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The Indian fairs have always been so happening, entertaining, crowding and amusing that they rapidly gained their popularity all over the world. Rajasthan is one of the most lively fairs showcasing the affluent traditional culture and rare talent of the locality. Pushkar Fair, famously known as Pushkar Mela or Pushkar festival, is one of the oldest and most popular Indian fairs.  It’s mainly famous for the countless colours of grand Indian culture get blending at a single place. Every year this fair takes place during the full moon of Kartik (the Hindu Lunar month) with an abundance of enthusiasm.

Pushkar Mela happens every year around October & November.

The annually celebrated and five-day running Pushkar festival boasts the most unusual meeting of music, art, food, dance, adventure, culture along with the magic of mystique aura, a celebration of local games, various competitions between people and animals, live-cattle stock exchange and what not! The grandeur of this fair has been setting the benchmark as every year, it attracts millions of national and international travellers from all around the world. Let us enlist down some of the reasons why you should be at Pushkar fair without thinking much.


Pushkar Fair happens to be the world’s biggest camel fair.

Pushkar fair is mainly famous as Pushkar camel fair due to the quintessential presence of camels in the very large amount of numbers. Most of the camel-men of countryside arrive here with the purpose of trading. The livestock exchanging and trading of cattle is a trademark of this fair. But apart from it, a lot of more events take place. What if I say the camels are decorated, cleaned and shaved, embellished, energized and then allowed to enter competition related to dance, beauty, race and other sports? Crazy, isn’t it? If there is one thing that completely studs the stars in this fair, it’s this, the camels and their talent.


Cultural programmes and Rajasthani folk dance!

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The commencement of Pushkar festival is generally flagged off by the nights full of vivid music, mainly folk music. Nothing could give a more satisfying feeling than enjoying the music of the best fusion bands at evening time nearby the desert! International travellers too take part in this crazy event to exhibit their talent related to music. Somewhere between the cold waves of winter in desert and musical waves of unknown origin, an enriching journey to this fair finds its crazy commencement!


Puppet Shows in the Mela.

Pushkar fair is not only the fair of people, but this fair is literally the rendezvous of many artists like magicians, musicians, dancers, athletes, singers, acrobats, snake-charmers and legends. All of them try to take us little back to the vintage aura and let us live that time for a while. They put their art in the form of cultural touch since we know that history and culture of Rajasthan is too profound. A simple walk through the fair can render you the glimpse of the world kept in the books history, that you never tried to read!


Moustache growing competitions are held at the fair among the others.

The huge crowd in Pushkar festival need constant entertainment and this couldn’t happen without the efforts of countless people getting involved in various activities. Thus, the endless entertainment is provided by unique puppet acts, bridal acts, dancing performance, matka phod, longest moustache, longest lady hairs, magical chair, slow cycle etc. To your surprise, there is also one event called “recreation of Lagaan”, where local players and foreigners play cricket in typical costume against each other.


Enjoy a scenic Hot Air Balloon ride over the Thar Desert.

One of the most attracting features Pushkar fair owned over the passage of time is introducing adventures like Hot Air Balloon. How do you feel when your eyes encounter the silent evening of desert filled with a little chaos of myriad colours and movements? Your heart has to be turned into racing one after this once in a lifetime experience. The same way, you can have your own version of an adrenaline rush after throttling the quad bike in desert. One can wait for anything, but how to let the adventures go! Isn’t it?


Jewellery, home decor and many more items can be bought from the Fair.

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Pushkar, being the oldest city of Rajasthan, wears its true essence during fair as all Rajasthani people gather here with their exciting smiles. There is no exaggeration to call Pushkar market as the paradise for shopaholics since its talked by many across borders too. Whether be it colourful local jewellery, handicrafts, or traditional stuff, you can never stop when you are in Pushkar market. The local art and craft during Pushkar festival steals the main show with their magnificent outlook and intricate artwork.


Enjoy Camel Safari at the Pushkar Fair.

Your exploration of Pushkar fair remains incomplete if you haven’t done Camel or Horse safari in the bordering desert. The exquisitely decorated horses and camels take you to the countryside during the time of sunset- is all what you need to get fulfilled at the end.


An exquisite Rajasthani cuisine Thali.

With the unusual food culture, the streets of Pushkar are always alive on usual days. But during Pushkar festival time, the energy and working chain get accelerated to many folds. Anyone who is walking down the streets of Pushkar anywhere during fair couldn’t escape his eyes off the small eateries located everywhere. The local Rajasthani desserts are found the most. What about Dal-Bati Churma in with various flavours? You can easily find the unknown appetizing International cuisines too.


Location: Brahma ki Nagri

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No matter how much this fair is expanded with the passage of time, but one shouldn’t forget the roots. The full moon night of Hindu Kartik month is believed to be the holiest time to offer prayers. Due to the same reason, thousands of devotees flock down to this ancient town and take a dip in the water of holy Pushkar Lake. Pushkar has the world’s only temple of Lord Brahma too, that makes it quite different place. The spiritual riches of this place are something everyone should explore during their visit to Pushkar.


Enjoy night camping in Pushkar!

If you think you haven’t been to this fair before, do also think at the same time that time is all yours. Make up your mind, take a camera and head towards Pushkar. This year the festival is going to take place from 4th November to 12th November, 2019. We, The Hosteller, are always ready to guide you and give you the best possible hospitality here in Pushkar.

How about a stay under star-studded-sky? One of the most exciting g things to do while visiting Pushkar fair is choosing some vendors who have their own settled campsite in the middle of desert. These camp-sites offer a luxurious stay in the countryside where peace is assured in the wilderness. Don’t forget to enjoy this!

How can one leave the chance to witness these much of happening at a single place? If you haven’t been to Pushkar festival before, don’t get confused to think for even waiting. Every year, there is something new and surreal addition to this fair. This makes the fair more and more vibrant every year. In the last few years, the kite festival and other related events stole the attention too.

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