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Ultimate guide to Panshet (2024)

Ultimate guide to Panshet (2024)

By Apurva Zore

01 Mar, 2024

Panshet has a pleasant throughout the year, which makes it making it one of the best places to visit with your friends over a long weekend. It will make you forget the bustling city life right from the moment you set foot in the town. There are some amazing things to do and places to visit near Panshet, even if you are going there solo or with your friends.

Since Panshet is popularly known for the dam on the Muthu River, it makes way for you to try water sports activities or stargazing activities. As for the next part of the blog, we will dive into how to reach, where to stay and the fun things you can do. Here is your ultimate guide to Panshet that will help you plan your perfect trip.


There are multiple ways to reach Panshet. Being a popular picnic destination around Mumbai and Pune, it is well connected by roads and railways. You can easily reach Panshet by train and drive there. Based on the time you are willing to travel to get there and your budget, you can decide the best route to reach Panshet.

By train

A train departing from Pune to Panshet

A train departing from Pune to Panshet

The nearest railway station to Panshet is Pune, which is around 40 kilometres away. You can hire a taxi from Pune station or opt for the local bus to reach Panshet. The train journey from Pune takes a scenic route through the western ghats. You can see the gushing waterfalls if you travel to Panshet by train during the monsoons.

By flight

Aerial view of Panshet

Aerial view of Panshet

If you want to opt for a flight to reach Panshet, the closest airport is Pune, which is approximately 50 km away. You can take a taxi from the airport to Panshet, which brings you through the ghats roads surrounded by hills and beautiful valleys on either side.

By road

Reach Panshet by Road

A sunny day drive to Panshet

When travelling from Mumbai or Pune by road, Panshet is easily reachable. Panshet's distance from Mumbai is approximately 184 kilometres. Pune is roughly 41 kilometres away, and it is also the nearest railway station to Panshet. If you are planning a road trip with your friends for a long weekend, Panshet is the best picnic spot near Pune and Mumbai.

Other options

You can take a bus to reach Panshet as well. The nearest bus station to Panshet is the Varasgaon Phata. Buses are available from Mumbai and Pune. However, I recommend you take the bus during the daytime. It takes around 2 kilometres to reach Panshet from the bus station.


Nestled amongst the Sahyadri ranges, Panshet has pleasant weather; Winters and early spring months of November-February have lovely weather, which is ideal for you to enjoy the Panshet backwaters. Months of summer when the temperature can soar up to 32℃.


Best time to visit Panshet

Beautiful Sahyadri mountains

Panshet has excellent weather all year round, with winters being cool enough to enjoy camping and bonfires, while summers are preferable for outdoor activities such as kayaking, boating, or trekking. If you prefer cool weather, winter might be the best time for you to visit the hilly paradise of Panshet, whereas if you prefer tropical weather, visiting during summer would be an ideal choice.


Panshet Dam

A panoramic view of Panshet Dam

As everyone would tell you, one of the most famous things about the town might be Panshet Dam, but that's not all. In this quaint town, you can go hiking or try out exciting water sports, like speed boating, kayaking, and pedal boating, as it is perched on the outskirts of Pune.

You can also go camping and stargazing if you like to map out constellations in the night sky. The place has little to zero light pollution, making it an ideal spot for stargazing.

To tell you a bit more about the Panshet Dam, it was built to provide drinking water and irrigation for nearby villages. Because of the periodic dry spells that Pune is known for, Panshet Dam becomes strategically significant to maintain the water supply to the surrounding areas.


When it comes to places to visit near Panshet, there are quite a few options you can explore, especially if you plan a road trip.


Hilltop view of Khadakwasla

Hill-top view of Khadakwasla

Situated at a distance of around 31 kilometres, a 1-hour drive from Panshet to Khadakwasla is an excellent addition to your road trip itinerary for exploring places near Panshet. At Khadakwasla, you can trek to the famous Sinhagad Fort and enjoy some authentic Maharashtrian food such as Misal Pav and Poha.


Tranquil lake in Lonavala with crystal clear water reflecting the sky

Lake in Lonavala with crystal clear water reflecting the sky.

One of the places to visit near Panshet that you can see is Lonavala. Located at a distance of approximately 101 kilometres, there are quite a few fun activities you can do at Lonavala. You can go camping at Pawna Lake, which is famous for hosting camping and bonfire activities.

