Summer has arrived and it could consume you if you don’t ACT now.  Yeah, literally! Before it really sets in and dries the blood running in you, plan to escape from it. Remember those cold winter nights when one used to feel like Manali or Shimla, right here in Delhi. Let’s rewind life a little bit and feel like it’s winter again. And, how? Plan a weekend to the hills and what better place to visit than the ever-bustling Parvati valley.

A beautiful valley in Kullu district in Himachal, Parvati valley is the perfect destination for a weekend getaway from Delhi. A hill station right at the center of Himachal Pradesh is a great pre-summer getaway destination for you. With landscape varying from tall mountains to picturesque rivers, Parvati valley encompasses many small yet lively villages such as Kasol, Kheerganga, Tosh, Malana, Pulga, Kalga and more.

As the country gets warmer, there is absolutely NO reason why you shouldn’t prep yourself for a weekend getaway to Kasol, Kheerganga or Tosh in Himachal Pradesh. Here, walk with us through an exquisite getaway experience of the Parvati Valley and flirt with nature, a bit, when you get there.

Step 1: GET SET GO

If you are travelling from Delhi, booking the Volvo bus to Bhuntar is a great option. A 12-hour bus journey gets you to the mountains comfortably and hassle-free. Things to note – Majnu ka Tila, in Delhi, is the start point to catch any bus to Himachal Pradesh. All buses start in the evening and it takes overnight Begin your journey the previous evening to reach Bhuntar at 7 AM the next day. Once you are in Bhuntar hop on to a local bus that plies every 30 minutes and takes only INR 35/- to reach Kasol. Kasol, being the poster village in the Parvati valley, is the ideal village to halt for the day and plan out the rest of the trip.

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Welcome to the Hippie town. As you begin to get accustomed to the scenic beauty around you, check in with us. Get comfortable, freshen up (or don’t if you are lazy AF), have a sumptuous breakfast, and let the things fall into place with no stress. Or, if you are an explorer, you MUST take a long river walk in Chalal village, take a short trek to Rashol, or bring out the spirituality by visiting Manikaran Gurudwara. Remember, taking things as is and not rushing here is the key. This calls for a comparatively easy day, as your body is still adjusting to the change in the altitude and the surrounding.

For an adventurer, a 2 hour NIGHT jungle walk is a MUST. Just reach out to The Hosteller’s reception desk in Kasol to know more.  


Get ready to go deep in the Parvati valley. Imagine it to be like a Tinder match where you have set yourself for a face to face with nature. The first trek date is set with Kheerganga, known for natural hot water springs, high altitude camping and getting almost lost in the valley during a 5-6 hour trek to reach the top. Take a local bus/cab to Barshaini which is the base camp for the trek to Kheerganga. While we will let you guess the beauty and sceneries that you will see along the path and dive in, we will absolutely assure that a clean bed in a cozy camp and a good meal will be waiting for you in Kheerganga. Book your stay in Kheerganga from here.

Step 4: DIVE IN

Kheerganga, believed to be the place where Lord Shiva meditated for 3000 years, is known for the natural hot water springs that can challenge your logic and relax your body at the same time. People always try and figure out the ‘HOW’ of this nature’s wonder, while having this wonderful experience, up at an altitude of 12000 feet.

There are two separate pools for men and women (and you can always rent a towel). It is believed that the water here has healing powers and one should NOT miss diving in this natural beauty.


Believed to be a traditional village turned to a Hippie colony, Tosh is the last village in the Parvati valley. One needs to descend down from Kheerganga to Barsheni to go to Tosh village. It is also a good time to catch up on the things that you might have missed on your way up to earlier before you to head to Tosh. From Barshaini you can take a cab/bus to the bridge marking the entrance of Tosh.  

Guess what awaits you post a lovely 15-minute trek? Multiple homestays, breathtaking views, reasons to get lost or a treat with the favourite Himalayan food, the reasons to visit Tosh are more than to miss it.


Bonfire is a MUST when you are in the Parvati valley. Freezing temperatures at night, hot coffee conversations, live music (if you are lucky to find a guitarist in the group or around), or just a cozy bonfire evening, make FIRE your best friend on the amazing weekend trip to the Parvati valley.

It is time to say GOODBYES to the beautiful valley and cherish the time spend here. Even though its always a short trip and work awaits back in the office, one shall absolutely take back a million memories back (that’s an assurance).

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