 

Photograph by: Mansi Bhaskar

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful combining an adventure with some photoshoot for your Instagram? This is a must-try experience when you are there in Pushkar, India. This holy city not only known for its temples but also for the best camel safaris. There are various packages available and you can choose based on your comfort and the number of days you stay. 

This groovy venture takes you to a diversity of places to capture some portraits for your blog. You will get to click at the sunrise, sunset, villages around Pushkar, the hustling streets and the calm deserts. As a treat, you get delicious Rajasthani food to taste and watch the traditional folk dances at night. Take an overnight trip on the camel, to lie down on the sand and gaze at the sky smudged with stars. Wear something that you feel comfortable but make sure you are covered full to avoid tans. Sometimes the camel safari companies will also offer you with native Rajasthani costumes for rent, helping you for more Instagram likes.

Just keep walking

Photograph by: Atik Bheda

Pushkar is one of the oldest towns in India, that it is more different from the metropolitan cities you come from. All you need to do is get on the roads and start walking. You will find women in dazzling sarees, colorfully painted walls, ancient buildings and the Rajasthani architecture imprinted on the monuments. Most of the doors and walls on the road will act as a wonderful background for your Instagram portraits.

Walkthrough the markets, shopping and clicking photographs of the colorful souvenirs in the shops. Especially for the food bloggers, Pushkar gives you the luscious street foods wanting your tongue to demand more of it. The effective attire would be something in white so it goes along with all the frames. 

Cool photographs comes along with food

Streets of Pushkar are always filled with the aroma of sweets and delicious snacks.

There are so many cafes in Pushkar not only serving you with appetizing menus but also provides with some cool aesthetics for your Instagram style pictures. For a meal overlooking the Pushkar lake and for some sunset portraits pop into the Cafe Lake View and Pink Floyd Cafe. If you want some #thuglife graffiti walled pictures head to the Laughing Buddha Cafe with some yummy French food as a bonus. Take your couple on a romantic date to the vintage themed Desert Rose Cafe, so that you get some lovely couple pictures. The excellent part is all these come along with some traditional and international cuisines you cannot turn down. 

The Hosteller, Pushkar

Travel blogger Neha Bhatt chilling at The Hosteller, Pushkar.

What if the place you stay gives you some exciting surprises along with some amazing photographs to cherish for your life. With well-polished interiors and a peculiar touch in its aesthetics Hosteller Pushkar, lets you capture some freaky Instagram style selfies and the happy moments of your stay. 

Yeah! It is time to boost up your followers and become the Instagram celebrity in your town. What are you waiting for? Grab your bags, head straight to Pushkar and start clicking some pictures.

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