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Goa, the party capital of India, is famous for its nightlife, vibrant markets, churches, adventurous activities, and whatnot. But the showstopper has to be the Goan cuisine and street food. If you are curious about the dishes that are found in Goa, keep reading.  

*Warning* Reading this post may result in the following side effects:

  • Mouthwatering
  • Cravings for authentic Goan dishes 
  • Booking tickets to Goa 

Pork Vindaloo

The spicy flavours of this dish will be doing a favour to your tastebuds. This dish from the Goan cuisine represents the Christan culture of Goa brought by the Portuguese. Also, this dish might seem fancy, but it’s more like a go-to curry when in Goa. Readily available, this is the perfect example of street food Goa culture.

Best place to try: Souza Lobo

Location: Calangute Beach, Near Calangute Residency

Cost: INR 1500 for two.

Ros Omelette

The nightlife of Goa is pretty famous, but have you heard of a nighttime snack in Goa that is equally famous? Yes, I am talking about this one of a kind Ros Omelette. This street food Goa is a delicious combination of chicken gravy and omelette. The dish is even served until late at night near the Panjim church. Is your nightout even a success if it doesn’t end with Roa Omelette?!

Best place to try: Michael Lobo’s Center

Location: 1411/68 A, Pilerne – Candolim Rd, Sainagar, Candolim

Cost: INR 1000 for two.

Goan mince potato chops

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This snack floods the street food Goa usually around Christmas. Also, considering December is the peak travel season, this dish tends to sell out soon, so make sure you get a bite! This item of Goan cuisine is eaten with varieties of dips tea! This combination is bound to take you to cloud 9! A top priority on your to-do list in Goa!

Best place to try: Salt Bar and Restaurant

Location: 436/8, Sim Vaddo, Arpora, Bardez, Calangute Anjuna Road, Anjuna, Goa

Cost: INR 1200

Goan Beef Croquettes

The local snacks found on the streets of Goa is an important part of Goan Cuisine. The street food Goa is incomplete without such snacks. One such mouth-watering snack is Croquettes. You can buy this crispy snack at any food stall on the Goan streets. The ingredients like Beef mince, onions, pork sausages, eggs, and the bread itself makes you want to try it right now.

Best place to try: Viva Panjim

Location: Fontainhas (quarter), Altinho Panaji, Goa

Cost: INR 1500

The Delicious Fish Thali

All the other street food is on one side and the Fish Thali, which usually features under the main course, is on the other! This appetizing Fish Thali is the deal-breaker when we are talking about street food Goa. The most fun part is that you can find it at the restaurants in Anjuna as well as the nearby food stalls. It is a part of the Goan cuisine seafood at its finest. The Fish Thali is a balanced meal bound to make your tastebuds flutter and also give you all that nutrition.

Best place to try: Caravela Cafe and Bistro 

Location: Caravela Homestay, House 27, 31st January Road, Panaji, Goa

Cost: INR 700

Gadbad Ice-Cream

As the name suggests, this dish is a combination of different flavours of ice-cream served with noodles and jelly. Now you know why it’s called gadbad. But don’t entirely go on the name, this dessert might make you come back to Goa again and again. This street food Goa is a perfect example of unique Goan cuisine. Also, you can enjoy this dessert at the markets in Panjim or Mapusa.

Best place to try: Cream Centre

Location: Shop No 5, Falcon Apartment, Helidoro Halagado Road, Opp Poshak, Panjim, Panaji, Goa

Cost: INR 200 for two. 

Samosas with that Goan flavour

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You must be wondering, samosas, really? But let’s not undermine this part of the Goan cuisine. Samosas are indeed like a go-to snack of India, but these samosas are on a different level. This street food Goa is a game-changer. You can easily find this snack at almost every food stall in Goa. Do try these when you visit Goa this time.

Best place to try: Cafe Real

Location: Mahatma Gandhi Road, Panaji, Goa

Cost: INR 500 for  two. 

Poi – local Goan Bread

Poi has a special place in Goan cuisine. You can’t get more authentic than this! To enjoy them as fresh as possible, get your hands on the 1st few batches available early mornings. And no, you can’t really find them at the fancy bakeries. Look out for the bread sellers on cycles with big baskets who always have a fun story to tell you. This bread is made from rice husk and has a sweet and fluffy texture. We would suggest that while you are in Goa, you must enjoy Poi with different kinds of meals.

Best place to try: Cafe Central

Location: Ishan Building, Dr Pissurlekar Road, Panaji, Goa

Cost: INR 800

Goan Sweets

If you have a sweet tooth get ready for a cavity cause Goa is the one place where you just can’t resist the sweets. Goan food can make your mouth watery, but the sweets are on the whole other level. You can find these sweets at the Simonia stores in Mapusa. Some of the sweets you must try are Bebinca, Kulkuls, Kokad, Perad, Patoleo, and Nevri. You can try taking a few for your friends but we all know its going to end up in your tummy!

Best place to try: Viva Panjim

Location: Fontainhas (quarter), Altinho Panaji, Goa

Cost: INR 1500


They say save the best for the last! Let me introduce you to our very own Indian version of a Tiramisu. Made with just three simple ingredients (whipped cream, marie gold biscuit and a drizzle of love) this dish is the perfect ending to this Goan tasting menu! This dish has made a transition from street food Goa to comfort food at home for many travellers from all over the world.

And you guys can have it at our very own – The Hogger’s Cafe !!

Best place to try: Hogger’s Cafe, Goa

Location: 787/2 St. Michael Vaddo, Bardez, Monteir Vaddo, Anjuna, Goa

Cost: INR 500

The overall party lifestyle in Goa can be a bit heavy on your pocket. But there is a way you can save money. The street food Goa helps you do that. All the Goan dishes talked about are pocket-friendly, But the most important thing is that they are delicious as well. So, make sure you try all these lip-smacking dishes along with raging hard in the evenings!!

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