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10 Spiritual Places In Himachal And The Mysteries Behind Them

10 Spiritual Places In Himachal And The Mysteries Behind Them

By Sohini Chaudhary

There are 591 temples in Himachal Pradesh that are devoted to various gods. Here, there is also fervent worship of the mountain gods. Every year, devotees go from all over the world to these locations. For the pilgrims that flock here to see Lord Shiva and Shakti, tours are organized. The state of Uttarakhand is also home to a few Lord Shiva temples. There are shakti peths, a crucial grouping on the list of India's holiest temples. In Himachal Pradesh, the majority of temples are very well-known and well-liked, and they all have certain days set aside for festivals related to them. Here are a few temples you absolutely must visit.

1. Hidimba Temple

Hidimba Temple ub himachal

Discover the ancient charm and serene beauty of Hidimba Temple (Picture - planetofhotels.com)

Indians and Westerners interested in learning more about ancient Indian epics find this to be popular. This temple is a treasure trove of unmatched natural beauty that can only be found in the Manali forest, surrounded by lovely towering, imposing trees. This temple was constructed in 1553 and honours the goddess Hidimba. She was Bheema's wife, a Pandava scion. It is widely accepted that Hidimba is protecting this region from natural disasters with her potent presence. Inside the temple where she stays, there is no idol of Hidimba. People worship the footprint of Hidimba that has developed on a piece of rock at the temple, which is constructed over a cave. Summertime in Manali can be congested, but June, July, and August are the finest months to visit the Hidimba temple.

2. Jakhu Temple

Jakhu Temple in himachal

Get closer to the gods and monkeys alike at Jakhu Temple, (Picture - clickonme.in)

Lord Hanuman stopped for a short while to rest on this mountain on his way from the battleground in Lanka to Gandhamadhana Parvata, where the princes Rama and Lakshmana lay unconscious and needed the healing herbs to bring them back to life. As a result, a temple has been built to remember this occasion. Given that it is located at less than 8000 feet above sea level, the journey there is considered to be particularly pleasant. The largest number of visitors come here in the summer to see Lord Hanuman. His statue, which is about 108 feet tall, serves as a landmark to help you find the temple.

3. Durga Mata Mandiryy

Arki is home to the Durga Mata Mandir, which is 38 kilometers from Shimla. One of Shimla's most cherished sites is the Durga Temple. On Kunihar-Solan Road, the temple is located parallel to the Lutru Mahadev Temple between Batal Ghati and Arki.

All throughout the year, thousands of Hindu devotees visit this Temple. The setting of this temple, which is surrounded by high mountains and breathtaking scenery, will enchant nature lovers. The interior and exterior of the temple, which were built in the Shikhara architectural style, both convey the magnificence of the sanctuary. It is said that the goddess will end all of your pains and free you from all forms of dread if you only pay a single visit to this temple.

4. Namgyal monastery

Namgyal monastery in himachal

Find inner peace and spiritual enlightenment at Namgyal Monastery (Picture - exoticmiles.com)

The Namgyal Monastery in Mcleodganj, the largest Tibetan temple outside of Tibet, is thought to be the place where the Dalai Lama, the head of the Tibetan people, resides. Even people who are not inclined towards this faith can be drawn in by the atmosphere and serenity that this location fosters in the minds of its guests. Since the Namgyal Monastery is the 14th Dalai Lama's personal monastery, it is frequently referred to as "Dalai Lama's Temple."

The second Dalai Lama established Namgyal Monastery in the 16th century, intending for the monks to assist him in religious matters. The monks who live here in the monastery perform rituals for the welfare of Tibet and serve as a hub for study and meditation on Buddhist philosophy. It also goes by the name Namgyal Tantric College, and it is today home to 200 monks who endeavor to preserve the customs, techniques, and practices of the monastery. The study of Buddhism encompasses the study of the languages Tibetan and English, literature from the Sutra and Tantra, Buddhist philosophy, sand mandalas, ritual chanting, and dances.

5. Shangchul Temple

In Shangarh, close to Manali, there is a temple called Shangchul Mahadev. It is widely believed that Sangchul Mahadev bestows his blessings on amorous couples as well as on those who have been rejected by society.

