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Shopping In Pushkar Is Heavenly - Learn Why

Shopping In Pushkar Is Heavenly - Learn Why

By Akansha

28 Mar, 2023

Ever been to Pushkar? Maybe for the blessings of the majestic Brahma. But this small town has a lot more to offer. Shopping in Pushkar is an activity of its own, making it a shopaholic's paradise with endless markets and food hubs to spend hours walking around.

shopping in pushkar

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No holiday is complete without a little bit of shopping or how about a trip solely for shopping? Here's a virtual tour of the Pushkar markets and a guide on how to up your souvenir game. Above all, make sure you have this list handy the next time you go shopping in Pushkar.

1. Update Your Wardrobe With New Looks

cloth market in pushkar

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Whether you are the westward kiddo or the traditional one, Pushkar markets have all the styles. You can spot various roadside stalls or showrooms filled with salwar, kameez, palazzo, sarees, bandanas, pants, and a lot more. The textiles are of the most exceptional quality, and if you are a great bargainer, this is the chance to shine. Also, the best part is, you can customize according to your size right there. Basically, indulge in some retail therapy as you are spoilt for choice and lose yourself in the world of beautiful designs.  

2. Handmade Never Loses Its Value

handmade items in pushkar

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Creatively handpainted crockeries, antiques and many home decor items are a must-have from Pushkar Markets. The stalls in markets have colourful wooden toys that are great additions to homes. Uncover various handmade statues of Gods, pottery, wall hangings, and decors during your stroll. Not only that, Pushkar markets are spread with handmade bags, jewellery, bangles embedded with glittering stones, cushion covers, and other fashion accessories. Furthermore, if DIY has always been your thing, check out the local masters who  offer painting and craft workshops. Bring out your creative side and make something from scratch that will be a lovely reminder of your trip.

3. For The Classy Leather Lovers

pushkar leather

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A little obsession with fabric is healthy as it can only adds points to your sense of style. It is said that Kashmiris settled in Pushkar a few years back to open up their leather business. So one can find Kashmir art sense in the leather products in Pushkar. This is indeed the perfect place to buy leather products such as bags, shoes, wallets, purses for women, belts, and other clothing without pinching a hole in your pocket. But beware of the fake cheap quality sellers as they manage to mimic exceptional quality surprisingly well. Don't trust blindly and make sure you take your time before making a final offer. 

4. Gifts For The Ladies In Your Life

jewellery of pushlar

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Shopping in Pushkar isn't tiring for women, as it has loads of jewellery shops all over the town. These streets are dominated by women strolling through the shops as the Pushkar market has the most exquisite designs at affordable prices. Also, the taste of Rajasthan is imprinted in the designs. If you don't like to make compromises with your personal taste, then why not design your own jewellery? Along with that, shopping in Pushkar has the benefit of getting your artificial accessories customized, making it worth the money spent. Imagine a unique jewellery for each of your outfits. Quite a dream come true, right? 

5. Roses Are Red, Sky Is Blue

flower market in pushkar

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All the rose lovers feel right at home in Pushkar as the markets are laced with a gentle fragrance. Pushkar is one of the largest producers of roses in India and exports its rose-based products to many countries. These items have many uses, like the essence in room refreshers or soothing acidity and ulcers by consuming gulkand. What's more? One can buy perfumes, rose water, cosmetics, and rose oil too. Shopkeepers let you spray some on your hands and let you choose the scent of your wish. Who knew shopping is such an interesting process? 

Where To Find What?


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The Pushkar Mela is an annual fair held in the town. It is the best time for the shopping freaks to get all they want at a single place. After paying a visit to the lake, head north to the Sardar market, which is the main market of Pushkar. Kedalganj bazaar is famous for handicraft sellers clustering the place. In particula, it is the Safara bazaar where women can find plenty of accessories and apparel. Moreover, Pushkar markets are loaded with street foods, so be sure to enjoy the delicious snacks and fuel up, so you don’t drop when you shop. When it comes to cravings, there's no compromise.

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