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Eeeeeeeeeep guys! Valentine’s Day is here. Oh we know, we know – some of you out here must be scowling at this manufactured holiday that makes us all feel forever alone. But it’s LOVE guys! How can you be mad at love? We certainly cannot be and that is why we thought of helping all you lovebirds out with some unbeatable Valentine’s Day plans. 

If you and your special someone want to get jiggy with travel this Valentine’s Day 2020; then here are the best things you can do at all of our locations. Keep reading 🙂

New Delhi

How about spending a calm and a peaceful morning with your loved ones at Taj Mahal?

Did you know? It was the year 1607 when Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan first fell in love with his beloved Mumtaz Mahal; but they got married much later in 1612. Theirs is a story of romance, passion and controversy. But no matter how many years pass by, the astounding mausoleum that Shah Jahan built for her is going to ring true in history as a symbol of love. 

It is said that Mumtaz died in the arms of her loving husband, just hours after giving birth to a beautiful girl child; their 14th offspring together. After her passing away, Shah Jahan was overcome with grief and wanted to celebrate her life and immortalize his love for her in the grandest way possible. It is lauded as “the jewel of Muslim art in India and one of the universally admired masterpieces of the world’s heritage”. Amazing right?

Taj Mahal is one of the iconic monuments associated with love!!

If you are going to be booking a stay in Delhi on this Valentine’s Day 2020; then our one day Agra Tour is going to be your perfect companion. Spend the day admiring one of the greatest love stories of India. The best part is, you also get to visit the Agra Fort, Mathura and Vrindavan with your SO. Rest assured, they are sure to be getting in their feelings.


An aerial view of Jal Mahal, Jaipur

You must have heard of Heer-Ranjha and Laila-Majnu, but did you know about Dhola-Maru? Allow us to tell you. One of Rajasthan’s greatest love stories, theirs is a story like no other. Narwar King Salhakumar (Dhola) and Poongal Princess Marvani (Maru) were joined by marriage as mere toddlers. They were to meet only once they reached adulthood. But as time passed, situations changed and Dhola got married to another princess named Malwani. 

When she learned of Maru’s existence, she killed every messenger that tried to tell Dhola of his first wife. But the love between them was such that he began to get dreams of her and eventually took his fastest camel to her kingdom and brought her home. But the journey was not so simple. 

Folk stories of Dhola and Maaru are over all famous in Rajasthan for their evergreen love story.

While returning, Maru was bitten by a snake and lost her life. Legend says that Lord Shiva and Parvati came to know of this and granted Maru a second chance at life, simply because of the strength of the love between them. Even after that, another rival king tried to have Dhola killed but because of Maru’s quick wit and valour, they fled from the trap and reached back to Narwar safely – to live happily ever after. 

Jaipur is one of the popular destinations for Valentine’s Day Celebrations.

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Now close your eyes and imagine reciting this hair raising love story to your soulmate, as you sip coffee and munch on delicacies stop the grand Nahargarh Fort at night. Built on the edge of the Aravalli Hills, this fort retreat is a lovely place to confess those special feelings to that special someone. Sounds romantic right? Book a stay with us in Jaipur during Valentine’s Day 2020 and make this dreamy night come true.


Picture by: Hangrim

Pushkar might not be the first name that pops into your mind when you think of romantic destinations but trust us, there is a lot more to this city that meets the eye. In case you didn’t know, it is a city near some of India’s oldest geological structures. It finds mention in the Mahabharata, the Ramayana, the Puranas and even ancient Brahmi scripts that date back to the Ashokan Age. 

There is an old world charm about the city that is best explored on foot, exploring the temples, the traditional food scene and the colourful local markets. If you and your SO are looking to make your connection a bit stronger, then we recommend getting a couple’s massage at one of Pushkar’s best Ayurvedic massage parlours. The Deepak Ayurvedic Massage Kendra is located some ten minutes away from The Hosteller and has received glowing reviews from all their patrons. 

When in Pushkar, go for a romantic couple massage!

Schedule a romantic couples massage and watch as all your worries melt away and your spiritual bond grow closer. And to end a perfect day, head to the ghats of the mesmerising Pushkar Lake and watch the sun sink into the ocean. A bright orange testament to the gorgeousness that Pushkar is and a befitting moniker of your love. Wow.


Picture By: Pranshu Kumar

Do we even have to explain this one to you? Come on. Let us just give you a little tidbit into our own life. My very best friend fell in love with her boyfriend (and now fiance) during a trip to Goa. Sweet, isn’t it? Just like the quintessential Bollywood couple (hello Malang reference) they spent time scooting around in a Vespa, dancing till late night in cabanas, tasting the local cuisine, doing all the watersports they could find and lo and behold – cupid struck. It is really one of my all time favorite love stories. 

If you really want to impress your paramour this 2020, book a special getaway for two to Goa and SURPRISE them. Trust me, it is going to be the time of your lives. Known for its picturesque beaches, delicious local sea based cuisine, fabulous party culture and Feni; Goa is going to make sure your getaway becomes an unforgettable one. But hey, don’t get us wrong – Goa is not just those things. If you two are an adventurous couple, then Goa is nothing but paradise for you. You can try parasailing, snorkelling, scuba diving, jet skiing, bumper rides, dolphin spotting, banana boat rides and even deep sea diving. Perfect for a thrilling vacation and some serious bonding between you two. 