One of the best pine savannas you will ever see is found at the Shangchul Grounds. This grassland, which is situated in Shangarh Village () in Sainj Valley in Kullu Region, is actually in the centre of the Western boundary of the Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP).

In order to build this ground, Pandava actually fine-sieved the soil before laying it out in layers. And there aren't any stones or boulders at all on this ground.

6. Sherabling Monastery

Sherabling Monastery in himachal

Discover peace and tranquility at Sherabling Monastery (Picture- bookretreats.com)

The Palpung Sherabling Monastery is a place of worship in eastern Tibet that provides Buddhist studies, other types of living art and culture, as well as periodic courses in Buddhist meditation and philosophy. It is situated in Keori, close to Bir.

The original structure with the new construction makes up the monastery. Since the two are so far apart, it causes quite a bit of confusion among travellers. It is a division of Eastern Tibet's Palpung Monastery. Palpung is an acronym for "beautiful union of learning and practice." A school, college, and university are located within the monastery complex where visitors can study the past, present, and future of Buddha.

7. Manikaran Gurudwara

 Manikaran Gurudwara in himachal

Immerse yourself in the rich spiritual traditions of Manikaran Gurudwara (Picture - Pinterest)

Manikaran Gurudwara is skillfully perched on the banks of the Parvati River and is only a short 15 minutes from Kasol. It serves as a significant Hindu and Sikh pilgrimage site.

Along with the gurudwara, the location is home to other temples honouring Lord Rama, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Krishna. This location noted for its hot spring and stunning mountain backdrop, is also home to a geothermal energy plant that is being used as an experiment.

8. Buddhi Naagin Temple

Buddhi Naagin Temple in HImachal

A hidden gem in the mystical hills of Himachal! (Picture - blogspot.com)

There is a shrine dedicated to the goddess "Buddhi Nagin" just next to the Serolsar Lake. In Himachal Pradesh, it is thought that the goddess Buddhi Nagin, the mother of 60 "Nag Devtas," resides inside the Serol Sar lake. Additionally, it is stated that during their exile, the Pandavas came to Serol Sar in Dwaparyug and sowed rice there. The temple, lake, and fantastic climb up there are all covered in this blog post's highly intriguing facts.

9. Hatu Mata Temple

Hatu mata temple in Himachal

A divine abode with stunning views that will make you go 'hatu' over Himachal (Picture - Pinterest)

One of the most important temples in Shimla's Narkanda neighborhood is located on Hatu Peak. Hatu is significant in this area since it is a popular tourist destination and a must-visit location for bikers. Although it is one of the highest motorable peaks in this area, the winters cut it off from the outside world.

Hatu is a historic temple tucked away in deep woodland. Pine and spruce trees are located on the hilltop and surround it with luxuriant greenery. with a tranquil view of the peak. At 11000 feet, it is the area's tallest peak. The top destination for tourists and followers is Hatu. People come back time and time again because of the amazing and fascinating landscape. Hatu is a tiny, lovely temple made of wood. People bring their wishes to the temple because they believe that if they ask from the heart, their wishes will be granted. Local folklore holds that the well-known Hatu Mata temple is actually the shrine to Mandodari, Ravna's wife. On the first Sunday of "Jeth" (the name of the Hindi month), a large number of people come to perform rituals here.

10. Key Monastery

Key montesary in Himachal

Key Monastery is the 'key' to unlocking inner peace and enlightenment (Picture - Thrillophilia)

The Key Monastery is one of the must-see locations in Himachal Pradesh and is situated next to the Spiti River, which is one of India's most beautiful rivers. The magnificent Tibetan Buddhist Monastery, also known as the Kye Gompa or Ki and Kee Monastery, is situated on a scenic mountaintop at a height of 4,166 metres above sea level.

The greatest monastery in India's Lahaul and Spiti area, the 1000-year-old monastery was founded in 1100 CE. The majestic Key Monastery is thought to have been founded by Dromtön (Brom-ston, 1008–1064 CE), who was a pupil of the illustrious 11th-century instructor Atisha.

The beautiful monastery is home to 250–300 Lamas, or spiritual leaders in Tibetan Buddhism, and is maintained by a Gelug sect of Tibetan Buddhist monks as a fully operational religious training facility for Lamas. You will be mesmerized by the old monastery's stunning architecture, which has a fantasy-fiction feel to it.

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