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Located only five minutes away from the city center, we are one of the few hostels in Kasol where you can unwind and relax. Holiday away from the loud hustle and bustle of the city. Surrounded by majestic mountains and tumbling valleys, we are the first backpacker’s hostel to ever set up shop in the Parvati Valley. Looking for a homestay in Kasol has never been this easy! Come stay in Kasol with us and let nature bring out the wanderer in you. Experience the rolling hills and freshwater streams of this quaint little town and detach yourself from the outside world this vacation.

We boast a good 14 rooms for your homestay in Kasol. There is also a fully equipped kitchen and cafe, a library to enjoy a good book and a backpacker tailored travel desk to help you with all your queries about your stay in Kasol. The entire property is flanked with open porches, balconies and wide spaces. These provide a glorious and panoramic view of the mountains on all sides. And for the days that you are tired of staying in, we organize a multitude of treks, jungle walks and day hikes complete with slopes, crazy climbs and many a photo ops. There is also a dedicated parking spot, making us the most feasible of all the hostels in Kasol.

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Why Kasol?

Also known as the mini israel of India, Kasol is a little hamlet tucked away in the bosom of the Parvati Valley. Beautiful terrain, a flavorsome fusion cuisine and the affectionate culture of the region is what makes homestays in Kasol such a hit. A lot of nature to explore and the presence of so few people makes this destination an unmissable one.

Many of the travelers prefer saying in the hostels in Kasol, because that allows for a more laid back and primal feel to their entire trip. Kasol is not a place for materialistic luxury, and instead is one for spiritual growth. Spend a day trekking one of the many mountains or choose a big boulder over the river to have a picnic on – Kasol has something special for every traveler.

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The Facilities


A beautiful waterfall right next to our property makes us one of the best located hostels to have a homestay in Kasol


Listen to the blackbird singing in the break of dawn, rustle of the leaves blowing in the wind and the flowing Parvati river as you sip your coffee in the balcony.


Planning to stay in Kasol and explore the nearby villages too? Visit Kheerganga, Tosh, Malana and many more with us for a day hike or an overnight camping experience


Perfectly located amongst tall snowy mountains and lush green woods, you can take that special travel selfie in any area of our property.