You can stay at The Hosteller Lonavala and have a fantastic time with your friends. The backpacker hostel has a pool and vibrant hangout area where you can sit and relax.


Toy train in Matheran

Toy train in Matheran

This is one of the only hill stations in Asia that is automobile-free, making Matheran a perfect getaway to slow down and relax. Located at a distance of approximately 157 kilometres, this hill station Matheran offers a unique experience to get to the hill station too. You can take the toy train to reach Matheran, or if you are looking for some adventure, you can also take the short trek to reach the top of this hill station.


Rocky beach at Harihareshwar

Rocky Beach at Harihareshwar

Known for its tumultuous and rocky beach, Harihareshwar is one of the places to visit near Panshet that you cannot skip. While entry to the rock beach might be prohibited depending on the local laws, you can still get a breathtaking view of the Arabian Sea.

If you are a water baby, you should visit Diveagar Beach, which is relatively less crowded than most beaches around the coastal town of Harihareshwar. The distance of Harihareshwar from Panshet is approximately 180 kilometres.


Lake surrounded by Shayadri mountains at Bhandardara

Lake surrounded by Shayadri mountains at Bhandardara

Located around 210 kilometres from Panshet, Bhandardara is one of the places you can visit. It is ideal for travellers looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of the cities and wanting to be surrounded by the Sahyadri hills. At Arthur Lake, you can take a boat ride or picnic with your partner. While here, you should do some adventurous activities, like a trek to Kaslubai or Ratangad Fort. 


While there are many adventure sports activities you can do in Panshet, The Hosteller Panshet can be your refuge in the Sahyadri mountain ranges. The outdoor seating in this backpacker hostel has beautiful lake views, where you can hang out with your friends and spend the evening. The outdoor areas have been created in such a way that you can enjoy the natural beauty of Panshet while interacting with other travellers. It is a perfect place for solo travellers and groups alike.

Aerial view of  Sahyadri Mountains surrounding Panshet

Aerial view of Sahyadri Mountains surrounding Panshet

FAQs on Panshet

What is Panshet famous for?

Panshet is famous for various water sports activities like speed boating, jet skiing, and kayaking at Panshet Dam. One of the things you can do in Panshet is camping and stargazing. But the Panshet Dam is also infamous for the dam burst that took place in July 1961, which devastated the villages surrounding its location.

Which is the best picnic spot near Pune?

For all those looking for picnic spots near Pune, Panshet is an excellent option. You can try water sports like boating and kayaking, walk along Panshet Dam, or trek to Sinhagad Fort. Another place you can go for a one-day trip near Pune is Bhandardara. Arthur Lake surrounds this secluded place near Pune and is perfect for camping and stargazing.

How much is Khadakwasla to Panshet distance?

The distance from Khadakwasla to Panshet is around 31 kilometres. You can travel by road that takes you through the majestic western ghats. Alternatively, you can take the train to Panshet from Khadakwasla, which is a more affordable option.

How much is Panshet Dam distance from Pune?

For all those who want to take a road trip, the Panshet Dam distance from Pune is roughly 41 kilometres. Panshet Dam is known for its adventure sports activities, camping, and stargazing activities, making it a perfect place for a weekend getaway.

How to reach Panshet?

You can easily reach Panshet by train or by road. The nearest railway station is Pune, and from there you can take a cab. You can also take the scenic driving route to Panshet, cruising through the western ghats. From Mumbai, it is situated at a distance of approximately 184 kilometres, and from Pune, it is 42 kilometres away.

What is Panshet dam distance from Pune by bus?

The Panshet dam distance from Pune by bus is around 40 kilometres. However, from the nearest bus station to Panshet, which is Varasgaon Phata, you will have to walk for about 2.2 kilometres to reach Panshet Dam.

Which is the nearest station to Panshet?

The nearest station to Panshet is Pune, which is located approximately 40 kilometres away. You can take a cab or bus from the railway station to Panshet. However, if you are taking a bus you might have to walk a bit to reach Panshet Dam.

How much is a taxi from Pune to Panshet?

The distance from Pune to Panshet is around 41 kilometres. The fare for a taxi from Pune to Panshet can range between 900-1300. However, as a more affordable option, you can also take a bus from Pune to Khadakwasla and then take a cab to Panshet.

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