Picture by: Raima Raj

But the best part here is, you can even add a special touch to your living situation and opt for our Private Huts in Goa. Cute little triangles with attached washrooms and full privacy. Spend all day exploring the great Goa and then crash in your own little private hut. How can love not blossom, huh?


Try going for a romantic hike, with your significant other!

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Known as the “Mini Israel of India” ,this popular Himachal destination is a paradise for all those love birds who are into taking things slow. The calm and peaceful nature of this place will surely make you fall in love with your significant other all over again. Kasol is a heaven for authentic Italian and Lebanese cafes and beautiful hippie souvenirs that you can gift. And do not forget to attend those live musical nights that keep happening around these cafes all year around. 

February is that time of the year when you will find clear blue skies and uninterrupted views of the scenic snow-capped mountains in the distance, even though you attention might be elsewhere *wink*. And if you and your significant other want to take a leisurely stroll, holding hands and admiring the flora of the region – then Kasol is the perfect place. Take a wonderful river walk along the Parvati river or walk to the nearby villages of Challal, Rashol or Tosh. Perfect little hamlets for a special lunch date.

How about lying under the stars, and bonfire by your side to keep you warm?

At night, the same sky turns into a black canvas filled with fairy lights everywhere. If you have not spent the night with your loved one under the stars and near a bonfire to keep you warm, you are missing out on a lot! February is also an optimal month to see the entire Milky Way. Who knows? You might get lucky to find a shooting star! But we already know what you will be wishing for 😛


Go for a snowy trek when in Manali this Valentine’s Day.

You might know that the famous Bollywood movie “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani” was filmed partly in this beautiful resort town. So, what better place to be the ‘Bunny’ to your ‘Naina’? From picturesque valley views to a bustling cafe culture, Manali is a perfect getaway to book on this Valentines’ Day 2020. There are enormous options in which you can celebrate the day with your significant other. Afterall, Manali is lauded as ‘the’ quintessential honeymoon destination of India. 

Exploring never ends if you are one of those adventure enthusiastic couples!

As they say, a couple that adventures together stays together. Why not indulge in some heavy thrills with your partner and try some winter sports when you are there. Snowboarding in the powdery snow filled landscapes of Sethan is a brilliant plan, which we are happy to help you with. This Valentine’s Day 2020 grab adventure by the collar and literally take your love to new heights.


Paragliding is one of those adventure activity, which you can try as a couple this time.

Not many destinations can boast of being a class act in all of Asia. But guess what? Bir can. The Billing paragliding site is Asia’s highest and second highest in the entire world. Might sound a bit far fetched, but it is actually true. Kind of like falling in love. If you and your beloved are one of those couples that love long walks, good food, sunny picnics, discovering culture and having a bit of adventure in between; then book your stays with us in Bir on Valentine’s Day 2020.

Flying high in the sky, with your loved one, how does that sounds?

This little Tibetan town boasts of many great things. Beautiful monasteries where you can have the sweetest photo ops, charming cafes that will keep you engaged for days, sprawling lush tea estates to roam around hand in hand and even the best hilly routes for cycling. Which reminds us – you might not exactly be equipped to enter the Tour De France together, but cycling around the ups and downs of Bir can definitely take your relationship to the next level, of fitness and of love! 

The renting price comes pretty cheap, so it won’t dig into your budget (especially when you are staying with us) and you can save up a little to buy your loved one a special meal or maybe even a lifelong souvenir.


Spend time with your significant other and explore new places this time.

This destination is for those reclusive couples who just do not enjoy the hustle-bustle of busy tourist towns and want to get away and get lost in each other. McleodGanj in February is peaceful, serene, sorta empty and very green. You don’t even have to stay near the busy markets, because The Hosteller is located well into the heart of Upper Bhagsu. This area is filled with hippie stalls selling dream catchers and jewellery, adorable coffee shops, cute bakeries, reiki healing centers, crystal shops and numerous massage parlours. A day out can easily be spent just exploring this area in itself.

But that is not all you can do. For that special morning – wake up early and hike with your partner to the gorgeous Bhagsu waterfall. Dip your feet into the rock pool below or hike all the way up to enjoy some of the most clandestine views of the Kangra Valley and the Dhauladhars. Trust us, you won’t be able to resist a hug out there! You can also end the hike with lunch at the famous Shiva Cafe, bound to be peaceful during this time of the year. 

How about having warm cup of tea on a hill side while gazing together at sunrise?

And if you get bored, the McleodGanj markets and monasteries are always there to save the day. There are endless things to explore. Cosying around the sparkling bonfire, sharing some gooey smores and listening to the chirruping of the crickets at night is bound to make you huddle up and doze off in each other’s arms. Awww!

We can’t lie, just writing that has made us sort of jealous of all you couples that are going to be romancing it up this Valentine’s Day 2020. Sadly for us, we are a hostel and no one wants to date us. So we spend our days making our traveller’s dreams come true. It is really fulfilling though. We hope you enjoyed these superb travel date ideas. There is just one more thing – a good thing – you can use coupon ‘TWENTY20’ for 20% off on bookings in Kasol, Bir, McleodGanj and Manali. And, ‘WINTER10’ for 10% off on Goa, Delhi, Jaipur and Pushkar. 

Happy travels folks 🙂

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