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It is already December. Made your new year plans? Attending that small party at the hotel end of your street? Watching the world celebrating the new year on the television? A little celebration in your neighborhood? No plans? Then, make a plan. Gear your seatbelts and be ready for the never boring surprise, “Sunburn Music Festival in Goa”. 

Sunburn festival is one of the most terrifying and biggest music festivals in Asia. It happens for 3 days and is becoming more massive every year. This year it is going to take place in Goa, what a combo, the biggest party in the party capital. Whoa! What is more to wait for? Book your tickets for Goa Sunburn and start being excited for ending the year getting lost into this raving music carnival. 

What is this all about?

If you are a first-timer and have no idea what Sunburn music festival is all about, let me help you. What is a party without music? This party is solely for music lovers. Sunburn is one of the zestful happenings which hosts the world-famous DJs like Martin Garrix, Afrojack, Tiesto, DJ Snake and lot more. If you are a romantic music lover, then this not your cup of tea. Sunburn is all about the hardstyle, electronic music, techno, trance and anything at all that will blow your senses making you go wild along with it. 

Should I wait till night?

Not necessary. In the day time, before the music starts playing, you can get involved in the workshops that are held there. It has various workshops from learning how to play guitar to making a puppet or dream catcher. 

Along with the music venture, you have a set of adventurous activities like Bungee Jumping, Hot Air Balloon, Zipline, Giant Wheel Rides, and much more fun activities. Also, there are many shops where you can shop for some souvenirs. You can also pitch a tent, stay there and witness the whole of Sunburn Goa. 

Happy Hour for the Happy feast

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You get offers and discounts on food and drinks in the Happy Hour, which is usually between 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Not just discounts on prices, but you might also get a free beer by buying one or two. Have a good meal and save your energy for the evening. 

Here are some of the tips I would like to share for the Sunburn Goa 2019

No doubt you are enthusiastic about experiencing the Sunburn music festival and have already started making your plans. Hold on! I would like to share a few tips that would ensure a pleasant journey if you are there for the first time.

Book your tickets prior


  • Be clear in what you are booking. There are separate tickets like the single day pass and two days pass. 
  • Book your tickets in advance. The tickets will also be available in the venue, but they are quite costly and limited too. 
  • Make sure you book your tickets in an authorized online source as there are so many fraudulent happening in the name of Sunburn. 
  • There are also VIP passes available, but I would suggest you to mingle and enjoy with the crowd. What is it going to be a party if you don’t mud your shoes?

Never go with empty pockets

  • Never miss to take some along with you as tickets just let you in. You have to pay extra for the food and drinks inside. 
  • Outside food and drinks are strictly prohibited. So drop your ideas if you have any plans for carrying your food inside. You will be thoroughly scanned at the entrance. 
  • You can also purchase food and beverage coupons previously on online portals. It would save you some money.
  • The food is divine here, but quite costly. Also, you might get drinks only from the sponsored brands most of the time. My best advice is to get your tummy full in the happy hour.

Carry the essentials

  • You must carry a valid ID proof with you as it is used for verification at the entrance. 
  • It is wise to bring your sunglasses as the sun during the day is a bit harsh and also it is better to apply some sunscreen on your skin. 
  • Ladies, try to keep some basic cosmetics with you. Probably the lipsticks as it might vanish after a drink. All I say is stay pretty and attractive as it is the Sunburn Goa!

Comfortable is the Style

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  • Wear convenient clothes. Do not wear heavy accessories as you have to stay up dancing late at night. 
  • Wear cozy shoes so that you can roam all day and take part in all the activities. Girls can avoid heels.
  • Carry fanny bags as they are easier and you would not feel like carrying one.

Hit the Sunburn with your gang


  • Remember the Sunburn music festival is one of the best happenings that you cannot enjoy all alone. Do not get lost among the thousands. 
  • Bring your friends all along so that you bang the ground all day long.
  • If you are staying in Hosteller, then do not worry, you are going to make new friends. Get along with the new friends and smash the party. 

Safety first till the last

  • Do not worry as Sunburn music festival is one of the well-organized events and nothing sort of lousy happens. 
  • Do not get too drunk. Just drink to your level and keep your mood to party. 
  • Always have an ID proof with you as it may be there for your rescue at times necessary. 

It is better to have a car and driver backup waiting for you after the party. 

Are you excited? Of course, you would be. Buy those shoes, take that trip and be ready to witness the biggest party of Asia, Sunburn Music festival 2019 this year in Goa. 

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