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10 Villages Near Kasol That Every Backpacker Must Explore

10 Villages Near Kasol That Every Backpacker Must Explore

By Sohini Chaudhary

06 Jul, 2023

Kasol is also known as the “Amsterdam of India” for how popular it is among travellers, particularly backpackers. To your surprise, Kasol is not the only haven for backpackers here; around this dreamy hamlet lie some lesser known villages that should be on every backpackers and traveller's list.

Your time here won't be wasted because there are many villages near Kasol that will be worth the detour and should be added to your itinerary.

Here are our top 10 picks for the best detours and villages near Kasol:

1. Challal

Turquoise hues of the river banks at Challal  (Picture - Reddit)

Turquoise hues of the river banks at Challal (Picture - Reddit)

The distance between Challal and Kasol's main town is only 30 minutes walk. Due to the tranquil beauty all around, it is a favourite amongst trekkers and hikers. This village is frequently referred to as the "Little Israel" of India, and naturally, you can find delicious Israeli specialties, including falafel, shakshuka, and hummus, in the cafes here. Your Kasol vacation would greatly benefit from adding a day at this village because you'll want to lose yourself in the surrounding scenery. This is the perfect destination for adventurers because it allows you to trek to this location while the breathtaking views make the journey worthwhile.

2. Rasol

Beautiful settlements at the valleys of Rasol

Beautiful settlements at the valleys of Rasol (Picture - UltraJourneys)

Kasol is 3.6 kilometres away from Rasol. If you want to avoid visitors and large crowds, this is an excellent spot to go. This village near Kasol, located at a height of 10,000 feet above sea level, houses a small population of people. Similar to Kasol, travellers who enjoy exploring the area's hidden gems can discover this settlement. The locals are kind, and one of the interesting things you'll notice about this place is that every other resident enjoys spinning wool. There is a local game that is very unique to this place —- Punjee, it's supposed to be similar to chess but up to 4 people can play and they throw bamboo pieces to determine how many places their coins can move.

3. Malana

The colorful houses of Malana on the hills

The colorful houses of Malana on the hills (Picture - Insta Himachal)

On the slope of Parvati Valley, around 19 ki lometres away from Kasol, there is an extremely old and pristine town called Malana. The stay here is worthwhile if the isolated town is what one wants from a holiday. The amazing Deo Tibba and Chanderkhani mountains encircle the village. Apart from the apparent "best Malana cream," one intriguing thing about Malana is that you cannot touch the locals or their property without their consent. Although the locals are cordial, visitors are asked to keep their distance and refrain from touching anything in the village. Shopkeepers will instruct you to place the products and money on the counter without making physical contact. Nonetheless, this beautiful village near Kasol is worth a visit.

4. Kalga

Clouds rolling over the village of Kalga

Clouds rolling over the village of Kalga (Picture - On My Canvas)

In the Parvati Valley of Himachal Pradesh, a little town called Kalga, or Kalgha, is situated at an elevation of 8200 feet on a forested hill close to Kasol (about 18 kilometres away). This is an ideal place to go before or after the Kheerganga Trek; it offers a 360-degree panorama of the entire valley.  

The main occupations of the Kalga's residents are apple growing and animal husbandry. Some locals also host homestays and cafés on the grounds of their old wooden homes. Kalga has this heavenly charm, thanks to the lovely apple orchards, lush fields, woodlands, and wide pastures. Even sighting some rare birds like the Himalayan bulbul and yellow-billed blue magpie adds to the magic of Kalga. Add this village to your list of must-visits Whenever you trip to Kasol.

5. Pulga

Quaint town of Pulga settled in the majestic valleys

Quaint town of Pulga settled in the majestic valleys (Picture - BWT Experiences)

Twenty kilometres from Kasol, in the Parvati Valley, is the settlement of Pulga. Amidst denser deodar trees, waterfalls, and apple orchards, Pulga is renowned for its scenic splendour and wooden homestays. Along with Kalga and Tulga, Pulga is one of three small villages near Kasol (Almost 20 kilometres) and is situated at a height of 2,210 metres above sea level. It is a haven for those who love the outdoors and are always up for an adventure.  

Even though it is sparsely populated, the dense deodar forest, also known as Fairy Forest, offers breathtaking vistas of the spectacular snow-capped Himalayan mountains, the lush green Parvati Valley, as well as waterfalls and wooden bridges, making this small village a picture perfect spot for you.

6. Tulga

A perfect click of the valleys of Tulga

A perfect click of the valleys of Tulga (Picture - TripNStay)

In the Parvati Valley of Himachal Pradesh, Tulga Village is situated halfway between Kalga and Pulga. It is roughly 19 kilometres away if you travel from Kasol. This village is quaint, and the place is picturesque, with lovely views of the hills surrounding it. Large areas are planted in barley. The natural beauty of the area is enhanced by the creek that separates Tulga from the nearby village of Kalga. The village is ideal for walking around and taking pictures of the scenic views, especially at sunset. Tulga is a secluded village that is accessible only from Barshaini and on foot. Making it a great and beautiful 30-minute hike.

7. Tosh

Snow capped sight of the town - Tosh

Snow capped sight of the town - Tosh (Picture - @farzi.fotographer)

Tosh, which is 20 kilometres from Kasol and is situated along the banks of the Tosh River at a height of 2,400 metres above sea level, is another little village.  

The serene town of Tosh, known for its cannabis fields, is another illustration of the unrivalled natural beauty that Himachal Pradesh is home to. Tosh, which sits at the opposite end of Parvati Valley, has not been affected by modernization or a fast-paced lifestyle. The Tosh-Kasol trek is the preferred excursion for all adrenaline addicts due to its progressive terrain and the waters of the river Parvati flowing through its lap (a pleasant challenge that also looks great on camera). You will undoubtedly be up for some otherworldly experiences thanks to the hippy lifestyle, amazing natural vistas, and surreal atmosphere of this village. Make it a stop on your trip to Kasol.

8. Grahan

Local farmer walking through the lanes of Grahan

Local farmer walking through the lanes of Grahan (Picture - Taverna Travels)

At an elevation of 2,300m and also known as the Spiritual Village, Grahan village in Parvati Valley is one of Himachal Pradesh's lesser-known tourist destinations, only 9 km from Kasol. Hiking is the only way to reach this village. It takes around 3–4 hours to reach Grahan from the Kasol bus stop.  

The village, which is away from the hustle and bustle of city life, has a small population and few dwellings and is well-known for growing apples, potatoes, and even hashish. The village has some beautiful temples with significant architecture. It features lush deodar trees, flowing waterfalls, a beautiful river, and wonderful views of the high peaks, particularly around sunset and sunrise. There are a few tiny guesthouses and eateries serving Israeli cuisine; one thing to keep in mind here is that you’re unlikely to obtain mobile service here.

9. Nakthan

Sun-flared click of a traveller in the shacks of Nakthan

Sun-flared click of a traveller in the shacks of Nakthan (Picture - Facebook)

A charming Himachali town called Nakthan, located in the Parvati Valley, is a 1 hour drive away from Kasol (around 20 kilometres) or lies halfway on the four hour trail from Barshaini to Kheerganga. Naktan village is situated at 2300 m on the left side of the roaring Parvati river. Nakthan is the place to go if you're in the Parvati Valley and want to observe Himachali Kathkuni architecture. In the little town of Nakthan, the majority of the locals depend on apple farming for their livelihood. As a result, there are numerous apple orchards on the road to Nakthan.  

One of the highlights of this village is Rudranag Temple, a sacred temple located on the Kheerganga trek. It is 30 minutes away from Naktan Village. There are several waterfalls near the temple that you can enjoy, and one is named after a snake-like waterfall nearby. There is a Dhaba near the temple serving tea and snacks where you can enjoy a hearty meal before embarking on another adventure.

10. Choj

The roaring Parvati river with a hilly landscape at Choj

The roaring Parvati river with a hilly landscape at Choj (Picture - Hive Blog)

This scenic town is a 30 minute hike from Kasol (around 2 kilometres). The absence of any automobile population is among Choj's numerous exceptional advantages, like the breathtaking vistas, easy treks to all nearby villages, and beautiful waterfalls. 

You can’t get here on a vehicle because getting to this settlement requires crossing the enormous Parvati River. So if you’re up for some adventure, this is a must-go location.

The picturesque hamlet, Kasol is the perfect Backpacking destination for all those seeking for a pleasurable and adventurous time. All the villages near Kasol showcase the lifestyle and culture of the people that will attract you and make you want to have a hearty conversation with the locals. We are sure this must have convinced you to make plans for your Kasol vacay. If this is so, then don’t forget to keep the list of places to visit in Kasol and around the village handy. Or just include them in your itinerary!

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